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P.A.S Chapter 149: Playing With Zoro

“You’re going to force me to take you to Hawkeyes?”

Ron smiled.

Zoro smiled back at him and said: “As long as you willingly take me to him, we can avoid that.”

“Heh…then, Let’s do it.”

Ron said thoughtfully, “If you can beat me, I will take you to Hawkeyes’ location, however if you lose, you will have to work for me temporarily. Again, even I can’t win against Hawkeye at the moment, so it is more than an impossible task for you 😊. So, are you willing to make such a bet?”

“Huh, from your words, it seems that you are familiar with Hawkeye’s strength. Interesting! That’s what I was looking for… After I beat you up, you will probably know who is the strongest among us, me or Hawkeyes!”

Zoro said with a fierce look on his face, then muttered something in peace.

[Am going to lose?]

[of course not!]

[The world’s best swordsman will not lose to anyone]

Zoro was eager to face Hawkeye as soon as possible, but after being challenged by Ron, he had no problem to postpone his fight with his ultimate opponent, as long as he can prove to the arrogant bastard in front of him that he was more than capable to defeat both of them.

“Challenge accepted!”

“Come on.”

Ron narrowed his smile and spoke lightly.

Zoro already took a fighting posture. He stared at Ron, he was so intimidating, as he clenched the hilt of his sword.

When Zoro spirit reached its limit, he moved.

“Santoryu… Oni Giri!”

In an instant, he reached Ron, launching a three-way simultaneous slashing attack.

But at the next moment, something unexpected happened.


The crisp sound of swords clash.

In a flash, the three famous swords appeared in front of Ron, intertwined with each other, blocking Zoro’s cuts.

The three famous swords were completely floating in the air, no one holding them… But that was more than enough! Zoro, who used all his strength, could only push the suspended swords slightly! He was unable to advance!

“Flying Swords!?…impossible! What the hell is this…”

Seeing this scene, Zoro’s eyes flashed with surprise.

Ron faintly looked at Zoro in front of him, stretched out his right hand, brought his index and middle fingers together, and made two gestures of sword-slashing.

Instantly, two of the three swords flew up, crossed down from both sides, very fast heading towards Zoro’s body.

Zoro’s expression changed drastically, as he shouted angrily. He jumped backward with all his strength, avoiding the strangulation of the two swords.


Ron’s expression was flat, his index and middle fingers were still crossed, like a sword finger, pointing towards Zoro.

The three swords revolved in the air instantly, and stopped as the tip of the swords were pointed at Zoro, and then they were immediately released towards him. Zoro was amazed, it was so weird! Wherever the swords went, a strong wind seemed to be vaguely stirred.

[What’s the matter with this guy?!]

Seeing such a scene, Zoro was in shock, it seemed that his opponent was no ordinary man, but most likely one of these people, a devil fruit user.

Although he was in shock facing such ability, Zoro was not afraid at all. He sank his face, put his hand swords over his mouth blade, and swung forth a forward descending slash with them. The aura of a tiger’s head was shown behind him!

” Santoryu…Tora Gari!”


Zoro dashed towards Ron at a high speed waving his swords, however they were not completely swept away. They were completely blocked!

Zoro cried out inwardly, as his two-handed sword flew up and down.

Ding! Ding!

The hanged and Zoro’s swords were constantly clashing the air, and the continuous sound of the sword clash made the many civilians in the small-town trembling in panic.

“This guy…”

Zoro was struggling, pushing his three swords with all his might, while watching Ron, who was just waving his fingers and manipulating the three swords in the distance. He couldn’t help but gritting his teeth secretly.

Ron claimed that he was weaker than Hawkeye. Still, he was struggling against him…unable to reach him… Ron was handling him effortlessly…

“Damn it.”

Zoro roared fiercely, and soon his arms started shaking sharply, then with a huge force, he swung his swords around, chopping the three surrounding swords, and rushed towards Ron.

Controlling the sword remotely against him, Zoro was sure that Ron’s body must be very weak. So, as long as he attacked his body, he could end this battle easily!


Before he could reach Ron, he suddenly felt a creepy sense of crisis, and he waved one of his swords to the right without hesitation.


Zoro blocked a cyan ‘wind sword’ which appeared from nowhere. He was able to block it, but still, it sent him away from two or three steps to the left.

But at the next moment, he noticed three other swords not far away, and with a swing in the air, the three cyan ‘wind sword’ intertwined, strangling towards him.

” Flying Slash?!”

Zoro’s eyes widened slightly in disbelief.

Easily switching from short-range swordsmanship to long-range slashing techniques, needs so much power and practice! At the moment, it was out of Zoro’s league!

Even if he tried his best, he will at most extend his attack range slightly by a palm-sized distance, and his attack power will be so weak, at most cutting the surface skin and muscles.


Zoro bit his sword hilt and let out a low growl. Zoro’s three swords collided with the three cyan ‘wind swords’, which barely blocked them, but Zoro’s body slid backward nearly one meter.

Ron shook his fingers, and three other wind swords appeared in front of him, pointed at Zoro. They intertwined and soon were released towards Zoro.


The three wind swords emerged forming a huge wind sword. It busted out towards Zoro, leaving only deeply cracked earth behind it. It was unstoppable!

“…What is this!”

Zoro’s eyes widened, he gritted his teeth abruptly and turned his two-handed sword in front of him.

The previous wind slashes were something he could barely handle. But this attack, it was bad news! this horrifying slash can’t be resisted by ordinary means at all. There was no way he could block it! He had to break it! To nullify it!

” Santoryu Ogi, Sanzen Sekai!”

Zoro held two of his swords at an angle against each other and rotated them rapidly while running towards the huge wind sword to create momentum. He then sliced up with full speed and power with all three of his swords at once, and without hesitation headed towards the defenseless Ron.

Zoro swung his sword with all his might at Ron!

However, inexplicably, the sword couldn’t reach Ron’s head! It was frozen there as if blocked by some invisible wall, unable to move down an inch.

“You lost.”

Ron said casually as if he didn’t care about the blade that was less than three feet away from him. He just stood there, staring at Zoro in front of him.

A few seconds later, Zoro’s clothes suddenly were slit, a wound appeared between his chest and abdomen, spilling blood.


Zoro coughed violently and staggered back a few steps. Instead of falling down, he stared at Ron, gritted his teeth, and said: “Just now…what kind of ability did you use…”


“I’m a magic master.”

Ron spoke lightly, as the three famous swords flew back behind him, returning to their scabbards.

Zoro didn’t want to use force. He was so thrilled, eager to face Mihawk, but the way Ron looked down on him made him feel a bit challenged.

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