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P.A.S Chapter 150: Anatomy

Zoro accepted Ron’s challenge without hesitation.

Why shouldn’t he? He was so sure about his strength and how fast he would handle this trivial challenge before he reaches his ultimate opponent, Hawkeyes. It was a golden opportunity that made Zoro accept the bet without a second thought.

But now, after being defeated by Ron, he couldn’t deny the previous agreement, which meant that Zoro won’t fight Hawkeye in the near future. Still, it was the best case, cause after his fight with Ron, Zoro became aware of his lacking and that Hawkeye was out of reach for the moment, but it didn’t mean that he would back down, on the contrary, he became more thrilled to get stronger, to fight him in the future.

It has only been less than two years since Ron came to this world, and his strength has risen to a considerable level, still, he was a bit far from reaching the level of the people standing on the pinnacle of the sea!

Ron thought that by the time that Zoro will have the strength to fight against Hawkeye, most likely, he already surpassed him by levels…This should be enough to make Zoro work for him even after defeating Hawkeye.

It took Ron nearly half a month to find Zoro.

In the past half month, his mental attributes have increased by 1 point, reaching 199 points. One point away from the 200 points! He was on the verge of breaking through at any time.

“So, you are like him, a Shichibukai…”

On a small boat, Zoro was tied up with a bandage, sat cross-legged, arms crossed around his chest, looking sideways at Ron standing not far away.

Ron was standing on the deck, looking at the sea, and when he heard Zoro’s words, he turned his head and said: “That’s why I said, ‘Even I can’t beat Hawkeye’. Well, am not that far away.”

Hearing Ron’s words, Zoro said: “Hum, which means, by the time I become able to kick your ass, I will have enough strength to face that man.”

Seeing Zoro’s unruly appearance, Ron didn’t feel angry.

After all, he was forcibly restrained by an agreement, rather than being rescued like what happened with Luffy in the original plot. They reached an agreement to be companions, but it did not really matter, Zoro is Zoro, and if he gave his word, he will never back down or betray Ron’s trust, so, there wasn’t that much of difference.

“He got a really firm will.”

Muttered Ron is his heart as he used his mental perspective, and glanced at Zoro’s spirit.

Although Zoro’s mental power was not as strong as his and has not even broken through 50 points, the degree of cohesion was extremely high, almost equal to Ron’s.

The degree of cohesion represents quality, and the number of points represents a quantity. Zoro cannot be compared with him in terms of quantity, but he wasn’t lacking in terms of quality, which meant that if Zoro learns magic, he would easily master it.

But after thinking about it for a while, Ron gave up the idea and didn’t mention it.

He knew that Zoro will refuse to use magic to enhance his swordsmanship. Zoro was a proud swordsman who wanted to reach the pinnacle of this sea relying only on his pure strength and ability. There was no way that he would accept such an idea.

Against Zoro, Ron used only his mental power and wind blade technique, which had nothing to do with swordsmanship.

The idea of learning swordsmanship was so appealing for Ron, combining swordsmanship and magic, becoming a magic swordsman, but in fact, like Zoro, Ron disdained other things besides magic.

If Zoro was an absolutely dedicated swordsman, then Ron was an absolutely dedicated magician.

In this deep, firm self-belief and will, Ron’s spirit that had already reached the limit of 199 points, and near the edge of 200 points, finally, stepped forward a little bit.

It was that moment that allowed him to completely pass the 200-points barrier!


As if the spiritual world was exploding.

At that moment, Ron felt that his soul began to rise, not the kind of rise from a spiritual perspective, but a real rise from his physical form!

The tightly bound yoke of the flesh, at that moment, the transformed spirit has completely broken free.

His mental power got rid of the shackles of the flesh, floated out of its physical constraint, floated directly above his body in a ghostly image.

“He can’t see me, hum… It seems that it is not the same as Perona’s negative ghost.”

Ron flew up towards Zoro and found out that he wasn’t able to see him, but the latter felt a little bit weird, as if he was being stared at, it was extremely uncomfortable.

He looked around vigilantly, but he could only see Ron’s back standing in front of the deck with his hand crossed. Everything was ordinary…he could not see any other figures.

“What’s the matter?”

Zoro frowned, pressing one hand on the hilt of his sword.

Ron saw that Zoro was extremely vigilant and didn’t try to stimulate him too much. Instead, he flew back to the top of his body again, trying to discover the new changes.

First, it was his thinking speed, once again it has skyrocketed, more than three times faster than before!

Second, his observation became more detailed.

When Ron looked at his body, he could see every blood vessel, every drop of blood, and even the countless cells in every drop of blood!

Looking at the cells, he could even see the internal structure of each cell, just like the picture under a super high-power microscope!

“I seem to be able to…”

Just staring at his body like this, a thought suddenly came up in Ron’s mind.

As soon as this idea appeared, he couldn’t contain it, and he began to try it out.

At that time, Zoro looked at Ron’s back, and suddenly his eyes widened.

He saw that one of Ron’s arms suddenly started to decompose, from the nails to the skin to the flesh and blood, blood vessels… all separated and suspended in the air.

Then Zoro saw a more terrifying picture.

He saw Ron’s other body parts decomposing one after the other. The skin broke away and hung on the far left. To the right, there was a large mass of bright red blood, thin blood vessels. To the left, there was a skeleton without any bloodstains, and finally the heart and other internal organs in the middle.


Even if his willpower was beyond ordinary people, Zoro was startled by the scene in front of him. He started shouting: “What the hell?! Hey, Ron? Ron?!”

This strange scene was scary enough to make any person faint instantly or at least jump off the ship without hesitation, but Zoro remained at his place with a stern look, grasped the hilt of the sword as if he was facing an enemy.


A part of the blood flew towards the skeleton, along with a small amount of skin and other parts such as the tongue, lungs, and trachea. They gathered in place, and then soon a voice was heard: “It’s okay, don’t worry about me, this is the ability of the devil fruit… “

Zoro:” …… “

Devil fruit?! From Zoro’s perspective, Ron was the devil himself after witnessing such a scene!

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