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P.A.S Chapter 151: Horcrux

Compared with Zoro’s almost unbearable desire to complain, Ron looked very excited as if he had obtained a new toy.

Under his control, Ron’s body further decomposed.

Blood cells, muscle cells, nerve cells…

All the tissues, as well as the bones of the body, disappeared, and in the end, only a few clusters of cells of different colors and types were suspended in the air.


After a few seconds, all cells quickly converged in one direction and gathered into the shape of a cat. After a meow, they decomposed again, gathered into a bat, and then decomposed again.

Zoro, who witnessed such a scene, was dumbfounded, slightly doubting the reality of his world.

It was not a myriad of changes, because Ron’s observation power could only reach the level of organic polymers, only the cell level, and was so far from reaching the molecular and atomic level, he couldn’t turn or reconfigure his own body into materials such as stones.

Still, he was able to mimic living creatures, he could simulate and change.

Reaching such level, the danger of ordinary physical attacks would be reduced, for instance, injuries such as the heart being pierced or even the head being chopped off would not be considered as an instant death.

The only way to kill him would be possible only to destroy all his body cells.

“This is… an immortal body in the true sense!”

Ron couldn’t help but mumble as he looked at his flesh and blood that changed at will, but quickly shook his head again. He knew he was a bit far from such a thing.

For example, Whitebeard’s devil fruit, Gura Gura no Mi, could shatter all his cell tissues… And with his current control power, which didn’t surpass the cell level, and if his body cells were destroyed, he would not be able to recover.

And there was another problem. Ron found that his spirit could not last forever without an attached physical body.

Although his spirit could be separated from the physical body and could draw energy from the spiritual world, he wouldn’t be able to balance his consumption and the energy harvested. Without the physical body, his spirit would consume more energy than it draws.

In other words, after losing the physical body, if he remains in his spiritual form, he will get weaker and weaker with the passage of time, and eventually, die.

Maybe his spirit will become stronger in the future, and he would be able to absorb more energy than he consumes. That way, he will be able to live using his spiritual form without the need for a physical body, but for the moment it was not possible.

If his physical body was destroyed, he would temporarily become like Voldemort in his rudimentary body, in Harry Potter, trying to find a way to recreate his body to ‘resurrect’, before he disappears.

“But I can do it by splitting…”

Ron groaned, controlling his flesh and blood to resurrect his body.

Soon, Ron was back to his original appearance, but there was not only one, but ten! Each one was very small, like a scaled-down doll of Ron’s original body. (T/N: Chibi Ron xD)

Zoro was standing there as if he accepted this reality.

He already saw the disgusting scene of blood, muscles, and bones being separated, so, seeing such a picture was more acceptable than the previous ones. Still, there were ten small Ron in front of him. He couldn’t help but twitch his mouth.

The ten little Ron’s eyes were open, but none of them looked good.

Although the body was broken down and reorganized into ten small bodies, they all had the same consciousness. Ron tried it and found out that it was impossible to divide the consciousness.

That is to say, in Harry Potter, the Horcrux made by Voldemort couldn’t be made…

Ron pondered for a moment. Soon after, nine of the ten little Rons quickly disintegrated and reorganized into a big Ron.

“Hmm… this could be considered as Horcrux in a certain sense”

Ron opened his eyes, looked at the last little Ron floating in front of him, and pondered slightly.

Although his consciousness couldn’t be divided, his physical body could be divided into parts. Once the main body is destroyed, his spirit can fly back into this divided container to resurrect.

There were only a few devil fruits in this world, which would make its user capable of destroying Ron in his spiritual form, so, he should be more than safe till he reaches the spare physical body. Now, the only problem that he needs to solve, is how to make the spare body. After all, he was still unable to separate atoms and molecules, he couldn’t shape a body out of thin air using energy.


Ron thought for a while and nodded slightly.

Sacrificing one-tenth of his physical body seemed to be a little bit too much. It made him feel a little weird, that he got it back a bit, and then after pondering for a while, he finally determined that one-twentieth should be more than enough and also it won’t constraint his usual activities.


A small Ron was formed. It didn’t have any consciousness, just like a dummy…

“That’s it.”

After Ron nodded, then he absorbed back the split young Ron again.

It was better to do it after returning to the base, he thought. He will split up a little Ron, similar to the previous one, and see if it could be frozen, like Captain America, to prevent it from dying.

In this case, even if he encounters one of the remaining Shichibukai and one of the four emperors and gets himself killed, his spirit would find its way to the spare body and his resurrection would be made.

“I should be prepared for the worst…”

Ron exhaled, and couldn’t help but smile.

Compared with other professions, the magician was the most vulnerable in the early stage, he could be easily killed with a gun, but once he survives the initial phase, develops his skills… in the later stage, it would be hard to kill him! In some cases, impossible!

There are all kinds of resurrection methods, all kinds of taboo magic, especially necromancers, they can even recall their undead from hell…


Extremely hard to kill!

One person can summon an army!

A true magician will be an existence that no one would dare to provoke!

“The perception of the elements has also become stronger.”

Ron switched back to his mental perspective, as he watched the seawater below. He stretched out his hand, and instantly countless currents quickly flew out of the sea, converging and intertwined in his palm.

In addition to thinking speed, observation, and control, his perception and control of the elements have also become stronger.

After calling up the career interface, it turned out that the element affinity column changed.

Occupation: Legal System-Supreme Dharma God.

Magic Marks: High-level (spiritual attributes +50)

Owned magic marks: Middle-level (maximum 2), elementary-level (maximum 4)

Owned runes: 43.

Current magic wand: Dragon Wand.

Elemental Affinity: 50%.

Total achievement points: 102 points.

Ron’s elemental affinity was increased from 20% to 50%, which also meant that the elemental magic he releases will consume 50% less mental power, and its power will be increased by nearly 50%!

Even without considering the other changes brought by the 200-mental power breakthrough, this alone was enough to Ron’s strength to reach a higher level! A step higher!

“…The fourth level magic! It seems that its power is beyond imagination!”

Looking at the career interface, Ron gradually showed a smile.

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