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P.A.S Chapter 152: the raid

Grand line.


The former Baroque work agency’s hideout, the current temporary base of the Albares Guild, was located in an oasis in the middle of the desert, and it was just as a casino for the common people.

But at that moment, the entire oasis was in chaos, countless people were fleeing, it was suddenly transformed into a chaotic battlefield!

“These… these guys belong to the Big Mom Pirates, why would one of the emperors attack our casino? When did Ron offend the Big Mom Pirates?!”

On the rooftop of the casino, Perona was Floating in the air, controlling a group of phantom soldiers and passive ghosts, fighting fiercely with a large number of enemies who charged from below.

“Treinta Fleur, Clutch!”

Robin stood not far from Perona with an extremely solemn look in her eyes while resisting the opponent’s attack, then said: “When the president was in the marines, he killed one of her elite officers and captured another. Among the four emperors, Kaido is the most unreasonable one, and Big Mom was not that good either at handling her anger attacks. Once offended, they will definitely seek revenge.”

“That bastard Ron always leaves some mess behind.”


Nami was holding the elf wand, standing beside Robin complaining as usual. The situation was so dire that she had to participate in the battle, controlling a wizard tower, and constantly releasing wind magic.

There were many members of the original Baroque working society in the base, and Mr. 3, a devil fruit user was among them. Using his Wax-Wax fruit, coupled with the long-range attack of Nami and the others, they barely resisted the waves of Big Mom pirates attacking them.

“Why Big Mom pirates are after us!?”

Mr.3 said as he released candle wax, wrapped up the sand, and made a candle wall while ranting frantically. He was sneaking around, almost ready to escape.

This is no joke!

That’s the Big Mom Pirate Group!

Even if it’s just a small fleet with not many troops, it was not something that they could easily resist.

“Resist as much as possible, the president has already passed the Reverse Mountain.”

Robin took a deep breath, and said solemnly below: “Hold on for a while, the president will be here soon! Don’t panic!”

In the current Albares Guild, the senior agents, along most of the intermediate agents, basically knew the identity of the president Ron.

Although the Shichibukai and the Four Emperors were incomparable, they had confidence in their president and in his power.

If they weren’t aware of the identity of their boss, once the flag of Big Mom Pirates was displayed, they wouldn’t put up any fight and would have surrendered immediately or just fled.


While the guild members were doing their best to withstand the raid of the Big Mom Pirate Group, they could hear the voices of their enemies, making fun of them.

“Are these the Shichibukai’s subordinates?”

“They are complete trash!”

“After going against Mom, he even dared to leave the marines and become a Shichibukai…”

Various voices of contempt and mockery were heard.

Although there wasn’t a lot of big fishes withing the cadres riding the base, only a few pirates with a remarkable bounty of tens of millions and one or two hundred million, they had easily the upper hand in this fight and the original agents of the Baroque works agency could not fight against them.

Even though Nami, Robin and the others were all exerting their full power, they still couldn’t stop the rush and offensive of the enemy elite members. These cadres were low ranked, even considered the weakest among Big Mom elite cadres, but they were all veterans from the new world and had the terrifying power of a thousand ordinary enemy!

“It’s impossible for the president to come back in time!”

The candle that Mr. 3 used below was constantly broken. He kept retreating steadily. At the same time, he yelled at Robin and the others on the roof: “If you can’t stop them, you should think of another solution. I am leaving!!”


A trace of sweat dripped from Nami’s forehead. Looking at the situation below, she took a deep breath, made a decision, and turned to look at Robin.

Robin also happened to look in her direction. The two looked at each other, and then both nodded.

The next moment.

Nami held the elf wand in both hands and slammed it upwards. Together with Robin and Perona, she released her mental powers and guided them to the depths of the base.

“Everyone steps back!”

Robin said to everyone below.


The entire casino base exploded.

The ten wizard towers, with the one made from the Poneglyph material in the center, burst out the building, and under the guidance of Nami and others, magic circles were instantly formed.

Except for the central one, the other nine wizard towers could release third level elemental magic!


First, a red monstrous flame emerged from the top of a wizard tower, blasting into the battlefield fiercely, burning the sand into magma wherever it went.

Immediately afterward, a wizard tower glowed with blue light, layers of magic circles lit up, and whirlpool-like winds condensed in the center of the battlefield, making the flames rampaging in all directions madly.

Vortex Storm!

Purgatory roar!

“What the h…”

“Watch out!”

The mocking faces of Big Mom Pirates quickly became terrified.

It was too late to retreat. Although the magic released by the wizard tower was 30-40% weaker than the one released by Ron, the coverage was still very large!

The third-level wind and fire magic were almost released at the same time, strangling from two directions! There was nowhere to retreat at all.


The Flames and the vortex exploded.

Several pirates with a bounty of 40-50 million berries were bombarded by flames, blown away by the strong wind. Half of their bodies were scorched, splashing blood everywhere!

“Damn…what’s this!”

“Is this some new invention made by the Shichibukai?!”

The pirates who could withstand the bombardment, who had a bounty over 100 million berries, even though their bodies were covered in Haki, they were left in an embarrassing state with clothes burned to pieces.

But before they could react, they saw Nami floating in the middle of the ten magic towers with the elf wand in her hand.


There were two active wizard towers, on top of which layers of magic circles appeared one after the other.

“Another wave?!”

Sensing the grave danger, the expression of the remaining elite cadres with a bounty of over 100 million berries changed drastically. Without hesitation, they tried to flee or dodge, but they were too late.

In an instant, the solid oasis land under the enemy started shaking, and a shocking force spread for nearly a hundred meters, causing everyone to tremble, unable to stand still.

Immediately after.

Chaotic wind blades pressed across the field.

The earth collapsed!


The second wave of attacks crashed down. Even the cadre with a bounty of 200 million berries could no longer fully resist. The armed Haki was chopped out by the violent wind blade leaving only bloodstains, and soon the whole group was also blown backward.

As for the others, they had it worse, some of them were even cut into two!

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