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P.A.S Chapter 153: Cracker

“Come again!”

Nami looked at the scene in front of her with a little devilish expression on her face.

Although she tried the power of wizard towers before, at that time, there were ten magic towers to guide. It was her first time ever to guide and release magic from two wizard towers at the same time. The ten wizard towers were barely forming a cycle, bombing nonstop.


The two magic towers, controlled by Nami, lighted up again, and the red flames and cyan wind blades fell.

Seeing the magic blast again, the remaining pirates, who were already badly injured, showed a look of horror, and one of them started shouting at the rear: “…Master Crack…!”


Before he could finish his sentence, a figure appeared before him. A foot was stretched out from the yellow sand and kicked him out with a bang.

“Get lost! Useless waste!”

The foot was made up of a biscuit! The man standing there was a biscuit man holding a sword and shield. He walked out from behind and rushed towards the two magics that struck him blankly.

The monstrous torrent of flames directly hit the biscuit shield, but soon after the flames fell, the shield was intact. The flames only made the biscuit shield more yellow and exuded a little fragrance, as for the wind blade, he could not even shake the biscuit shield at all, leaving almost a trace!

Seeing this scene, Nami’s face turned pale, and said: “No effect at all?! how can it be… This enemy is completely different from the previous ones!”


Robin revealed a shocked face after the flame dissipated. The appearance of the biscuit soldier changed the look on her face drastically, then she shouted: “…one of the Three Sweet Commanders of the Big Mom Pirates, Charlotte Cracker!”

“What the hell, are you kidding me? even a Sweet Commander is here. That guy’s bounty exceeded 800 million Berries!”

Mr. 3, who fled to the place where Robin and the others were, looking at the biscuit soldier in the field at the moment, his eyes widened, and he almost spat out his tongue.

“800 million?!”

Nami knew that the Sweet Commanders were so powerful and feared by everyone, but that was all, she never collected information about them. When she heard the bounty of 800 million Berries, she froze and felt so numb.

“The president is a Shichibukai after all. Since they are after him…it was kind of expected to see someone like cracker…”

Robin spoke slowly. She didn’t seem surprised, but her expression was extremely solemn.

Ron passed the reverse Mountain and was returning at full speed, but she was not sure how long it would take him to reach Alabasta… Before that, they must resist the fierce enemy in front of them!

It was impossible to escape, even if they tried, they would definitely be caught up. For the moment, they had no other option but to rely on the ten wizard towers to resist until Ron return!

Mr. 3 was speechless.

Maybe the boss, Ron could block Cracker, but at that moment, they were alone in front of a pirate worth over 800 million berries! It was not something small-fry like him could handle!

“Mr3, use candles to cooperate with earth magic…”

“Minister of Spirit (Miss Goldenweek), try to interfere with him…”

“Minister of Security (Perona), you also cooperate with Minister of Mind and interfere with his actions.”

Robin looked at the sweet general in the field deeply. Taking a breath, quickly issued several orders, commanding all the combat power at the highest level of the base.

Although Perona, Nami, and the others were all a little frustrated, they know they had no time to fight with each other’s or to complain, they had to fully concentrate and use all their powers to resist such an opponent!


Miss Goldenweek quickly started smearing paint on her drawing board during.

Perona released her negative ghost and guided then towards Cracker.

Nami guided the wizard tower to release magic once again, and Mr.3 also activated his abilities on the sidelines, trying his best to cooperate with Nami to block the action of the biscuit soldier.

boom! boom! boom!!

The flames exploded in the field, the earth shattered, and the white candles washed and swept across the field like a river, smearing everyone in the field.


Almost when the magic and the squirming of the candle stopped, a roar was heard, and the candle in the field exploded in an instant.

The biscuit soldier rushed out of the candle, looking coldly at Nami and the others ahead.

Cracker was very uncomfortable. He was very upset.

In his opinion, the only person he had to deal with was Ron, a Shichibukai, and the others weren’t worthy of his attention at all, but he did not expect Ron’s subordinates to defeat his.

“How annoying!”

It was just the first half of the grand line. Yet, Ron, the half-hearted Shichibbukai, somehow managed to collect a bunch of people from this area, able to block the cadres and soldiers under his command. How cannot he be annoyed?!

What was even more annoying to him was that Ron didn’t seem to be here, even though, they didn’t try to escape…They choose to attack him! It was an insult! As if they could take him down on their own!

“Are you mocking me trash?!”

Cracker’s very unhappy voice spread.

Seeing the biscuit soldier moving forward, whether it was the negative ghost or Miss Goldenweek’s color palette, it had almost no effect on him, and even the magic continuously released by Nami couldn’t cause any damage.

“He is out of our league… My candle just shattered at soon as he touched it!”

Mr.3 cried out with some horror. With the ice magic of the wizard tower, his candle was supposedly harder than steel, but still, the biscuit soldier shuttered it like wood.

The enemy in front of him, unlike the previous ones, was not someone that number against him would matter!

Robin took a deep breath and said: “Nami, use sealing magic!”


Nami nodded, and extracted the spiritual energy stored in the wizard tower, turning it into the guardian system’s second-level sealing magic, six-rods prison, and released at the biscuit soldier.


The six beams of light imprisoned the biscuit soldier in place for an instant.

“What is this?”

The main body of Cracker hidden beneath shook his eyebrows. The biscuit soldier in control couldn’t smash the six pillars of light at once! And On top of that, the candle started spreading again.

With the six beams of light, and the cold ice mixed with a candle whose hardness was comparable to steel, the biscuit soldier was sealed alive.


Seeing this scene, Nami finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Although she knew that the six rods of light and the candle would not completely block the biscuit soldier, at least they could rest a bit, since it won’t be able to break free immediately.

But soon her hopes were shattered.


In the next moment, from the golden sand in the distance, one figure after another began to appear. Upon closer inspection, they were all identical biscuit soldiers!

There were more than a dozen biscuit soldiers, like an unstoppable army, giving the guild members a kind of desperate pressure by just stepping forward neatly!

Seeing this scene, even Robin could no longer remain calm.

“This is so much…”

After they went all out, they managed to barely restrain the biscuit soldier…who turned out to be just a puppet, not even the real body of the sweet general Cracker!

And now, they are facing dozens of it!

How in hell they will fight back!?

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