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P.A.S Chapter 154: Meteors

“It’s over.”

Far away from the oasis, some bandits were holding binoculars, looking at the battlefield outside the Casino from a distance.

When they saw that Robin and the others tried their best to stop a biscuit soldier, and all their efforts were in vain, since suddenly a dozen more biscuit soldiers appeared, they slowly lowered their binoculars.

For the Albares Guild that emerged from the Baroque Work agency, the numerous gangs and underground forces in Alabasta were at standby, since Ron did not deny the fact that Albares belonged to his forces.

Therefore, most gang leaders who were aware of the fact that Albares’ leader was Ron, one of the Shichibukai, and they all stayed low and tried to avoid conflict with Albares.

But at that time.

Ron’s guild was actually under siege, attacked by the Big Mom Pirate Group!

For these gangsters, Albares, with Ron as its leader, was like a behemoth, a line not to cross, but compared to a Shihibukai, one of the four emperors, was considered as terrible news even to their behemoth!

Only one of the sweet generals was enough to show the difference in strength, to crush everything!

If Ron was there, maybe he could stop him, but unfortunately, it wasn’t the case, and the Albares guild was so vulnerable!

“Albares is over…”

“The Big Mom pirates were provoked, and it seems they made their minds to wipe out the guild.”

The bandit members stood at a safe distance, looking at the fight, and talking.

Unless Ron returns in time, the Big Mom Pirate Group would definitely destroy his forces. Will he be able to avenge them alone?!

That was impossible.

Besides, even if Ron really hurries back, whether he could beat the sweet general or not was still a question to be answered.


Cracker controlled the biscuit army and headed towards the dilapidated casino base.

Mr. 3 and the others almost lost their will to fight. Mr. 3 was powerless that he did not even release the candle to block them. Everyone was trembling, watching the biscuit soldiers press over.

“Unexpectedly, Ron was not here. Did he escape? but if we catch all his subordinates, maybe he will come over and try to save them?”

“No, maybe he will surrender himself.”

From the queue of the biscuit soldiers, Cracker said: “If a Shichibukai wants to escape, it will be hard to catch him, but if we destroy his subordinates, his power, he won’t be a major threat and we can deal with him casually afterward.”

“If you moved faster, maybe you could succeed in your mission”

Almost just when the biscuit soldiers were about to enter the base, leaving Nami and the others speechless, unable to respond, a voice came from a distance.

All the biscuit soldiers raised their heads at the same time and looked at the distant sky.

A dark shadow appeared coming from the coast.

When they looked closely, the black shadow did not seem to be a human figure, but a bunch of weird things that couldn’t identify, some strange body formed from flesh and blood. It was so fast that ordinary people couldn’t see it clearly, and in an instant, it reached the casino.


After a short breath, the black shadow appeared on the top of the ruined base. The demonic body stretched out, making a strange crackling sound.

Everyone was watching the strange body transformation in stupefaction, it was squirming and opening quickly, and finally, it turned into the form of a human figure.


Robin and others already sensed the approach of Ron’s spirit, but his appearance made them all a little surprised until he recovered his human form.

Mr. 3 almost burst into tears.

Nami and the others also looked excited, and instantly got rid of the previous sense of despair. With Ron here, even the coward Mr. 3 did not seem to be afraid.


“Haa?! The return of your leader was enough to immediately restore your morale? Don’t forget that I’m still here you trash! Yo, Shichibukai! it seems that you and your subordinates don’t know the real terror of the new world.”

Cracker’s voice was heard, but its origin was unidentifiable. His tone seemed to have a hint of contempt and sarcasm. In his eyes, Ron, who had never been to the New World, even if he managed to kill Moria and Crocodile, he was just a small-fry who didn’t know his place.

He didn’t even master Haki… He was nothing compared with him. He has been fighting in the new world for many years, becoming stronger step by step, and eventually became one of the three sweet generals of the Big Mom Pirate Group!

“The new world? We will reach that place sooner or later.”

Ron ignored all the biscuit soldiers, with his mental perspective, he could easily lock the main body of Cracker. He looked in that direction and said faintly: “Let’s finish this tea party, Mr. new world”

Cracker startled for a moment.

Then he grinned and stopped hiding. He stood up directly, and said: “Hoho! You could find my body, that is indeed something, but you, arrogant fellow, you know that only death is waiting for you, right?”

As the voice fell, Cracker opened his eyes and a cold light flashed in his eyes.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

More than a dozen biscuit soldiers waved their swords towards Ron.

The biscuit soldiers were all attached to his formidable arrogance and Haki, the perfect combination of devil fruit ability and Haki, even Luffy in the original storyline had to use gear fourth to destroy it. One of these soldiers was more than a pain in the ass for Nami and the others, and they couldn’t even stop him.

And at the moment, it was a swarm of them.

However, in the face of the many biscuit soldiers, Ron’s expression remained very calm. During his previous trip, which lasted more than half a month, with a little luck and a lot of perseveration, finally, the fourth-level magic was explored.

Ron opened his hand towards the bottom.


Twenty-seven magical circles combined with runes flashed away in the core of the dragon wand, and the elements of fire between heaven and earth gathered madly, almost instantly, the entire sky turned red, a devilish smile was drawn with the flames!

Ron’s first fourth-level unlocked magic… was the fire element!


A meteorite measuring nearly ten meters long, entwined with fiery flames, covered by magma, fell from the sky and shot down the biscuit soldier closest to Ron from the sky.

Under the shocking gazes of Nami and others, dozens of dense red-light spots appeared in the sky, piercing the sky like a rain of fire.

The fourth-level fire magic! Meteor fire rain!

“Hey, what’s this?! Meteorite?!”

Even Crackers’ pupils shrank at the moment, controlling the biscuit soldiers to reach Ron and finish him, but the latter’s figure flickered and lifted into the air.

boom! boom! boom!

The crimson meteors finally fell down, and more than ten biscuit soldiers were all smashed. With every meteor falling to the ground, a deafening sound was heard, shattering more than a radius of 100 ground meters.

Covering a radius of more than a kilometer, almost the front of the casino base, together with the desert not far away, were included in the attack range.

In an instant, the world was shaking!

“Fuck…this is bad!”

As early as when the biscuit soldier was shot down, Cracker gritted his teeth. Despite the use of Haki, the biscuit soldiers were smashed to nothingness. In the face of such a large-scale attack, there was no way to evade, he had to use his own abilities and Haki.

Regardless of controlling the biscuit soldier, he held his sword with both hands, and the biscuit suddenly turned into many arms, supporting the same sword, and then with all his might, he slashed towards the meteor that fell towards him.


The meteorite was torn apart by his swing.

However, even after cutting the huge meteor, its fragments continued to fall in all directions. Amidst the roar, the exploded flame instantly swallowed the figure of Cracker!

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