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P.A.S Chapter 155: Infinite Power

“Such power…”

Nami and the others couldn’t help but feel a little shocked as they watched Ron’s released this new magic. Even Robin couldn’t help showing a hint of wonder, and said: “That is the fourth-level magic that the president was talking about?”

Ron’s subordinates, the ones who were granted the magic marks, Robin, Nami, and the others learned a lot about the magic basics from Ron. For example, the fact that magic was divided into five levels, from ordinary magic to fourth-level, to fifth-level ultimate magic. The strongest magic spells could easily destroy an island.

The fourth-level magic, they just saw, was more than ten times more powerful than the third-level they released earlier!

During their struggle with the Big Mom pirates attack, they were releasing third-level magic using the wizard tower, and they weren’t able to release the magic at its maximum, at most 50% of its normal power.

Also, the fourth-level magic released by Ron was not only amplified by the dragon wand, but also the assistance of extremely high elemental affinity. As the power increases and decreases, the gap between the two magics released was enlarged! Ron’s magic was stronger dozens of times!

This level-fourth fire magic destruction exceeded a radius of 3,000 meters!

“Cough… Damn…”

Amidst the lava and ashes, from the cracked ground was cut open, the Sweet general Cracker jumped out, coughing out a mouthful of burnt smoke, standing embarrassingly.

As a Sweet general with a bounty of more than 800 million, it goes without saying that his biscuit fruit was matched with a strong Haki, and his defense was quite strong. Despite the power that Ron showed, it seemed that he suffered a little injury.

But for him, even a slight injury was unacceptable.

On one hand, he was so arrogant and thought that this mission would be a child play for him. On the other hand, he was very afraid of pain since he was a child, so he always hid behind the Biscuit Soldiers, controlling them to do all the fighting.

He couldn’t bear even a little painful injury. But at the moment, he had a small part of his hair scorched, and a burned small part of his skin. The pain made him extremely agitated and furious.

“It’s unforgivable! Unforgivable! Hitting me with a fucking meteorite…?!”

Cracker was very angry.

He stretched out his hands and clapped. Countless biscuits gathered quickly, and gradually formed a batch of biscuits army. This time there were dozens of them, and they pressed toward Ron’s direction.

Ron’s response was also very simple, with a single wave of his wand, another meteor shower will be released!

It takes time for Ron to release the fourth-level magic, but it also took Cracker some time to make the biscuit soldiers. So, fighting Ron, the one using long-range abilities with biscuits soldiers wouldn’t get Cracker anywhere…

Regardless of whether he will be seriously injured or not, unless Cracker rushes directly to Ron’s face and confronts him at close range, this wouldn’t be considered even as a fight! More like a one-sided torture session!

Ron smiled.

It was simply the most mentally retarded choice to play at the hands of a magician. It was foolish of him to attack a magician at his base! After all, ten wizard towers have been built for such measures!

With Ron’s current control ability after breaking through 200 points of mental power, he could almost control seven or eight of these ten wizard towers, borrowing mental energy non-stop, his fourth-level magic could almost be released without the loss of any energy.

Non-stop bombing!

boom! boom! boom!

Another wave of meteors fell.

It won’t matter even if the biscuit soldiers were increased to dozens! Everything would perish facing Ron’s meteor fire rain! And also, Cracker was once again within his attack range.

This time, Cracker learned his lesson, instead of using his sword to chop the meteorite, he directly made a huge biscuit shield and placed it on top of his head.


The meteorite exploded, slamming Cracker’s shield! Resisting one of the meteors, the ground shattered under Cracker’s legs! He was half buried before he could change the meteor trajectory!

“My biscuit soldiers are endless…”

Cracker was looking at Ron floating in distance angrily and coldly, clapped again, and the biscuit soldiers began to spawn again.

“Coincidentally, my magic is also infinite.”

Ron smiled, looking down at the sweet general, then added: ” Let’s find out who’s power will be drained first!”


Another Meteor fire rain washed the ground again.


Cracker continued to summon biscuit soldiers again.

After a dozen times in a row, the desert oasis was completely destroyed. Except for the casino base, almost all the land in front became a world of magma.

Robin and the others couldn’t bear the scorching heat, and all of them had to use magic to withstand the heatwave.

Far away.

After just surveying the battle of the casino at the beginning, the bandits hiding in a distance were looking at the fight mouth agape, their eyes gradually changed from shock to numbness.

“This level of battle…Are they even humans?!”

“The Sweet general of the Big Mom Pirate Group, and the magician Ron, the Shichibukai.”

For these underground gangs and bandits located in the first half of the grand line, the strongest people they ever met were with a bounty of tens million berries at maximum. They even met special existence like Ace, but it was still far from Ron and Cracker. They were at another league!

Such a battle almost overthrew their common sense.

An existence like this, even a gang of thousands of people, even an army of tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands wouldn’t be enough to stop it! It will probably be a slaughter, a one-sided slaughter!

Ordinary tactics are almost ineffective against people who reached such a level.

Many of them knew that the Shichibukai were people not to mess with, after all, Crocodile, the former Shichibukai was terrible, and those who stood in his way were killed, but they had no idea that the other Shichibukai were even more terrifying!

They were aware that they were fortunate that they had obeyed Crocodile before and that they didn’t raise a hand against Ron.

“Damn…what the hell with this guy ability!?”

Cracker held up.

Almost all of the space around him, several thousand meters were turned into magma. He was using his biscuit ability to forcefully open a safe area.

But as the heatwave passed over, the hot air made him feel like his lungs were burning with every breath… This had nothing to do with the Armament Haki.

After more than a dozen rounds of bombardment, although he was able to hold his grounds, the continuous heatwave made his throat a little dry, and there was blood spilling at the corner of his mouth.

The injury was not serious, but it was hard to say if he could resist any longer…

On one hand, the environment surrounding him has imposed huge restrictions on his movement and actions, and the situation was very bad. On the other hand, he couldn’t completely withstand every meteorite attack, and his injuries were getting worse.

“What a bastard! How come this Shichibukai is this strong…”

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