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P.A.S Chapter 156: Fleeing

“I am afraid it will be difficult to take down this guy… but if I go back like this to mom, I will definitely be in big trouble…”

Cracker’s heart has already begun to shake.

And the next moment, another meteor rain fell.


After taking another blow, Cracker felt the pain surging in his entire body, extreme pain in his chest and abdomen, and then he spit out a mouthful of blood.

Seeing the blood, Cracker’s face changed drastically.


“I can’t continue fighting like this… even if I am willing to… There is nothing I can do in such an environment. It’s better to withdraw first, and then find a chance to assassinate him secretly.”

Cracker knew that his injuries begun to gradually affect his actions. If he continues, his condition will get worse, and it will impossible to leave this place alive!

Although he didn’t think that Ron will be able to continuously release such large attacks and that he was already was affected by the amount of energy he consumed, he couldn’t even see a drop of sweat on Ron’s forehead, as if he released these dozens of attacks effortlessly.

“Bastard magician!”

Cracker cursed Ron in his heart and jumped up while holding a biscuit shield. Clearing a path in the magma using his sword, making a lot of biscuits, stepping on them quickly before they turned to ashes, he quickly retreated far away from Ron.

As for Ron, he was holding the dragon wand, watching his enemy fleeing away with indifferent eyes, and then released another meteor fire at the farthest distance.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Cracker was hesitant to leave the place and wanted to observe Ron’s state again, however, after seeing the meteor fire rain coming at his direction again, he shook his head and fled without saying a word, without looking back.

Seeing that Cracker finally reached his remaining injured subordinates standing far away and then fled together to the depths of the desert embarrassedly, Ron slowly retracted his gaze.

“Finally! He couldn’t take any more damage, such persistent enemy…”

Robin’s eyes flickered when she saw Ron flying down from the sky.

Ron shook his head, smiled lightly, and said: “If the stalemate continued, for him, leaving this place alive will no more be guaranteed. Not to mention that there are ten wizard towers here, and his subordinates would dare to approach and help him. They were defeated the moment they joined him.”

Perona’s passive ghost and Miss Goldenweek’s palette could have an effect on Cracker, but their attacks didn’t work before, because there were directed at the biscuit soldier rather than Cracker’s main body, which naturally had no effect on the puppet.

But Ron didn’t let Perona and Goldenweek interfere after he revealed Cracker mine body. After all, he had the absolute upper hand, and he was confident that his opponent had no chance against him.

Well, Ron thought that retreating was no option for Cracker, but it turned out it wasn’t the case, and unfortunately, he managed to escape.

Ron was willing to kill Cracker if he stayed any longer, he wasn’t planning to spare his life. But since Cracker fled far away, and he wouldn’t be able to chase him while controlling the ten wizard towers, he just let him run away.

Ron’s intention to kill Crane was not particularly serious, even he did it was just to complete the achievement of hunting pirates with bounties of over 500 and 800 million berries. Even if he could not achieve it this time, he will surely be able to do it sooner or later.

What’s more, Cracker was only a sweet general of the Big Mom Pirate Group, and for him he was just a small fry compared to his ultimate goal, defeating the Four Emperors!

“President… Thank god, you were back in time…”

Mr. 3 said bitterly.

Ron didn’t bother to pay attention to Mr. 3, turned his head and looked at Nami and the others, and said: “How are you? Did anyone get injured? Do we have any casualties?”

“You came back in time, we are fine.”

Nami sighed lightly, and her tight spirit finally relaxed.

Robin added: “However, we have some seriously injured agents, and unfortunately we lost half of the middle and lower-level agents.”

“You are fine…that what counts.”

Ron’s mental power passed through Robin and the other’ bodies confirming their states, and then turned to look at the distant battlefield, and said: “I was in conflict with the Big Mom Pirate Group because of my duties back when I was with the marines. They didn’t go after me while I was on duty, but since I left them, it seems that I became one of their major targets. Well, it seems we have a new enemy to eliminate!”


Hearing Ron’s words, Mr. 3 couldn’t help but vomit blood, and said in his heart: “Where is this confidence coming from? We are talking about one of the Four Emperors Here! The Four emperors!”

Ron glanced at Mr3, already figured out what he was thinking about, then said: “What about the Four Emperors? Are you so scared?”

” Yes, president! that’s the Big Mom Pirate Group… It’s not easy to go against such force. Just now, one of the sweet generals was close to wiping us! Alone! There are three! There are two others, stronger than him, out there!”

Mr. 3 said with a sad face.

Ron looked at him, smiled, showing a hint of playfulness, and said: “If I tell that we can kill the Four Emperors in a few years, what do you think?”

“Of course, I think you are crazy!”

Mr. 3 rolled his eyes.

At that time, Nami next to him said in a very light and a little helpless tone: “If he says so…We will make it…One of the four emperors already got his eyes on us…it seems that we don’t have another option but taking it down…Such people won’t forget their grudges and stop going after us, especially after what happened today…”

She said that with no fear in her tone, only a trace of faith revealed. After all, she was with Ron since the beginning and witnessed his journey to rise all the way. She had complete faith in him.

The first time she saw Ron, he was in a shipwreck, he was powerless and she saved him from the hands of the fish-men. She didn’t want to see any human get killed by the fish-men. She saved Ron with the money she collected to liberate her village.


In just a few months, Ron led her across the East Blue.

Killing the fish-man Arlong and sweeping down the known and big pirates in East Blue. He was getting rid of these pirates one after the other, nonstop! he was terrifying that he was the only talk of the entire East Blue, and soon all the pirates with a bounty of over 10 million disappeared.

Afterward, Ron killed the cadres of the DonQuixote family, offended Doflamingo, the Shichibukai, and took her to the marine headquarters to join their ranks, and then in just one year, he was able to take down two of the Shichibuaki at that time!

Not long ago, in the Calm belt, Doflamingo personally came to deal with Ron, and he managed to retreat calmly!

And at the moment.

Ron became even more powerful, defeating a senior cadre of the Four Emperors Pirate Group, one of the known sweet generals, with a bounty of more than 800 million!

In just over two years, Ron step by step, reached this level, becoming able to face the strongest of these seas. Once she heard his statement, to completely destroy the four emperors within a few years, not only she did not question it, but she felt that it would be the case!

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