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P.A.S Chapter 157: New Base

“That’s our future plan, right”

Robin intervened and said: “President easily kicked one of the sweet generals’ ass. I bet that the Big Mom Pirate Group won’t come after us again soon. But our temporary base was completely destroyed, that’s our main problem for the moment, to find a new base.”

As Robin finished talking, she noticed Ron not far away smiling. She looked at him and added:” President, it seems that you already got something in mind. “

“To the south, about two islands away for here, there is a medium-sized island. It used to be a poor town. 5 years ago, it was raided by a group of underground forces that massacred the remaining townspeople and turned it into a hideout.”


Ron nodded and said: “It should be a good fit, talk to Vivi to sort things out. The sooner we move, the better. “

In this world, mainly there are three categories of Islands, medium-sized ones that can accommodate a large town and large ones that can accommodate a country, such as Dressrosa under Doflamingo’s rule.

And also, there are rare cases like Alabasta. Alabasta is based on a super large island, its city alone is extremely huge, and it contains large areas of desert, and this kind of island is rare to find in the entire grand line.

“I almost forgot! Send someone to find a swordsman named Roronoa Zoro, with green hair and three swords…He is a new subordinate I recruited him from East Blue.”

Earlier, when Ron received an emergency call from Robin, informing him about the raid of the Big Mom Pirates, he gave up the boat a flew the remaining 800 miles alone. Of course, he didn’t take Zoro for speed and rushed to the battlefield without delay.

Although Ron gave Zoro instruction as well as a Log pose, he was afraid that Roronoa would not find his way to here…With his great sense of direction…He might find himself at the marine headquarters.


Robin was a little surprised. She was wondering what kind of person picked Ron’s interest. He was definitely not someone ordinary. She said: “Where is he?”

“Well… He should be near the islands by the reverse mountain. Luckily, we have some subordinates located in the area. Notify them to look for him.”

“From there, it should take him less than a week to get here. Right?”

Nami tilted her head to confirm Robin’s estimation.

Ron sighed and said: “You may not believe it. The reason why this person became my subordinate is because he couldn’t find his way home after going to sea…”

“Puff. “

Perona snorted.

Ron said: “But he’s very skilled. He should be stronger than the Baroque works former agents.”

At the moment, although Zoro was still at the beginning of his journey, he is definitely not weak. At his current state, he should be able to win against Mr. 1, Daz Bonez.

“Okay, I get it.”

A few days later.

At a medium-sized island.

There were traces of a battle on the island. Many buildings were completely destroyed, and the remaining ones were just ruins.

After repelling Cracker and his troops, Ron took Robin and the others and headed towards the targeted island, to build the new guild base.

The underground forces occupying the island were a bit too arrogant. Despite knowing the identity of Ron, a Shichibulai, they still behaved so arrogantly. Their leader even said that he was open to the idea of cooperating with Ron, as an equal. However, with a mental shockwave, the fool knew his place. He lost consciousness instantly.

Thousands of subordinates fell into a coma instantly and fell to the ground like dominoes.

After the use of Conqueror’s Haki, annihilating the leader of the underground force without laying a finger on him, revealing how terrifying can a Shichibukai be, most of the remaining underground forces surrendered.

The few who were dissatisfied and wanted to escape were also defeated one by one by Nami and the others.

This kind of underground force usually hijacks passing merchant ships or plunders nearby towns then lay the blame on the pirates. These kinds of people were the worst in Ron’s eyes, and he thought it should be better to get rid of them at first. But then, he thought that they would be a great extra hand to rebuild the guild, so he decided to spare their lives for the time being. He used them to demolish the original buildings on the island, and transfer the needed material from Alabasta.

At the very center of the island, Ron was standing with a little old man with a white beard.

“Yes, the wizard towers can be placed in these locations.”

Ron looked at the neatly arranged building map drawn by the skilled old man, and at a glance, everything seemed clear and organized as he wanted, so he just nodded in satisfaction.

The architectural style of Alabasta was very good in Ron’s opinion. With a slight change, the design of the Magic Guild was perfect.

“Glad you liked it, Sir, we will follow this blueprint then.”

The short little old man was the most skilled architect of Alabasta, and he was known for his short temperament. But in front of Ron, he was very polite. On one hand, because he knew the identity of Ron, a Shichibkai, and on the other hand because he saved Vivi.

Vivi was so popular in Alabasta, respected and loved by everyone from this master architect to the countless ordinary civilians… If Cobra announces that Vivi will inherit his throne, there were probably not many people who would object such a decision.

“Okay, let’s hope we have no trouble.”

Ron smiled at the short old man and said: “I will let Mr. 3 and Robin help you out. These guys may not be obedient, they have rotten souls, but they are very powerful.”

“That’s reassuring… The forces on this island were behind a lot of incidents back in Alabasta. They have done some very nasty things before, so this can be regarded as them paying back.”

The architect responded with a smile.

The construction of the official base of the guild finally started.

Before that Ron met up with Miss GoldenWeek and gave her the magic mark that he heisted to grant before.

Ron was unable to determine how high the mental attributes of Miss GoldenWeek were before, but after he broke through 200 points, he became able to estimate her powers. She was almost between 300-400!

She had twice the mental attributes he had. It was extremely terrifying!

If it was close to 500, Ron wouldn’t dare to give her a magic mark, because he was worried that she could break through 500 points with the help of the magic mark, and the changes would be beyond imagination.

Reaching 200 points of mental attributes, was like clearing a medium- level, and further up, for every 100 points, only small changes should be seen, however, after reaching 500 points, she will definitely break through a certain limit.

Ron estimated that at 500 points or more, the spirit might be able to completely break away from the physical bond, exist independently, which will grant the magician the ability to manipulate substances at will. In other words, immortality could be reached to some extend, at least the spiritual body exists forever, and there would be any problem, living in that form for hundreds of thousands of years.

Only at that level, a magician will be qualified to explore the apex of magic.

The fifth-level magic!

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