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P.A.S Chapter 158: Underground Forces

Miss Goldenweek wasn’t interested in learning necromancy magic as Perona did, and had her eyes on other types.

Ron was not stingy and taught her everything she wanted to learn. Although the spirit of the GoldenWeek was stronger than that of Ron’s, the little Loli was lacking in terms of fighting spirit. Even if she mastered the 4th level magic, she wouldn’t surpass Ron’s strength.

Perhaps when forced to a desperate situation, her abilities will explode with great strength and resilience, but at least under normal circumstances, her weak personality made her Perona’s favorite target to bully.

Another point was that Ron could recover the magic mark at any time, even if things went south and Miss Goldenweek went rogue, he could block the effect of the magic mark, which made him reassured, not afraid of any problems.

He was worried at first when his spiritual attribute was less than 200. He was afraid that he might have trouble dealing with Miss Goldenweek, to even recover the magic mark. But at the moment, he wasn’t that far away from her, so there shouldn’t be any problem.

Ron was sure that he will reach Goldenweek’s spirit level in no time, and to cross the 500 points along with her. Like a talented magician, a pioneer of magic, that was his resolve.

GoldenWeek was interested in all magic except necromancy. That was something that made Ron a bit released because he finally found someone that could share the pressure of studying magic with him.

Although Nami and the others could also study the third-level of elemental magic, such level, the 3rd level had no more meaning to him.

He was eager to explore other 4th level magic abilities and GoldenWeek could help him to do that!

After her spirit was liberated by the magic mark, the thinking speed of GoldenWeek was not inferior to Ron. Ron spent almost half a day at the spiritual level with her and made sure to transfer all his knowledge of magic to the little Loli, and conveniently she was a fast learner and she easily understood everything.

Between The fourth-level magic of the wind, earth system, and guardian systems, GoldenWeek finally chose the wind system as the first direction to study.

As for Ron, he was willing to research the Frost magic.

As a special element, the Frost element was superior to the four elements of Earth, Water, Wind, Fire, and its third-level magic was definitely several times stronger than the elemental magic of the same level. Correspondingly, level-fourth Frost magic will also be better than the other elemental magics, several times stronger than the Meteor fire rain!

The current meteor fire rain was more than enough to kick Cracker’s ass, so what about the fourth-order Frost Magic?! How strong its fourth-level magic will be?!

After mastering the fourth-level magic of the Frost Element, even if he was still inferior to the Admirals and the Four Emperors, at least in terms of simple attack power, he will not be much inferior!

In that case, he wouldn’t be far away from reaching the sea apex. At that time, he should be able to hold his ground against people like the 1st division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, Marco, and Momousagi, a candidate for the promotion to admiral.

“In half a year! I’m going to find that man… Doflamingo and take him down!”

Ron looked at the sea in front of him with a slight smile.

At that time, news about Ron repelling one of the sweet generals should have reached the Donquixote Pirates, and Doflamingo definitely started to make plans to kill Ron… But that didn’t matter anymore.

As long as Ron masters the fourth-level frost magic, he wouldn’t even need to wait for Doflamingo to make a move. He would bring the fight to him, a decisive fight between the Albares Guild and the Don Quixote family!

Doflamingo will be destroyed!

Destroying Doflamingo and annexing the Don Quixote family, Albares will suddenly expand from a small guild with only a few thousand people to a huge organization with ears and eyes all over the world.

Any kind of achievement remaining in the money category should be accomplished, and it will become much easier to collect the devil fruits, to swallow them to enhance his spiritual power.

Defeating Doflamingo should open infinite doors to Ron.

He will be able to shrink the gap between him and the four emperors at an unimaginable speed in a short period, and head to the peaks of the sea!

A month later.

The new base of the Albares Guild was basically completed.

Under Ron’s instructions, in addition to hunting pirates as its main task, the Albares Guild gradually began to take over some dark arms trades, and to take over and hold some auctions and so on.

In no time, the Albares Guild, which undertook the original Baroque work agency and expanded, intervened in dark trading and auctions, and soon achieved great results and became the strongest power in the first half of the grand line, a monopole.

The trades usually made by the Don Quixote family in this sea area was directly driven out by Ron in a brutal and domineering manner, without giving a damn to Doflamingo. He forcibly expelled the Don Quixote family from the first half of the grand line. It was a heavy blow to their organization. On top of that the name, the reputation of the family was tarnished.

Although the Don Quixote family tried to solve this matter with no violence, they hit a wall! The Albares guild forces were so overwhelming in that part of the sea, and all the countries had more faith in the Albares guild! All their efforts to regain control over the first half were in vain.

The Don Quixote family, whose power was spread across the marines, government, and pirates, ran over 80% of the dark transactions in this world! Almost all the transaction was facilitated by the Don Quixote family.

Ron, who was also a Shichibukai, established the Albares Guild, and arbitrarily intervened in this area, obviously slashing at Doflamingo’s fingers.

Will Doflamingo give up?! No way!

Before Albares, there no force that would dare to provoke the Don Quixote family. The ones who did in the past were completely wiped out. Doflamingo has spent nearly ten years deterring the entire underground world! There was no way that he would stay still as Ron does what he pleases!

“There has been another dispute…Albares and Don Quixote are in conflict. What is the reason?”

“‘ The guild of that ‘Mage’ who used to be a marine? We don’t have a lot of information about him, but it seems that their conflict started even before the Mage quit the marine.”

” The Albares guild went all out after the Don Quixote trades. This is personal, it is not just about the control of the underground world.”

In a dark underground bar somewhere, the leaders of several dark forces got together and talked about the conflict between the two Shichibukai. Before, they cooperated with Don Quixote, but after Albares strongly expelled Don Quixote, they all temporarily chose to wait and see and did not rashly participate in the struggle between the two Shichibukai Sea forces.

“Joker will not let it go.”

“Well… if this goes on, sooner or later, full-scale war will start.”

“Albares is still a bit too weak. Although it has been expanded, it is just a force that has only emerged in the last two or three years. The Don Quixote family has been built by Doflamingo for decades.”

“It is not about the size of their forces…The strength of the magician is no joke! He easily repelled one of the sweet generals! One of the strongest pirates in the Big Mom pirate group.”

“Heh, it seems that war is inevitable.”

The person next to him shook his head and said: “Anyway, we should not participate in this matter, let’s wait and see.”

“Well, I have ordered my subordinates to stop moving. Any action during this period may be interpreted as an attack against one of the two forces.”

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