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P.A.S Chapter 159: Link of Life

At an altitude of several kilometers somewhere.

Ron was floating there quietly, looking at a scene of ice and snow, as if it was the end of the world.

“Finally! It is done…”

He let out a soft breath.

It took him a longer time than he expected to explore the fourth-level magic of the Frost Element, and nearly five months passed!

And he even considered himself lucky to finish this early! He could deduct a few more months before he could succeed.

In the past, when he explored second-level and third-level magic, he had really bad luck, that every time, he had to explore almost all the possibilities before completing it. However, that time, Lady luck smiled on him. The fourth-level Frost magic took him only five months.

Miss GoldenWeek, which was much stronger than him when it comes to mental power, struggled for nearly four months to successfully explore the fourth-level magic of the wind system!

Although there were some reasons why GoldenWeek was not as good as Ron in some aspects, there was no doubt that kind of time was the minimum required for normal exploration.

“I should go back first…”

Ron rubbed his temples and returned to Albares’ base.

Exploring the fourth-level magic, his spirit was a bit tired, so, Ron thought it would be better if he went back to rest first, and then exercise this magic a little bit.

At his current level, there was no such thing as proficiency or learning by trial and error.

For example, Nami has explored third-level wind magic, and after receiving some tips from her and seeing the magic runes used, Ron had only to release it once or twice to reach the most proficient level.

It was the same case with Fourth-level magic.

In no time he became familiar with the release process and lowered its delay time.

The release delay of the Meteor Fire Rain was about two seconds, while it took him 3 seconds to release the fourth-level Frost magic.

Corresponding to the three-second delay, it had a powerful, terrifying attack power. Once released, the ability power was nearly three times that of the Meteor Fire Rain. Such power will never be inferior to a full blow of an Admiral!

The ‘’Yata no Kagami’’ of kizaru, the ‘’Ryusei Kazan’’ of Akainu, and the “Ice Age” of Kuzan.

In terms of pure power and visual effects, the fourth-level frost magic even exceeded the three large-scale attacks of the three admirals!

It was the real power that belongs to the magician!

Albares Guild.

At the highest level, in a hall, Ron was sitting on a sofa, holding a cup of tea and taking a sip.

“No reaction yet? It’s unusual for Doflamingo to remain calm after such turn of events.”


Robin shook her head and said: “It’s not that he is bearing with it, but our current actions are far from touching the Don Quixote family. We didn’t hit any of the family important affairs yet.”

“The most important transaction of the Don Quixote family is the arms deal with one of the four emperors, Kaido. Through Kaido’s factory in Wano Country, they continuously sell weapons to the world, meanwhile, they collect the devil fruits, and sell it to Kaido to earn profits.”

“As long as this deal is intact, Doflamingo will not easily go to war with us, after all, you repelled one of the strongest figures half a year ago, president. So, such war will definitely result in losses for both parties. Hence, no one would make a move unless the other party crossed a red line.”

Hearing Robin’s words, Ron smiled and said: “It’s very clear. It is true. If Doflamingo was sure that he had the upper hand and his business wouldn’t be affected, he would have knocked our door down, and even if he couldn’t kill me, he would at least destroy my forces.”

“But I repelled the sweet generally. So, he has no absolute certainty that he can beat me. Under these circumstances, giving up a small part of the grand line is acceptable to him.”

At this point, Ron showed a deep gaze and said: “And also, he is wishing for another scenario! He is waiting for the Big Mom Pirates to come and kill me.”

“The Big Mom Pirates won’t get to you easily, president.”

Robin walked to Ron and sat down, poured a cup of tea, and said: “With our current strength, even if there are two sweet generals, they won’t reach the guild base! And they won’t dispatch the three sweet generals… The Big Mom pirates can’t afford such a gamble! Because nothing is certain and something can go wrong! It would be a hard blow to the reputation of one of the Yonko!”

The Big Mom pirates, as one of the four emperors, they will rule the new world.

But the Albares guild was based in the first half of the Grand Line, and to travel from the new world to that area was almost the furthest distance in the world to cross.

Being far away means that once something goes wrong, there is no time to make any other arrangements!

Big Mom pirates only have three sweet generals. If the three were dispatched, and Ron sets them up, by joining forces with the marine admirals or another powerful party, and manages to kills the three sweet generals, that would be the end of the Big Mom Pirates!

If one of the sweet generals got killed, the Big mom’s powers will be reduced drastically! She will never be able to compete with the other Yonkos. The other Yonkos might even take this opportunity to finish her off and take over her territories and resources!

It could be said that Ron was sitting firmly in the first half of the grand line. Neither the marines nor the government would attack him, and even the four emperors in the second half which won’t stand his existence, wouldn’t be hustle and attack him.

There were almost none who could threaten him and his forces at the moment.

Of course, this was also a balance in a sense.

Once Ron chooses to enter the new world, things will change drastically! He won’t know what hit him, not only Doflamingo but certainly, Big Mom will attack him. She might even come after him in person!

So, Ron needed to gather forces, gain powers before he sets foot in the second half on the grand line.

Doflamingo also knew this very well, knowing that once Ron enters the new world, Big Mom would set him as her first priority, so he sat steadily, ignoring Ron’s movements in the first half. For him, it was just a scrap.

“How’s the guardian magic research going?”

Ron asked Robin.

Every magician in the base that he was given a magic mark had his own specialization direction, such as Nami exploring the wind magic, Perona researching the Necromancy magic, Robin researching the guardian magic, and Miss GoldenWeek researching the fourth-level of several magics.

“I came up with new second-level guardian magic.”

Robin laughed and said: “I named it ‘Link of Life’, as the name implies, the effect of this magic is to link the lives of two people together. For instance, the damage suffered by one of them will be divided between them equally.”

“Oh? Interesting.”

Ron showed interest in this magic, asked Robin for more details, and quickly he learned this new magic.

Such magic should be so useful, for instance, the damage that could have killed one person, half of it would be transferred to the linked partner, and no one would die.

This magic is of little significance to magicians, because magicians are inherently fragile, and they don’t give that physical resistance to withstand high damage. Just like Ron, if he does not use any defense magic, a skilled swordsman would kill him instantly.

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