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P.A.S Chapter 160: More Black Magic

“Under certain circumstances, the effect of this magic will be beyond imagination.”

Ron used it on himself and Robin, then poked his cheek with mental power, and released the Link of Life magic, his eyes were sparkling as if he had a Christmas gift.

Robin looked at Ron in silence for a while, and after two seconds, she narrowed her eyes and said: “President, could you please stop trying magic on me?”

Ron glanced at Robin and said sarcastically: “As the leader of the future magic world, it is a great honor to have your soul linked to mine.”

“Maybe you should try to link Nami with Princess Vivi.”


Ron thought for a while, it seemed really interesting to link them up as a training, but the idea only passed in a flash.

There was no issue of compatibility between Nami and Vivi, but Robin and Vivi had a better affinity, and there shouldn’t be any problem putting them together.

“Please don’t look at me with that gaze, President.”

Ron remained silently for a second, then shrugged and said: “You proposed this evil idea first.”


Robin tilted his head, smiled then said: “What evil idea? It was just a suggestion. You were too eager to test the magic.”

Ron rolled his eyes and said: “Then you won’t join me?”

Robin smiled softly and said: “Is it enough to create this magic? Speaking of which, it’s a pity that only two people can be linked.”

Life Link Magic could only link the lives of two people. Even if it was cast again on someone already linked, the other link would break instantly leaving only the recent one. Maximum 2 persons per link.

“That’s enough.”

Ron put down his teacup and said: “It would be marvelous to be able to connect more thousand of people! But, unfortunately, that kind of thing is not something that mere second-level magic can do.”

“Not to mention the magic that links just two people is splendid itself! With the existence of people like Big Mom and Kaido, imagine the horrific effect produced if they were linked together! The results are unpredictable!”

Hearing this, Robin said with a serious look: “It is true, even just connecting the sweet generals would be horrifying.”


Ron nodded.

“Oh, by the way, Perona has also explored second-level magic of the Necromancy system.”

Robin suddenly remembered something and said to Ron.

Ron was slightly surprised, and said: “She did?!”

Perona didn’t even bother to memorize the seven derivative runes, and she was too lazy to explore any magic at all. How could she come up with the second-level of Necromancy magic?

“Well… I heard her say it was boring, but she had an idea she wanted to try, and she was successful after her second attempt.”


Ron stopped speaking.

The second-level magic of the Necromancy system, without mastering any skills or prior knowledge, explored from just 2 attempts!? What kind of luck is this!

Fortunately, he was also complacent about exploring the fourth-level frost magic in five months.

It seems that luck was at their side!

“The second-level magic she explored is an upgraded version of the ghost soldiers. It can summon nearly a hundred ghost army in armor. The number and power are much stronger than the basic ghost soldiers.”

At this point, Robin’s eyes flickered slightly, and said: “If everyone can use this magic, imagine the number of ghost soldiers we would be able to summon! Thousands of ghost soldiers…”


Hearing this, Ron couldn’t help but tsk.

Necromancy magic cannot be used repeatedly, and the number of ghost soldiers that could be summoned by each magic was fixed.

Using the first-level magic, even when the necromancy magic was released continuously, only twelve soldiers could be summoned, and at every release, the new ones would replace the older ones, which automatically collapsed.

But if two magicians used them separately, twenty-four could be made.

At the moment, six people can release the necromancy magic, besides Ron, there are Nami, Perona, Robin, Miss GoldenWeek, and Vivi.

When six people use this upgraded version, they could easily gather nearly six hundred ghost soldiers!

Six hundred upgraded armored ghost soldiers! The overall strength of this army is probably stronger than the entire former Baroque works!

The only limitation of this type of magic is that the soldier has a limited range and cannot leave the summoner’s range. As soon as it leaves the designed area, it collapses.

“It seems that the next time Cracker dares to come here again looking for trouble, you can handle him yourselves without my help.”

Ron couldn’t help but laugh.

Miss GoldenWeek could use her Colors Trap on Cracker, coupled with the onslaught of the five hundred undead army, Mr3 and others’ peripheral assistance, should be more than enough to crush Cracker and his subordinates.


Robin smiled softly and said: “In other words, as long as the high cadres are here, the Albares guild is safe.”

Ron nodded and said: “But when the magic equipment will be available, the moment when even the ordinary people would be able to use magic, the strength of the guild army will be far from this concept.”

Robin had already obtained it from Ron. Knowing about magic equipment, she also knew how to make them, and she already tried to make it herself.

When she heard Ron’s words, her eyes were slightly solemn, and she said: “President, are you ready?”

“No, not yet.”

Ron shook his head and said: “as soon as we get rid of Doflamingo.”

” When are you going to do it, President? Once you set foot in the new world, the Big Mom pirates will certainly make a move.”

Ron looked up to the ceiling and said:” Do not worry, everything will go smoothly. Before I attack Doflamingo, there is a matter just above our heads I want to address first.”

“Up there?”

Robin was slightly surprised.

Ron nodded and looked at Robin with a sudden smile, and said: “There is something we both want up there.”

“Historical Poneglyph!”

Robin thought of it in an instant, then her eyes flickered suddenly.


Ron nodded.

At the moment, they were at the island, renamed Albares by Ron, and the thing about this island, it was directly below the Sky island.

There was Enel on the sky island, and since their last encounter, Ron has always wanted to settle the score with him, but he was not strong enough before. At the moment, with Ron’s current level, It was time to solve this threat.

After taking Enel down, Sky Island could also be used as a secret base for Albares. In the future, manufacturing magic equipment and building wizard towers could be carried out in secret on Sky Island.


There was an unlimited amount of gold on the sky island that could be sold and used for trades, which should cover all the remaining money achievements in the system.

Albares’ expansion also requires funding. In the past six months, Albares agents have brought Ron three devil fruits and he paid a price of nearly 400 million Berries, making Albares a bit in a dire situation financially, and Nami wouldn’t stop complaining about this matter.

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