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P.A.S Chapter 161: Let’s Fly High

“I thought you completely forgot about the Poneglyphs.”

Robin said quietly.

Originally when she was in Alabasta, before she knew and understood Ron, Ron used coercion and his knowledge of the location of the multiple Poneglyphs to induce Robin to obey him. But, since that day at the Tomb of the kings within Alubarna, Alabasta, after she became aware of Ron’s level of wisdom and knowledge, the situation changed. It was more than enough to gain her loyalty.

For the past six months, it’s just that Ron has been exploring magic, and Albares’ main task was to develop, collect devil fruits, famous swords, and confront the Don Quixote family.

It seems as if Ron completely forgot about the historical Poneglyphs.

“After all, I promised you.”

Ron smiled at Robin and said: “Although I don’t know the whereabouts of all the Poneglyphs, especially the historical ones that record the true history, at least we can start with the ones I know about, and during our journey, we will look for the others.”

“Besides, the historical Poneglyphs are also considered as an important magic material, and they are also of great use to me. Having said that, I want to find the ancient weapons too.”

Robin was slightly surprised when he heard Ron’s words, and said: “Ancient weapons? You should know the danger of these tools.”

“Of course.”

Ron nodded: “Ancient weapons are not yet suitable for this world. But, at the moment, I am very short of magic materials. Maybe I can dismantle Pluton and use its parts for magic equipment.”

Robin: “…”

“There are only fifteen wizard towers in the base, and I still need some of that number for my trips. I’m not at ease, after all, I need to protect a medium-sized island, but unfortunately, we possess only enough protection for a small base.”

Ron groaned for a while, then said with a decisive voice: “That’s it, I’ll look for it first.”

As his voice fell, Ron flew out of the hall.

“This president…”

Robin watched Ron’s back disappear, as she shook her head helplessly.

She also understood Ron’s behavior. She was aware of the burden on Ron’s shoulders, the mission of making magic reappear in the world, and reviving the path of magic. For this reason, she was relentlessly studying magic for the last period without saying a word, even though it has nothing with her main goal, to find the Poneglyphs.

But Ron still remembered his promise. Although there was a need for magic materials, he still did not forget the original agreement with her.

Recalling the weird feeling she had when Ron experimented with the life link magic with her, Robin lowered her head, touched her chest with her fingers, tilted her head, and smiled slightly.

Two days later.

Ron returned to the base carrying a large number of materials.

It was a pile of materials that was obviously removed from something. Most of the parts were Kairoseki stone, and some others were of the same material as the one used in the historical Poneglyphs. Besides, there was some other kind of material, that Robin and the others couldn’t identify.

The number of materials was huge enough to build more than ten wizard towers. With such size materials, there was no doubt that Ron has indeed found the ancient weapon Pluton, and that he directly dismantled it, and all the needed materials were brought back.

Using these materials, together with the previous fifteen wizard towers, there were a total of thirty towers, scattered around the entire island, forming a rough, compact network.

According to Ron’s judgment, to efficiently protect the island, he should be able to at least use ten magic towers for every attack. It would take about a hundred magic towers to accomplish such a plan, and for the moment only one-third was made.

Of course.

Even with just these thirty towers, the defense of the island was extremely powerful.

Because of the lack of materials, most of these wizard towers could only carry third-level magic, while the one with the historical text stone as the core could carry fourth-level magic.

Among the 30 wizard towers, there was just one fourth-level magic tower and twenty-nine third-level towers. Once an enemy attack, at least 20 wizard towers could be mobilized under the condition of giving up the periphery of the island and fully defending the central base.

Especially with the existence of Miss GoldenWeek and her tremendous mental powers, even if Katakuri comes to attack the island, the base will be safe! There is enough power to repel any opponent!

The Yonko would not move carelessly, the Admirals of the marine wouldn’t mess around with the Shichibukai’s treaty, and the base was basically safe.

Ron finally could go to the Sky island without worries.

“Here we go again, Sky Island.”

Somewhere on the coast of Angel Island, Ron broke through the sea of clouds, flew out of the sea, fell to the shore, and looked at the Angel Island ahead, revealing a hint of excitement.

The last time he came here, his total mental strength was only a little over one hundred. When he encountered Enel, they just exchanged a few blows.

Although Ron retreated afterward, the gap between him and Enel back then could be seen at a glance.

This time, Ron’s objective wasn’t just to land on the sky island to accomplish the explorer’s achievement. With absolute confidence, he went to the sky island to occupy it! Make it his own territory!

That day, it was around the 1521-year, one year before Luffy goes to sea and Ron’s total mental strength has reached 240 points!

Among them, 118 points were from achievement points, 50 points were from magic marks, 38 points were from his training, 25 points were from devil fruits, and 9 points were from spiritual resonance.

Although Ron did not deliberately accomplish some achievements in the past six months, he completed five of them, which were relatively advanced achievements.

Among them: “My Base”, “Ability Nemesis”, and “Ancient Weapon”, 2-points achievements, and the “Legendary Mage”, after mastering the 4th level magic and the “Berserker Mode” with a total training time of 10,000 hours, each achievement granted him 4 points.

Without planning to do so, a full 14 achievement points were collected. (T/N: Greycat just don’t say a thing xD)

The effect of the 40 points of mental power, above the 200-barrier, was very significant, allowing him to release 4th level magic much easier, even without a wizard tower, in the case of frost magic, Ron was capable of releasing the 4th level magic three times before he drains all his mental strength.

As for the fourth-level of the basic elements, he could easily release more than ten magics!

In half a year, Ron’s mental power was increased by 40 points. This happened when he was basically just focusing on studying 4th Frost magic. If he has put his mind and all his efforts in on improving his mental power, with meditating, practicing while completing various achievements, he could easily double that amount.

This also confirmed Ron’s words! About going after the Yonkos within few years!

Even though Ron was aware that he needed to improve his knowledge of magic, to spend more time exploring magic, guardian, Necromancy systems, etc… Even so, he was so confident that he will be able to increase his mental power to more than 500 points within three years! To shrink the huge gap between him and the people standing at the pinnacle of the seas, the admirals, and the four emperors!

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