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P.A.S Chapter 162: Payback


Just as Ron was looking at Angel Island in the distance, on the coastline, a girl with two antennae sticking out at the top of her head, holding a fox, happened to walk to the shore. Seeing Ron coming ashore, she gave a surprised cry and pointed forward, and then she said: “Hasso~Are you… from the blue sea?”

The girl seemed a bit familiar, it was Conis, the girl that helped the straw-hat Pirates.

“Well, yes! I’m from the called Blue sea.”

Ron nodded at the girl and smiled lightly: “Hello, my name is Ron.”

Having no wings, it was obviously not from the sky island, but even by knowing that Ron from below, Conis did not show much surprise, because people from the blue sea, from time to time, appeared here in the sky island.

It’s just that there were only a few occasions in a year.

“My name is Conis… Is there anything I can help you with?”

Conis smiled friendly at Ron.

Ron stepped onto Angel Beach with his hands crossed, smiled at Conis, and said: “That’s kind of you. Then, I will accept your offer, there will indeed be some bunch of things I might need your help with later, but for now, you’d better stay away from this particular area. Things will get very dangerous soon.”


Conis was taken aback, she did not understand what Ron was talking about, and said: “Hum… Excuse me, do you mean…”


Ron said: “A fight will occur here.”


Conis was stunned for a moment, then said as she startled: “Are they the Shandia in the sea of clouds? Don’t worry, we have white beret troops on patrol at any time. They won’t be able to reach this place.”

Ron stood on the coast, looking far away in the direction of the Upper yard, he said while twitching his mouth: “No, not that… Forget it, it’s too late, he probably won’t care much and even try to control his attack range, Come behind me.”

Conis looked at Ron’s back in a daze, with a puzzled look in her big eyes. Not only did she come closer, but she also showed a trace of vigilance.


At the next moment, the vigilance in her eyes became stunned.

In her sight, in the sky in distance, an electric light flashed by in an instant, turning into an arc, spreading everywhere, and then soon converged in the white sea directly in front, condensing into a human form.

Amazingly, it was Enel! The god who ruled the sky island!

At that moment, Enel, wrapped in thunder and lightning, looked down on the island below him like a thunder god, looking at Ron on the shore, with a hint of coldness in his eyes, and said: “Hum! This familiar breath! it is indeed you. The last time you got away from here was just a fluke, and yet you dared to come back here! You insolent brat!”

Enel’s mantra allowed him to monitors the entire Angel Island, and as Ron had nothing to hide, he didn’t even try to cancel his aura or presence! Hence, at the moment he set foot on Skypiea, Enel found him instantly. After finding that Ron’s presence, breath, was somewhat familiar, and as he remembered what happened during their last encounter, Enel flew out of the Upper yard with no delay and immediately rushed over.


Conis looked at the overwhelming existence in front of her, Enel, showing a trembling expression.

[Why would Enel come here!]

It was clear that he was after Ron… and listening to Enel’s words, it seemed that he and Ron had contacted once a long time ago, and the encounter was not very friendly.

Conis soon regained her consciousness. The danger Ron mentioned earlier was undoubtedly Enel! She was indeed in danger there!

Although she couldn’t understand how Ron could remain so indifferent in front of Enel, once Enel launches an attack, she will certainly be affected at this distance!

Conis trembled a bit, and couldn’t help stepping back.

Enel did not care about Conis, he only had Ron in his eyes.

Also, Ron didn’t look back at Conis and just kept staring back at Enel.

“Fortunately, I escaped? That’s probably what you think. The last time I came here, I just happened to pass by. I didn’t expect you to attack me inexplicably… After all, there are only a few morons in this world who would do such a thing in this world before a prior warning.”


Enel couldn’t help showing a trace of sarcasm on his arrogant face when he heard Ron’s words, and said: “That is to say, you are here for a payback?”

After a casual nod, Ron stretched out his right hand and the dragon wand emerged from the void.

Seeing Ron’s actions, Enel snorted and said: “This is the first time I have encountered a human being who dared to avenge God, do you know? The moment you had this thought, you had already committed a sin, unforgivable sin!”

As the voice fell, Enel made a move with both hands, and thunder suddenly crackled above his head, and it was about to fall towards Ron.


Almost at the same time, Ron’s wand flicked, and six beams of light instantly blocked Enel and nailed him in the air.


Enel snorted coldly, but this time he was not in a hurry to break free, but still used the thunder and lightning in his hand toward Ron below.

“El Thor!”


The white thunder light that was as thick as a water column descended from the sky and slashed towards Ron’s head. The attack range was so vast that it covered a radius of tens of meters.

Conis was also within the range of the attack, and Enel didn’t pay any attention at all. In his opinion, she made contact with the people of the blue sea privately, she made contact with the sinner who offended God, then she was a sinner herself that needed punishment.


Seeing the horrible lightning pillar leaning down with the thunder light, Conis fell and sat there, trembling all over, there was no way to dodge such an attack, she could only lower her head and close her eye waiting for her doom.


The light of thunder exploded.

Hearing the deafening sound, Conis became tenser and couldn’t open her eyes. However, soon, her expression changed drastically, because even after several seconds have passed, she didn’t feel anything.

She opened her eyes cautiously.

Then she saw that Ron was standing less than half a meter in front of her, his back was so tall, as if he was propping up the entire sky, the wand in his hand was against it, and there was a crackling arc of thunder at the front end of the wand, but it seemed to be resisted by a layer of the invisible realm.


In the end, Ron shook his wand, and the thunder arcs dispersing in all directions collapsed completely.

Enel’s full blow was so tremendous, that the released elven ball broke in no time, but after breaking, the remaining power was not much. With his mental power exceeding the 200-point limit, Ron could use his spirit as a shield, which was more than enough to block the remaining thunder.

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