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P.A.S Chapter 163: Realm of Wind


Seeing Ron used some weird ability to resist Enel’s lightning, Conis couldn’t help covering her small mouth, revealing a strange expression.

Ron, of course, ignored her.

Enel’s strength was extraordinary. Even if he has mastered the fourth level of magic, he was not an opponent that could be handled casually. It was impossible to kill Enel while being distracted! You must be serious, stay focused, and give it your all! Yes, he was that terrifying enemy.

However, Ron would not let her be affected by Enel’s attack. After all, in the beginning, she came to Ron trying to help him out.

Enel looked at Ron slowly. Ron’s ability to block his attack made him a little surprised, but he considered as a mere accident, a fluke.

He had absolute confidence in his own strength. No matter who Ron was, no matter how strong he was, he was still a mortal, he was still a human with flesh and blood pumping in his heart.

And Enel was a god! The God who controls thunder and lightning!

Even his body was the incarnation of thunder and lightning, which was not something that mortals could resist.

“One hundred million-volt Bari!”

Enel said in a low voice, exploding again, preparing to break the confinement of the six rods.

Ron stared at Enel, he had been processing the actual situation, calculating factors, since the moment he resisted Enel’s attack. His mind was processing countless images and data that were far beyond the simulation of ordinary people, at speed beyond what ordinary people could reach.

With Enel’s strength, if Ron won’t attack him immediately, he will break free from his restraints. At this rate, the six-rods light prisons won’t even last for another second.

And one second was not enough to activate the fourth level magic.

But Enel was too arrogant, and instead of breaking the shackles in the first place, he chose to attack him. Although it made Ron use the elven ball to defend, it gave him more time to activate his magic.

Since Ron defended the attack, 3 seconds passed already! And only 2 seconds were enough to launch the 4th level magic.

The attack delay of Meteor Fire Rain was a bit long, and it was not suitable for dealing with Enel, who had the observation Haki and the speed of thunder. So, after analyzing the situation, instead of using Fire magic, which had the best attack power, this time Ron will rely on faster and more direct magic, the wind system.


A breath of death enveloped the world.

The wind was blowing lightly, it was not just a wind blade, but an aura of destruction as if it contained death, spreading outward with Ron as the center, covering a square kilometer in an instant.

Under the shocking gaze of Conis, the island clouds, which covered nearly a thousand miles around the entire beach, were quickly annihilated and disintegrated, and the nearby seaside buildings were also annihilated and disappeared without a trace.

It was as if in an instant, everything was cut by hundreds of millions of wind blades, divided into small pieces that could not be seen, scattered with the wind.

The fourth-level wind magic… Realm of Wind, the Wind Of Silence!

In an instant.

Within kilometers, everything disappeared!

As for Enel, who was still imprisoned by the six-rods light prison, at that moment, he felt a kind of death-like crisis.

He roared and tried his best to use his lightning to break free.

But when he managed to escape his imprisonment, he had already used all his strength. When he faced Ron’s attack at that time, he didn’t have enough power, enough Lightning to counter it as he did before.


Contacting the deadly wind, the naked eye could see the torch of thunder light being silently annihilated.

The silent wind, containing destruction and death, containing a countless number of small wind blades, blew away the thunder that erupted from Enel.


The lightning exploded, and Enel’s figure turned into a thunder arc and disappeared, reappearing a kilometer away.

Even though he was in his elemental form, and rushed at his godly speed, Enel was still affected by the wind of Silence.

His elemental body made of thunder and lightning was slightly blown away, one of his arms was half annihilated, his shoulders and different other parts of his body were dripping with blood.

Enel, who had fled to a safe distance of kilometers away, looked at his broken arm, then looked at Ron again, his eyes were red with rage, gritting his teeth.


He was so careless!

He underestimated Ron, completely underestimated the Blue sea man!

The last time they fought, Ron’s attack was ineffective! He was powerless. After he broke the shackles of the six-rods of light prison, Enel could easily break Ron’s attack effortlessly.

And this time, based on what he witnessed in the last encounter, he fought Ron casually, naively underestimating Ron’s development speed. He did not rush to break free but first tried to give Ron his divine sanction so that he would not get into the sea, flee away like the last time.

Enel was so surprised when Ron blocked his “El Thor” ability, and what surprised him, even more, was that Ron’s attack this time was not at the same level as the previous one! Way beyond his expectations!

“Damn… A man from the blue sea…defies me!”

Enel held his broken arm, looked at Ron’s direction from a distance, gritted his teeth, and said: “Last time, did you deliberately hide your abilities? To make me let my guard down?!”

“No, I was really that weak last time.”

Ron put down the dragon wand and replied faintly.

Enel’s teeth tightened.

Regardless of whether Ron deliberately showed weakness, or he used such a sinister trick to deal with him, but he was caught and this stupid plan lost him an arm and made him suffer serious damage.

“Very good.”

“You are the first human to hurt God. I recognize you… I recognize you as a worthy opponent who can stand at the same height as me… But don’t think that, you will win!”

Enel stared at Ron fiercely and suddenly roared.


The power of thunder was like a tsunami, rushing out frantically, covering his entire body completely, his body instantly turned into thunder and lightning, and began to expand and grow.

Enel transformed into a gigantic Raijin-looking thunder god made of pure electricity, his figure had grown several times larger than before, and his body was bathed in thunder light, and even his lost arm was turned white, replaced by the intertwined thunder. He descended like a real Thunder God.

“Max 200,000,000 Volt Amaru!”

After he was hit by Ron’s move and was seriously injured, Enel naturally would not underestimate Ron anymore, and he directly took out his strongest move to completely ruin Ron here.


This “big” move? Ron was also preparing for it.

It took Enel more than three seconds to activate his ultimate form. It was almost at the same moment when his Thor form transformation was completed, that Ron’s Frost fourth-level magic was also completed.

Ron gently raised the dragon wand in his hand.

“Ice Realm!”

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