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P.A.S Chapter 164: Ice Realm

As soon as the dragon wand was waved, a very cold chill enveloped the entire world in an instant, causing the air to faintly condense into ice mist.

The ability was released forward, it was just limited to the space ahead of the dragon wand, but even so, Conis shivered instantly, despite standing behind Ron. She felt a chill in her bones like, her hair and lips were almost frozen.


Ron released his mental powers, covering a few meters nearby, isolating the dissipated ice and cold, making it warmer for Conis. without turning his head, his eyes faintly looked forward.

The core of frost magic was so cold, above the cold released by simply freezing water. It slightly surpassed the Thunder. Its power of destruction was too violent and powerful.

The Ice Realm wasn’t just a magic that would simply freeze a thousand miles, it turns the world in front into an extremely cold ice hell in an instant!

“This ability…”

At the moment Ron released the 4th level magic, Enel noticed that it wasn’t a simple attack, and soon, even in his ultimate form, Thunder God, he was heavily affected by the hellish cold. He could feel that he slightly started losing his complete control over thunder and lightning, he became sloppy, and his actions, reactions became extremely slow.

“EL Thor!”

Of course, there was no way that Enel would back off, he rushed towards Ron, and at the same time waved a palm, releasing a bright thunder light slashing towards Ron.

But almost at that moment, an ice mist appeared directly in front of Ron.

Cang! Cang! Cang!

The ice fog spreads like ocean waves, layered on top of each other, like the breath of a frost dragon, spreading over with the freezing cold, at an extremely fast pace.

In this extremely cold field, not only physical ability, even perception, reaction speed, etc., were also severely restricted, effected.


The thunder released by Enel collided with the spreading ice mist.

The ice mist was obviously at a completely different level from the ice surrounding this area. If the nearby world temperature was reduced to nearly one hundred degrees below zero, the ice mist was coldness couldn’t even be described by numbers!

The power of Enel’s thunder couldn’t break through the ice fog, and the white thunder arc was completely swallowed by the ice fog.


Enel raised his arms, and in the form of Thor, he raised the power of the lightening fruit within him to the limit he could bear, and released it at once! Madly striking forward!

But even with his ultimate form, his ultimate ability, he still couldn’t stop the spread of the ice mist.

The thunder arc disappeared piece by piece.

The scene was breathtaking! As if the world was divided into two parts! Behind Ron was a springy field, with the sun lying on the horizon! But, in front of him? Mountains, rivers…were all frozen!

And right in the center of the frozen area, a figure was standing there, Enel was standing there in the middle of the mist, frozen!

The Thor form has long since it disappeared, and what was left was just an ordinary flesh and blood body. Enel’s expression was frozen, and there seems to be a trace of disbelief on his face.

“It’s over.”

Ron sighed softly and put down the dragon wand.

The Frost System’s fourth-level magic did not disappoint him. Its power was indeed far above the fourth-level of the elemental systems.

If this ability was used to deal with the sweet general, Cracker, even if he somehow managed to survive thanks to his strong defensive power, he would definitely be heavily injured after resisting such an attack!

Imagine if it was this the case for defensive people like Cracker, imagine what happened to Enel, who didn’t have that good defense. The elemental body of Enel has long been broken, and every cell in his body has been frozen.


Ron released his mental power, tapping lightly the frozen figure of Enel. The figure suddenly shattered, turning into powder, scattering and disappearing with the waves of wind.

[Hint: You completed the achievement ‘God Slayer’ and get 2 achievement points]

“This is 120 points…”

Ron murmured as he listened to the prompt sound from his ear. His spiritual attribute has reached 242 points and the total achievement points reached 120 points.

He switched to the professional interface and looked at it, but unfortunately, there was no prompt to get a chance to draw. It seems that the 120 points were not enough to trigger the draw opportunity. Maybe he will have a new chance to draw at 125 points.

Conis stood there blankly.

She couldn’t recover from the shock yet. What happened in front of her eyes, the spread of ice mist, the lightning, the destruction of Enel figure as if it was some kind of toy, was a lot to process for an ordinary human.

Without any trace, an entity who was feared as a god disappeared. What happened was terrifying, but the icy foggy scene was so beautiful, like a work of art created by God. It was immersive and stunning.

“Okay, it’s safe now, no need to be afraid.”

Ron walked towards Conis, reached out and patted her on the shoulder, walked past her, and walked to the Angel Island behind.

At that moment, Conis finally woke up from her dream.

Shock still remained in the eyes.

[Enel… just died like this?!]

The god, Enel, the lord who controlled thunder and lightning, just died in front of her. It took her a few minutes to comprehend the situation!

She turned around and looked at Ron’s back with some shock.

He wasn’t that tall, wearing a very simple white wizard cloak, but with him holding a magic wand, controlling wind and ice, the scene of killing Enel made his back completely huge, overwhelming!


Conis remained stupefied for a few more seconds, then hurriedly followed him, then shouted: “God…Enel…is dead?”

“Well, unless he has some kind of resurrection magic “

Ron continued to walk forward, answering casually, looking at the Angel Island in front of him, then said: “You still want to offer you help, right? If so, I need you to join my guild to maintain this place for me. I will need your cooperation to establish a base here.”

Conis was immersed in the death of Enel and was in a daze for a few seconds. Then she woke up suddenly, thinking of Ron’s words, and said: “…Guild?”


Ron nodded, turned to look at her, smiled faintly, and said: “Want to learn magic?” (T/N: here we go again…)

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