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P.A.S Chapter 165: Wyper

After taking Enel down, there shouldn’t be much trouble to conquer the sky island.

After all, if all the remained combat power on the entire island was combined, and it wouldn’t be enough to push Ron to use his fourth-level magic. Using only his basic abilities along with his extreme fast-thinking should be more than enough for him to rule the sky island.

However, Ron did not suppress it by force. Instead, he returned the ruling power of Skypiea to the predecessor God, Gan Fall, but deprived him of the title of ‘God’.

The title of Chief or king could be used, but the title of ‘God’ was really weird to use, that even Ron didn’t want to use it himself. It was too weird!

Also, by returning the ruling power to Gan Fall, naturally, he won the support of all residents of Skepiea. As for Conis, who was given the magic mark, became the sixth girl under Ron’s command, he had her full respect.

When Ron defeated Enel and ended the brutal rule of the fake God, she was so grateful. After that, when Ron did not try to rule the island by himself, and instead returned the power to Gan Fall, the gratitude became respect. And by entrusting her with a magic mark, her loyalty has basically reached its maximum value.

Ron didn’t want to manage the sky island and he was sure that no one of the other guild members would do it. And even if he thought of doing it himself, it will take a bit of time to fully grasp the situation on the island, since it was a different civilization than the one he would find in the Blue sea. So, it was better to entrust it to someone who knew the island very well!

Anyway, with Ron’s absolute strength, the Sky Island, Skypiea became a part of his territory.

Ron found that the overall mental power of the people in the sky island was very high, and there were just a few of them below 20, and a few who were special, having a mental strength above 50 Points. Hence, after discussing the matter with Gan fall, Ron decided to build another Albares guildhall on Angel Island and recruit magic apprentices.

Although there weren’t extraordinary candidates as Miss GoldenWeek, a lot of the people there were considered extremely qualified.

Although Ron had no extra magic marks to give them, he gave them meditation methods to enhance their mental power, and also, he thought of giving them magic weapons to practice with.


The last part was still a work in progress.

“Wyper! This is not the place where you should go wild!”

Gan Fall, who had regained his position as the ruler of Angel Island, stood on a rugged building in the Upper Yard and spoke angrily as kept looking at the group of people in front of him.


Wyper carried a Burn Bazooka, stood in front of the many Shandia people, and said coldly: “This is our hometown, which was taken away by your people four hundred years ago. I didn’t expect Enel to die before I come for him, but it is time to end this war!”

“Berserker” Wyper.

The leader of The Shandia warriors, the direct descendant of Kalgara.

The Upper Yard was originally a part of Jaya Island until it was pushed up by the Knock Up Stream. Its former habitats, the ancient Shandia, were driven out by Skypieans, for whom it presented a big value due to the rarity of soil in the sky.

The original islanders of Jaya Island have been trying to retake their hometown. This war lasted for nearly four hundred years. Since Enel captured Angel Island, Wyper had been planning to retake his hometown and was preparing for that quietly! However, he suddenly got the news of his death a few days ago.

Enel is dead!

Gan Fall is back as the ruler of Angel Island!

Although he didn’t know what happened, he heard that an outsider killed Enel, but there was no doubt that this was the best time to retake what is his, the Upper Yard!

Wyper did not hesitate and immediately launched an attack, leading his subordinates to the Upper yard, trying to regain it completely.

“Completely regaining the Holy Land is something we can’t tolerate… But the incident with Enel has also made the old man see things clearer. Shandia people, this war won’t end with violence. Let us renegotiate, let’s make this end peacefully.”

Gan Fall said slowly.

After being defeated by Enel and taken away his power by a strong force, he experienced the pain caused by losing something precious, he figured out a lot of things about how the Shandia people must have felt before. He was indeed a bit old-fashioned before.

However, Wyper sneered when he heard Gan fall’s words, and mocked: “Negotiating? So that’s it… You are scared. It seems that Enel is truly dead. And as I expected, you became too old to resist us by force!”

“The 400-year war can’t be ended by negotiation!!”

Wyper roared, raised his Burn Bazooka, and aimed at Gan fall.

At the same time, the White Berets and the priests behind Gan fall all took up their weapons, got ready to engage, and kept staring at Wyper and the many Shandia people.

The war was about to start!


It was at the moment when Wyper was about to pull the trigger.

Six beams of light emerged out of thin air, and instantly nailed Wyper to death on the spot, forcing him to let go of the Burn Bazooka in his hand.

“Damn, what is this…?!”

Wyper was imprisoned in place, unable to move, he was so furious, struggled hard, but the light on the six pillars of light just flickered slightly.

“Do it! Do it! Get rid of them!”

Wyper ignored his situation, and at the moment he realized that he couldn’t break free himself at once, he roared and ordered his subordinates to start attacking.

Everyone was already excited. They felt that Gan Fall and the others had made the first move and tried to seal Wyper’s movement. As Wyper’s voice fell, they all launched an attack simultaneously.


A violent roar was heard, it was a deafening sound that made the ground underneath shook violently, making the Shandia and Gan Fall and others almost a little unstable.

Immediately afterward, under the shocking gaze of many people, at the center of the battlefield, the earth broke apart, and an abyss that stretched for hundreds of meters appeared in an instant!

Seeing such a scene, everyone was stunned.

Even Wyper, the berserker, who was still imprisoned, had a hint of horror in his eyes.

“What power is this?!”

Is it the doing of Gan fall? No, it is not him! The earth just shattered in an instant! Gan Fall doesn’t possess such power!

The battle that was on the verge of breaking out, was blocked by this divided ground instantly. The Shandia, Gan Fall, and the others looked at each other across the Wyper, and they could almost see the vibration in each other’s eyes.

The scene gradually quieted down.

And just in this silence, the sound of a harp sounded.


Everyone looked in the direction of the sound, and saw a girl walking slowly from a distance along the cracked ground, looking at everyone in the field and saying: “the President is against this war, so please Stop!”

Seeing Conis appearing and hearing her words, Gan Fall, and the priests regained their senses, while Wyper and the Shandia were all surprised.

“The President?”

“Who is that?”

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