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P.A.S Chapter 166: Golden Bell

“The president… the president of Albares, who defeated Enel.”

Conis looked at Wyper and responded calmly.

She couldn’t remain so calm in the face of the fierce aura exuded by Wyper before, but since she had the magic mark, her spiritual attributes have reached more than 30 points, which minimized the impact of his aura on her.

What’s more, Ron was behind her, stretching out his hand, splitting the earth into an abyss that went for hundreds of meters. Coupled with the miraculous power that she witnessed before when he defeated Enel, Conis naturally had no fear of Wyper.

“Is he that man?? The one from the Blue Sea?!”

Said Wyper with an ugly face.

He didn’t have any information, but he knew that a man from the blue sea defeated Enel. He didn’t even know the name of this man.


Almost at the moment when Wyper’s voice fell, an invisible force rushed over, making Wyper’s face suddenly white, as if he saw some kind of ghost.

“Although I don’t care about power and have no intention of ruling as Enel did, I won’t let such war happens here. If you don’t want to perish, make peace with Gan fall.”

Ron’s faint voice spread across the battlefield.

Although Ron’s figure didn’t appear yet, his voice was heard clearly. Wyper couldn’t identify from which direction the voice came. It was as if he was hearing the voice inside his mind.

Click! Click!

As Ron’s voice fell, the ground under Conis’ feet quickly shattered, and a small piece broke out, supporting her to fly, away from the battlefield, and disappeared into the distance.

Seeing Conis’ figure disappear like this, many Shandia people suddenly looked at each other.

When facing such an incomprehensible level of power, the war loses its meaning, it would definitely be just a one-sided slaughter. Also, this unknown and powerful existence was not her to destroy them, just to make sure that they negotiate with Gan fall.

Facing such a situation, even if Wyper was unwilling to cooperate, everyone else had already lost their intent to fight.

“Why bother?”

Ron stood on the edge of the Upper Yard, shaking his head and speaking, then turned around and walked toward the sea.

Conis followed in small steps.

“There are also constant wars in the Blue Sea, even far fiercer than yours. There are countless strong men out there, and I can’t stop so many of them… But at least, I can stop the one on your island.”

“Thank you, President…”

Conis followed Ron, speaking quietly, her eyes full of respect.

He killed Enel and rescued Skypiea. He possessed almost godlike power, but still, he didn’t use this power to conquer the Sky Island. Instead, he gave Gan Fall the status. He didn’t interfere with his ruling and even tried to stop the eternal war between the Shandia and the Skypiean.

Ron’s position in her heart has already infinitely elevated, reaching a level of incomparable respect.

Ron led her directly onto the sea of clouds, condensing his mental energy into an invisible road, stepping on it as if it was some kind of stairs.

“Thank you.”

Ron smiled and said: “After all, I am going to build a branch on the Sky Island and war, chaos would only make things harder. Moreover, if you work hard, you will be able to stop the war with your own strength. “

Conis’ talent was slightly lower than Nami, but it was still a good magic apprentice, with a bright future. It won’t take her too long to cultivate more than 50 mental power, and with the magic tower, she will be able to release the third-level magic continuously.

Here in the sky island, everyone except Enel was a miscellaneous fish, third-order magic should be more than enough to sweep everything, which means Ron wasn’t exaggerating about her being able to forcibly stop the war on her own.

“Stop the war…I…someone like me can’t do it…”

Conis was slightly unconfident.

Ron laughed: “Do not doubt yourself… You already started learning magic. Have faith, work hard and you will become strong enough to guard the island.”


Conis nodded seriously.

Ron did not stay on the sky island for long. After Gan Fall and the Shandia people completed the peace talks, completely solved the problem here, and began to build the guild branch, Ron threw the task of supervision to Conis, then left the island.

Naturally, he didn’t leave Skypiea empty-handed, but he brought with him the Shandorian Golden Belfry bell, together with the historical Poneglyph.

Trying to lift these things together was extremely hard. Even with Ron’s current mental power, it was a bit difficult to hold them forcibly, but he didn’t care much. After supporting them past the white sea of clouds, he directly stepped on the historical text and let it fell freely.

Falling straight down from a height of 10,000 meters!


The Poneglyph finally fell into the sea with a bang, splashing huge waves, surging in all directions like a tsunami.

After enduring such a strong fall, there was not even a trace of cracks on the Poneglyph. After being picked up by Ron, it was still as clean as new.


When Ron fell from the sky to the courtyard behind the guild, Nami and Robin who noticed his return came out, and seeing the huge golden bell fall, Nami’s eyes widened, countless dashes of light gleamed and pounced.

As for Robin, at first, she remained indifferent when she saw the bell, but as soon as she noticed the historical Poneglyph, she also exuded excitement, flying out of the window and falling to the front of the stone.

“It doesn’t record the real history…”

Ron looked at Robin who was rushing over, shook his head with slight regret, and said: “This piece is about the whereabouts of Poseidon, one of the ancient weapons.”

Despite hearing Ron’s words, Robin was still so eager to read the Poneglyoh. Some of the excitement in her eyes disappeared, but she still walked over and studied it carefully.

Ron walked towards Nami who was sticking to the golden bell.

“This is… what is this, Ron, this bell is made of pure gold! Where did you get it?!”

Ron didn’t tell about his little trip to the sky island before, and at that moment, she really didn’t care much, she was so excited about the golden bell, that couldn’t contain the excitement in his tone.

Ron smiled and said: “I went to Skypiea and just found this. If my memory serves me right, today is your birthday. I thought that this should be a good birthday gift.”

“A birthday gift?!!”

Nami was about to faint with happiness.

Seeing Nami’s excitement, Perona, who was floating next to her, rolled her eyes and said: “This kind of ugly thing will make her happy as a birthday gift. As expected, your taste is completely different from that of a normal human.”

“At least, my only friends aren’t some kind of ghost zombies.” (T/N: Burn xD)

Glanced Nami at Perona diagonally, and spit out her tongue.

[In fact, you are all abnormal]

Ron muttered silently in his heart.

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