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P.A.S Chapter 167: Magic equipment

After returning to the guild headquarters, Ron did even rest and went straight to practice. While trying to explore the third-level magic of the guardian system, he started to make some magic equipment using the eternal runes.

The simplest ones were the flying equipment that makes the user enter and exit the Sky island freely.

This item was the easiest to manufacture that Ron and Nami have designed a long time ago. The item basically creates a path that allows the user to freely go up or descend from the sky island.

Then Ron, Robin, Nami, and the others tried to make a batch of magic equipment. This batch was considered a basic item, but it was still more powerful than the marine’s artillery, and it was much stronger than the sky island’s impact shell. Only slightly inferior to Germa’s technologies.

These Magic equipment does require a magic mark to release magic. There was only one constraint, more like a minimum requirement, that the user had to have at least 20 points of spiritual attribute, otherwise he won’t be able to display the extent of the item.

The power released by the magic equipment was not completely fixed. After all, it was a very simple prototype which simply transforms the mental power into extremely dense impact bullets, which burst out straight ahead.

This means that the more the user’s spiritual power is, the more powerful is the power released by the magic equipment. As for the people with more than 50 spiritual attributes can use magic equipment and link with the elements such as earth, water, wind, and fire. In other words, the mental power bullets will be transformed into flames, wind blades, and so on.

Although the overall power of these magic items wasn’t as good as the one directly released by Nami and the others who had a magic mark and could directly release magic, these weapons were so handy and amazing.

Literally, a group of people with mental attributes above 50 can form a magic force, and easily crush an elite troop on this sea.

The problem was that it was not that easy to reach 50 points of mental power. Even on Skypiea, where the overall mental power was relatively high, there weren’t more than ten people who meet these criteria, and even if Ron showed them how to meditate, to increase their spiritual power, it would probably take them at least half a year to have a small force of dozens of people that could use the magic items efficiently.

Sky island.

Inside the newly established guild branch.

Ron was holding a silver sword in his hand, with a precise magical pattern. He swung the sword forward, and an aura suddenly shot out.

“Fighting with this kind of magical equipment is pretty cool…”

Watching the released sword aura fly out of the window and disappear, Ron put down the sword in his hand and smiled.

This sword was made from the materials that he collected, from kairoseki stone and the historical Poneglygh (E/N: huh, how!?), with the highest degree of magic compatibility, and it was the only one he made.

The hilt of the sword was inlaid with the core of the Seastone, engraved with the energy source magic.

Compared with the simple items, this sword was crafted carefully. Unless Ron finds a way to cut and process the kairoseki floors in the future, and use only pure kairoseki to make the equipment, this kind of swords will represent the most perfect item he could craft at the moment.

In the hands of a magic swordsman with a mental power of more than 100 points, the power that this sword can exert is extraordinary, and he would easily take down pirates with a bounty of hundreds of millions of berries.

Just then, Robin walked in, looking at Ron and the newly crafted sword.

“Oh, Robin! Did you find information about the processing methods of kairoseki stone?”

kairoseki was extremely difficult to process. In today’s world, except for the one in the world government science force, apart from Dr. Vegapunk, only the craftsmen of Wano Country could process these stones. Even Ron could only destroy the kairoseki, he wasn’t able to manipulate it properly.


Robin shook her head and said: “I’m still trying to infiltrate the scientific force, but even if I somehow managed to sneak in, it will take some time to get in touch with Vegapunk.”

As for Wano, it was even harder to reach. After all, it is the base camp of one of the Four Emperors “Kaido”, so the only breakthrough direction was the government’s scientific force.

“President…there is a more urgent matter. Something went wrong.”


Grand line.

Somewhere in a town.

A Fierce battle was taking place.

There were almost dozens of people on both sides who participated in this war. The weakest ones among them could easily destroy a wall with a single punch. Obviously, none of them were ordinary civilians.


There was a roar, a building collapsed, and a figure appeared from the dust, holding a strange fruit in its hand, and said:

“Mr.1, I got something!”


Mr. 1, Daz Bonez, who became one of Albares’ members after the Baroque works collapsed, listened to the voice coming from the other side and responded in a deep voice.

On the other side, there was a furious swordsman standing there angrily, then shouted: “How Dare you! That devil fruit belongs to the Don Quixote family!”

“Don Quixote family?! And why is that? This devil fruit is our trophy!!”

Daz Bonez sneered, his arms turned into two big swords, and then clashed with the angry man.

As a member of Albares, Das Bonez was still working as a pirate hunter, spending most of his time alone, and occasionally traveling in teams.

This time, he got information that a group of pirates with a total bounty of 47 million Berries appeared in the area, and It happened that other members of the guild also received this information.

When Mr. 1 and the others arrived, they unexpectedly discovered that the pirates had a devil fruit, and they were planning to make a deal with the Don Quixote family to sell the devil fruit to them.


The swordsman under the Don Quixote shouted angrily: “We bought it for 200 million berries! The devil fruit is already ours!”

“Haha, I didn’t see when you reached a deal.”

Daz Bonez sneered and said: “The only thing I know is we hunted down a group of pirates and seized a devil fruit as a trophy, and now you are trying to snatch it from my hand…If you don’t get lost, you won’t leave this place in one piece!”

Of course, Mr. 1 refused to give up the devil fruit.

Not to mention that when he arrived, the transaction hadn’t been completed, and does it even matter if the transaction was even completed?!

It was a Devil fruit worth 200 million Berries!

What’s more, the leaders of Albares were also collecting the devil fruit. If he manages to deliver it, he would get 200 million Berries directly.

And there was another point, Albares has been in constant conflict with the Don Quixote family and he even led a team before to attack one of the Don Quixote’s transactions. So, basically, he was facing their enemies, and eliminating them was the normal thing to do.

Don Quixote’s family was very powerful. It was the largest intermediary group in the dark underground world, and their leader was Doflamingo, one of the Shichibukai.

Then what?!

The president of their Albares was also a Shichibukai, a Schichibukai who earned his title after killing two former members, the powerful magician Ron!

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