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P.A.S Chapter 168: Lao G

“Just leave here, Mr. pumpkin! The Devil Fruit is our priority. We can’t afford to get it destroyed during the rumble.”

Daz Bonez fought fiercely with the Family’s swordsman without looking back.

The man wearing a pumpkin mask nodded his head in acceptance and quickly fled outside the battlefield with the devil fruit.

“Don’t even think about it!”

“Stop him!”

As the Don Quixote’s swordsman saw Mr. pumpkin escaping with the devil fruit, his expression was furious and started yelling at his subordinates to stop him, which made dozens of the family’s officers quickly drop the fighting and went after the devil fruit holder.

Seeing that the Mr. pumpkin escape didn’t go as he wished, Daz Bonez’s facial expression changed a bit, and couldn’t help twitching his mouth. He snorted and rushed up with his blades, shouting: “It seems that you all want to meet your maker!”

“Don’t get cocky bastard!”

“You Don Quixote’s dog! Come at me!”

Cling! Cling! Cling!

The roars and the sound of the clashing swords were making waves in the field, and at that moment the battle became fiercer and more intense. Both sides were enraged, blinded by the wrath. It was no more just a fight about some devil fruit, but a fight till the death! Kill or get killed!

Daz Bonez was considerably strong. Unless his opponent was capable of cutting steel, there was no way that he could be beaten.

Still, the family’s swordsman was strong too, his swordsmanship was astonishing combined with his flexible movements. He could match Mr.1 powerful attacks!

The battle thus fell into a stalemate.

Half an hour later, casualties gradually began to appear, and as time passed by, the number of casualties expanded. Don Quixote had more people, but they had more casualties, while Albares had only ten. Seven people died at this moment, and three were seriously injured.

The battle continued. No matter who it was, no one of the two parties could allow the other to leave with the Devil Fruit. The situation was evenly matched, they were fighting with gritted teeth.

Two hours later.

Another wave of Don Quixote’s subordinate arrived. They were stationed on a nearby island and rushed over as soon as they heard the news.

As soon as Don Quixote’s reinforcements arrived, although there were no cadre-level figures, Daz Bonez and the others started to lose the upper hand and the situation became a bit difficult for them.

Although Mr. 1 was at a disadvantage, under the attack of three or four people, he could only rely on the ability of his fruit to resist as it was too difficult to counterattack, but he still did not panic. He knew that this area is under the influence of Albares, and reinforcement should arrive soon

After an hour of resistance and hard work, as Mr. 1 expected, Albares’ reinforcements arrived.

The battlefield began to expand.

From the scale of dozens of people, it gradually became a fierce battle of hundreds of people, and after the reinforcements arrived, Albares troops immediately recovered and the battle was once again balanced.

And with the passage of time, more and more members of Albares continued to arrive on the island and joined the battlefield. The fight gradually started to shift.


Just as the people of Don Quixote were struggling to stop the rushing waves of Albares’ members, and was about to reach their limits, Don Quixote’s third wave of support arrived! However, that wasn’t the only problem for Albares, the person leading them was no one but Diamante Army Officer Lao G!

“Master Lao!”

Seeing the reinforcements of the Don Quixote family appearing in the distance, the men on the verge of losing spirit roared! The look on their eyes became edgy, they regained their courage, spirit!

Lao G led hundreds of subordinates and walked towards the battlefield with a calm face.

If it was the case of a simple conflict with Albares, there was a chance that the family back down, after all this area was in the range of Albares’ influence.

But the problem was that the cause of this conflict was a devil fruit! And not any random one, a Zoan devil fruit…that they already informed Kaido, one of the four emperors, about it and they already made the trade arrangement!

There was no way that they would give in!

Although it wasn’t the right place to go after Albares, since reinforcements could come continuously, Lao had no other choice and decided to come immediately after learning the news!

“It seems that no one of Albraes cadres is there…”

Lao G walked to the battlefield, and with a few moves, he blew away dozens of people, revealing how superior he was.

The cadres of Albares didn’t show up yet, which made Lao G’s heavy expression a little loose. This situation was favorable, as long as he quickly ends this battle and takes the devil fruit away, Albares wouldn’t be able to intercept him in time.

More like Albares wouldn’t be able to do a thing, because the family already gave orders, and all their subordinates started taking action everywhere.

“Where is the devil fruit?”

Lao G asked with a solemn face as he blew away more people.

Someone next to him immediately responded: “In the hands of that pumpkin head!”

“I see.”

Lao G nodded, then instantly his figure crossed the whole battlefield, and reappeared in front of Mr. Pumpkin, saying: “This devil fruit is not yours. Hand it over!”

Mr. Pumpkin has been fighting for nearly six or seven hours until that moment. He wasn’t that strong to begin with, let alone after he drained almost all his physical strength. He was so tired that he couldn’t even react when Lao G’s figure appeared in front of him.


Daz Bonez appeared in front of Mr. Pumpkin, his arms turned into big blades, folded in front of him, and aimed at Lao G.

“Not so fast, old man.”


Lao G grunted coldly, looked at Daz Bonez’s arms, and without hesitation, he rushed forward and landed a punch.

Mr. 1 greeted him with his sword.


A violent sound vibrated across the field. Lao G’s punch slammed into the arms of Mr. 1, shaking them constantly, making his whole body stagging back.

“You are not strong enough to stop this old man, get lost!”

Lao G took a step forward and landed a direct punch into Daz’s chest, sending him flying, smashing several houses in his way, while spouting blood.

Seeing that Daz was defeated, Mr. Pumpkin showed a look of horror and looked at Lao G in disbelief. That was Mr. 1 from the original Baroque works!

Although after the Baroque works were transformed into the Albares Guild, the guild members kept respecting Daz Bonez, after all, he was considered as one of the strongest members after the guild ministers.

However, he was so overwhelmed by the old man’s strength!

“You, next! “

Lao G shouted coldly and hit Mr. pumpkin with a fist.

At that moment, a sword light flashed, and a figure appeared! Three swords staggered, abruptly held Lao G fist.

“…Boss Zoro! “

Seeing the figure in front of him, Mr. pumpkin started crying from joy!

Zoro who joined Albares more than half a year ago arrived at the scene to save the day! It is said that president Ron recruited him himself! Many people were unhappy with Ron’s too much emphasis on the swordsman from the East Blue and kept provoking him, however, all of them ended being defeated by Zoro.

Also, three months ago, Zoro defeated Mr. 1 and became the strongest person under the ministers of Albares!

His current strength was undoubtedly superior to Daz Bonez, but no one knew how strong he was. Still, many of the guild members thought that Zoro already reached the level of the top ministers!

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