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P.A.S Chapter 169:

“Ah!? I came over after hearing the news here.”

Zoro said without turning his head, then slowly stood up straight, staring at Lao G: “You are…one of the Don Quixote’s cadres. right? “

Zoro actually was not interested in the war between the Don Quixote pirates and Albares, but he was looking for a worthy opponent to practice! Since Zoro joined Albares, he was continuously abused, that he started losing it.

It didn’t matter if he couldn’t beat Ron for the moment, but it was unacceptable for him to lose against anyone besides him from the guild. Zoro had hard times since he joined the guild, especially when Perona’s uses her passive ghost to abuse him.

Entering the grand line and seeing the wider world, he also knew how big the gap between him and Hawkeye was. Indeed, he was far from reaching Hawkeye’s level.

So, he began to frantically improve his strength, looking for worthy opponents everywhere.

At first, he started challenging the swordsmen in Albares, defeating them one after the other, and after his last fight with Mr. 1, he basically had no worthy opponent in the guild, and since that time, once a swordsman pirate appears, he would immediately go out after him looking for a fight.

Fighting always makes people evolve rapidly. Although it was then a half a year since Zoro went out to sea, his strength has already reached a significant level.

If he wasn’t a bit so wild and has at least the minimum sense of directions, that he could return to the guild without help, Ron would have given him the guild’s minister status.

But, then Ron thought to give him more time, to act more freely, to go wild and gain more experience before he grants him the position.
After defeating Daz Bonez, after finally being able to slash through Mr. 1’s metal body, Zoro challenged Ron again, and of course, he was crushed easily.

Afterward, Zoro started a little journey, training alone for three months after he got Ron’s approval, and now, as soon as he heard about the battle, he rushed over to try his new techniques.

“You are… the green-haired swordsman of Albares.”

Lao G stared at Zoro and said.

Because Don Quixote and Albares have been in constant conflicts, they both looked thoroughly into their opponent’s members. And it seems that Zoro made a good impression that one Lao G could remember him, well not his name.

“Green-haired… Swordsman?”

The muscles on Zoro’s face were shaking. When he heard the nickname Lao G gave him, a vein popped up on his forehead. He was so angry.

Lao G scratched the back of his head and said, “What’s your name… Forget it, forget it, people have a bad memory when they got older.”

As the voice fell, he threw a punch at Zoro without prior notice.

He was planning to defeat him with one move.

But his words made Zoro a bit furious, which made him enter his full concentration mode in an instant. He waved two of his swords and blocked Lao G’s fist midway.


Sparks could be seen.

Zoro stepped back a few steps, and Lao G was forced to do the same.

“Huh? You are not one of the elite cadres, still, you are using Haki.”

“The cadres of the Don Quixote family are indeed very powerful… However, I will be the last man standing!”

After a single confrontation between them, Zoro could almost judge the strength of Lao G. He was indeed very strong, but that was even better! The stronger he was, the more he got inspired to defeat him.

Three months ago, he defeated Mr. 1 to challenge Ron. When he failed miserably, Ron instructed him to follow a special training to enhance his Haki. These last three months of hard work meant to cultivate Haki and this old man was the best opponent to try what he cultivated so far, even though he was out of his league in terms of Haki.

Zoro felt the blood in his body rushing.

“Arrogant kid.”

Lao G snorted coldly, put on a posture, and then suddenly attacked.

They were colliding none stop.

Although Zoro already became very strong and was not inferior to marine’s rear admirals, Lao G, as a veteran cadre of the Don Quixote family, was undoubtedly a very strong existence, and a tier above him when it comes to Haki.

Zoro was definitely at a disadvantage.

“That old man is very strong, do you want to help him now?”

Not far from the battlefield, somewhere on the roof, Perona was floating in the air, looking at the battlefield in the distance.

“No, don’t. Just watch.”

Ron stood beside Perona, looking down the entire battlefield, and said with a faint smile.

After he heard about the news from Robin, he came down from the sky island and rushed over, and on his way there, he met Perona.

“He is indeed a very talented swordsman. No wonder you see him as a valuable asset, president. In the past six months or so, his strength has increased faster than we expected…”

Robin thought deeply: “If he wins this battle, we will have to deal with the rest.”

“It depends on the distance separating you.”

Ron looked at the battlefield calmly: “As he is now if the distance between you and him is less than ten meters, then all you will be in danger of being defeated in an instant…”

“But if you make sure to keep distance, he can’t beat you.”

“Oh, by the way, I didn’t count the power of the wizard tower… if there was a magic Tower nearby, then even if he wins against Lao G, he won’t be able to deal with you.”

At this point, Ron paused and said, “Leave Lao G to Zoro, go help the others.”

“This war…is just it a refreshment before the decisive battle.”
Ron said lightly.

The third-level magic of the guardian system was already mastered.

The strongest attack in possession was definitely the fourth-level magic of the Frost element, and the strongest defense was the third-level magic of the guardian element. With his current level, defensive and offensive-wise, Ron was no more afraid of Doflamingo’s level.

“Finally, it is time to make a big move against Doflamingo.”

Robin turned to look at Ron.

Doflamingo’s base was in the New World, in the Kingdom of Dressrosa.

If Albares sits foot in the new world, Doflamingo wouldn’t be the biggest threat! The Big Mom Pirates will take action, they should consider that.


“We will just have to destroy the family as soon as possible before the Big Mom pirates dispatch their troops.”

Ron carried his hands behind his back and said calmly.

It was impossible to travel from paradise to the New World at once, without Doflamingo noticing, and he will definitely arrange something in advance. Also, there was no guarantee that the Big Mom Pirates wouldn’t attack halfway

So, the best course of action was undoubtedly to go to the sky island, fly all the way to the new world, and then descend directly at Dressrosa!
Constrained by time, they should kill all the senior officials of Don Quixote in one blow!

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