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P.A.S Chapter 170: A Call

As Ron brought his subordinates and joined the battlefield, the situation quickly fell to Albares’ side. Even though Lao G also brought a lot of people, they were still losing ground.

Being in the center of the battlefield, Lao G could see that the situation was really bad and became a little impatient. He tried to quickly defeat Zoro, but his impatience not only made him lose the chance to defeat him as soon as possible but also made Zoro gradually gain some ground, regaining from a great disadvantage.

“This kid’s Haki…has grown up in battle…”

Lao G noticed Zoro’s change, and couldn’t help showing a hint of shock.

Back in his prime days, where he was younger, he might have been able to improve his Haki during the battle, but he already reached a certain age that his body reached its limit. He could only watch Zoro getting stronger and stronger at an overwhelming pace.

“Old man! Are you holding back?! Your punches are getting weaker.”

Zoro withstood Lao G’s punch with one of his swords, his arm shook slightly, then he looked at Lao G, and a sharp expression flashed in his eyes.

Suddenly, his whole face expanded into a beaming, foolish grin!

In the next moment, sword light flashed.

Lao G’s facial expression changed drastically, and he retreated a few meters away without delay. The clothes covering his shoulders shattered, revealing a trace of blood. It would be a fatal injury if he didn’t step back at the right moment.

“I’m old after all, I don’t have a young body anymore. Still, don’t get cocky brat! The strength of this old man is far superior to that of yours…I have tremendous energy stored!”

With a roar, Lao G’s body started swelling suddenly. His muscles became thicker. He somehow recovered from his aging state, his body transformed making him look like some muscular middle-aged warrior.


Such transformation blew away the growth of Zoro, making him at a disadvantage again.

“I said, doesn’t he need some help?”

Perona standing not far away, watching Zoro who was resisting Lao G consecutive strikes with his life, vomiting blood, couldn’t help asking Ron for new orders.

Robin also blinked and said: “I wasn’t expecting that this old man to such an ultimate move. His strength was enhanced so much! Zoro can’t beat him, right?”


Ron was also staring at the battlefield. At this point in time, it was indeed a big test for Zoro, to face someone at the level of Lao G. Zoro started practicing his Haki the last three months, and as the situation stands, it seemed that he had no chance of winning.

However, Rom remained calm and kept just staring at Zoro, which made Robin stop talking. She knew that Ron wouldn’t let Zoro die in vain, and with his current level, he was capable to intervene anytime to stop them.

Zoro and Lao G were both extremely fast, but from Ron’s mental perspective, they were moving in slow motion. He can cut off the battle at any time.


Zoro was still Zoro after all, even after being hit several times by Lao G, blown away, with several broken ribs, his fighting spirit kept on getting stronger and stronger. He was so concentrated that he could see only his swords and his opponent, hardening his Haki little by little.

“Santoryu Ogi: Sanzen Sekai!”

With his mouth dripping with blood, Zoro stared at Lao G, who was also panting ahead. He held two of his swords at an angle against each other and rotated them rapidly while running towards his opponent to create momentum. He suddenly flashed forward.


Lao G who was so proud of his strong Haki was finally cut abruptly by Zoro’s swords, bursting blood between his chest and abdomen.

“I… won’t… fell here…”

Lao G looked at his wound with some unbelief. He turned his head around only to see Zoro’s huge back and then fell into a pool of blood.

Zoro was standing there with blood dripping from his mouth. He slowly put the three swords into their scabbard, turned his head slightly, looked at the fallen Lao G, then he started falling forward quietly.

A force supported the unconscious Zoro and dragged him away from the battlefield.

Ron placed Zoro on the roof, and the doctor who had been waiting next to him immediately stepped forward to treat him.

“It seems that Zoro will surpass you in no time if it wasn’t the case already.”


Robin nodded.

If he further masters Haki, Zoro’s close-range attack power will surge by another level, even though all the ministers have the second-level guardian magic, the elven ball, they will have a hard time going against him since they cannot release any ability unless the defense is lifted.

And once Zoro rushes into a close range, it would extremely dangerous to try to stop him. Also, without relying on the wizard tower, they would not be able to continuously use the second-level magics of the guardian system, the elven ball, and the six-rods light prison. Well, they can compensate for that by using the elemental third-level magic to attack, because the current Zoro may not be able to cut such an attack.


Mr. Pumpkin evacuated the battlefield, came to the roof, and handed the devil fruit to Ron.

Ron took the devil fruit, looked at it, then put it away, and said: “Don Quixote’s family paid 200 million Berries for this, right? When you return to the guild, go to the Minister of Finance and get your 200 million Berries.”

“Thank you. President.”

Mr. Pumpkin was filled with joy. They worked hard for the two hundred million Berries, and despite the fact that if Ron didn’t bring more people to assist them, that most probably they wouldn’t get that devil fruit without his help, he still granted them the full reward.

This naturally surprised Mr. Pumpkin who could only show respect and gratitude.

“Let’s go.”

Ron looked at Robin and Perona, then said: “Yes and by the time Zoro’s injury is healed, we can set off.”

The Don Quixote family had four elite officers. One of them was Vergo, who was an undercover agent in the marine and he would not appear in Dressrosa, as for the other remaining three, they will most likely face them.

Before this battle, Ron was sure that Mrs. Golden Week could deal with one of them alone, but if he had to rely on Nami, Robin, and Perona to face the other two, it will surely be very dangerous.

But, with Zoro’s current level, the situation became much better.

Diamante was a swordsman, an opponent that Zoro would be thrilled to face alone! As for Nami, Robin, and Perona, they should be fine working together to deal with one of the remaining officers.

Albares Guild.

Zoro’s injuries will take about half a month to recover. Well, if it was the case of an ordinary man, but in the case of Zoro, it won’t take him 10 days to heal. Still, Ron was not in a hurry. The longer the time he takes, the faster his power will develop.

With the gold brought from the sky island, Albares received a capital injection of more than 5 billion Berries at once, and the guild became more and more popular, and its development became naturally faster and faster.

And on the other side, the magic force, formed by the Sky Island residents was gradually taking shape.

In less than two or three months, a basic magic force of about a hundred people could be assembled.

In the sky, above the guild, as Ron was studying the third-level magic of the guardian system, Robin flew over.

“President, there is a call for you.”


“…It’s Doflamingo.”

There was a gleam in Robin’s eyes.

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