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P.A.S Chapter 174: Compulsory meeting

“Relying solely on the power of the government won’t be enough to completely destroy one of the four emperors, and it is necessary to reserve enough power to deal with the aftermath and deter the remaining emperors, to prevent any accidents.”

“This is so troublesome….”

The five elders discussed, revealing a tense expression.

Although they stand at the apex of world government, the Four Emperors were definitely not opponents to deal with easily! If they act carelessly, they might be annihilated in the process!

It was not difficult to mobilize all the power to handle one of the four emperors, but if a second one intervenes, they will lose control and chaos will ruin the seas.


The forces sent must be able to destroy the Big Mom Pirates and to withstand any possible attack of a second emperor. The headquarters must also retain a certain amount of power to protect the Holy Land Mary Geoise and the Marine Headquarters.

One admiral was obviously not enough to take down one of the Emperors along their subordinates. Hence, two admirals should be dispatched to lead the assaulting team, along with a group of CP0 agents.

But even so, with this limited number of powerful figures in the team, there was a chance that the Big Mom pirates could manage to withstand the assault!

“Call the Shichibukai.”

“We shouldn’t involve an Emperor to deal with another, but the Shichibukai forces can help be handy, and even in case of info leak, the situation will not get out of control.”

Someone among the five elders said in a deep voice.

The power of the Shichibukai is playing a major role in maintaining the balance of the sea, and the event of eliminating one of the Four Emperors will have a significant impact on the world balance. On top of that, this matter involves an ancient weapon!

The only difference between a Yonko and a Shichibukai, that even if the latter found out about Pluton, he wouldn’t be able to grab it. After all, an admiral will stop him on the spot, but the Yonkos are not controllable…

They just need to make sure that the info about the ancient weapons stays hidden until the operation is initiated, to prevent unnecessary complications… and once the war breaks out, it wouldn’t matter if anyone involved knew the truth.


“Shichibukai’s power is also necessary. “

“Call them, but keep the ancient weapon information secret for now.”

The five elders finally reached a unified opinion.

Ten minutes later, calls were quickly made.

“Compulsory meeting? Fuffuffuffuffu…”

Doflamingo answered the phone call from the government, and he was obviously surprised, still he said: “Okay, I see.”

One of the elite officers, Trebol, sitting next to him, said in a bit of astonishment: “The world government called for a compulsory meeting? If you don’t go, you will be deprived of your status as a Shichibukai… Dofi, what happened!?”

In the past, the government occasionally issued meetings with the Shichibukai to deal with some vicious pirates… but none of it was mandatory.

And since it wasn’t mandatory, most of Shichibukai ignored these meetings. However, the government’s attitude this time was completely different. The meeting was compulsory, which means that the government is going to act for real, and something big will happen!

“Hum, it seems that something, that I don’t know about, happened…Interesting”

“Something escaped our intel agencies…”

“Since it is a mandatory call, we have to go anyway.”

Doflamingo stood up and walked to the window. He didn’t intend to go there unprepared. At least he had to mobilize his informants in the government and the marine to figure out what the government was up to. Still, he already had a vague idea about the reason for such a call.

At the same time.

Somewhere in the sea, a man swung his sword, splitting a huge sailing ship in half, then took out the Den Den Mushi from his pocket and answered the call.

“…I see.”

After putting down the Den Den Mushi, a strange look flashed in Mihawk’s eyes, and said: “Compulsory meeting? This is a first, is it something related to the Yonkos?”

It wasn’t just Hawkeye, but all the Shichibukai who received the call, such as Doflamingo, were pretty sure that this call had something to do with the Yonkos, otherwise the government wouldn’t issue a mandatory meeting!

The government wouldn’t ask for mandatory help from the Shichibukai, even to deal with those who had a reward of more than one billion berries, vicious pirates which are imprisoned at the lower level of Impel down!

In the back garden of the Kingdom of Alabasta.

Ron held the Den Den Mushi in his hand.

“I know, I’ll wait for you here in Albares.”

He spoke lightly, then hung up. The corners of his mouth raised slightly, and a glimmer of light flashed in his eyes.

It finally started!

Putting the Den Den Mushi in his pocket, Ron turned his head to look at Vivi who had just arrived, walked over, and said: “You are so beautiful today.”

She was wearing a princess dress. She walked over, with a lovely blush on her face, and said: “Thank you.”

The diary found about the ancient weapon of Pluton, the wrecks…were naturally fabricated by Ron.

For nearly a month, he has been preparing for this in the New World and has not returned until the last few days, waiting for the mandatory call from the government.

Although the government will definitely try to conceal ancient weapons, the Yonko, the Shichibukai, and the leaders of the major forces will hear about his matter through their own channels.

As the princess and the king of Alabasta, there was a chance that Vivi and Cobra would hear the news through some channels. And in order to avoid unnecessary problems, Ron thought that it would be better to explain the situation to them in advance.

Hearing about Ron’s plot, Vivi did not show any unpleasant expressions, instead, she lightly covered her small mouth and said: “It is so dangerous…”

One of the sweet generals attacked Albares last time. She saw the ruins left after that battle, and what these people were capable of, and she was terrified at that time. And hearing that Ron is plotting to go after such horrifying enemies, naturally, she felt extremely worried.

“The government and the marines will take the lead. The actual risk is not that high. The only matter that I am concerned about is that once the government gets Pluton, they might repair it… Although I removed the core of the weapon, there is no guarantee that the government can get its blueprints and make Vegapunk repair it.”

Ron sighed and said apologetically: “And I have to apologize to you…I might have put this kingdom in danger.”

“No, your safety is more important…”

These words were said spontaneously, and soon Vivi realized what she said. Her face turned red and started avoiding eye contact.

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