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P.A.S Chapter 175: Respect

If Ron had taken Pluton, relied on its power to deal with the Big Mom Pirates, and dominate the sea, Vivi wouldn’t accept such behavior and most likely would cut ties with Ron.

But Ron didn’t do that. Instead, to prevent the power of Pluto from affecting the world, he removed its core and used the empty shell to turn the world government and the marine against the Yonko.

When Ron was threatened by the Big Mom pirates before and lately being attacked by one of the sweet generals, Vivi was very upset about that. She was so upset that she was willing to express her displeasure during the upcoming World council and even suggest the idea of destroying the Yonkos.

So, in her opinion, using the ancient weapon to set the government’s attention towards the Big Mom Pirates, was a smart move, after all, she thought that was what the government should have done from the beginning.

“It’s a pity that with my current strength, I can’t go against the Four Emperors.”

Ron sighed and said: “I can pliantly deal with the Shichibukai. If I had the required strength, I absolutely won’t let the Emperors run rampant.”

“As soon as the Big Mom Pirates’ threat is lifted, I plan to start going after the other Shichibukai…Pirates having such privileges, doing whatever they want with the consent of the government is unacceptable.”

Upon hearing Ron’s righteous words, there was a little light in Vivi’s eyes.

Although in the eyes of many people, Ron was considered as a very terrifying existence on the sea, a Shichibukai, but in her eyes, he was a humble and righteous existence, seeking justice.

She saw him as a real hero.

Ron could feel the emotional change of the little princess. However, he had no regrets, seeing her eyes sparkling, since he wasn’t lying about his intentions.

Well, except for the fact that all the magicians under his command are girls, which slightly spoils the image, his image was undoubtedly perfect in other aspects.





A great fit for the role of the supreme god of Dharma, the man who will stand on the top of the sea in the future.

A week later.

Warships from the marine headquarters arrived in Albares.

It just happened that Ron also completed the exploration of the third-level of guardian magic the day before, and he obtained new defense magic that surpassed the elven ball.

Its name was… Void Armor!

Unlike the first-level barrier and the second-level elven ball, the Void Armor finally suppressed one of the lackings that made Ron suffer a bit in his previous fights. The third-level magic didn’t prevent Ron from releasing other offensive magic!

The other defensive spells, like the magic barrier, once released, unless Ron takes the initiative to release it, Ron could no longer release other magics such as wind blades, which could also be used as counters, i.e defensively.

The limits of the elven ball were even greater, completely enclosing himself, isolating the inside and outside. The outsiders wouldn’t be able to reach him, but nor could he release attack magic.

The Void Armor was different.

This magic just creates an invisible layer of void on the surface of the body, and does not affect his release of other offensive magic!

Moreover, the Void Armor did not affect any of his actions. Wearing the Void Armor, he could fly and move freely without even feeling the presence of the armor.

Furthermore, the defensive power of this void armor was levels above the elven ball, and it could completely withstand the bombardment of fourth-level elemental magic!

With such an advanced spell, Ron’s strength was increased drastically!

In case he wasn’t constrained, if Ron could rely on the wizard tower, even if he was against the leader of the sweet generals Katakuri, he was confident that he could take him down!

His strength finally reached that level!

The only flaw was that without the wizard tower, his mental power was not enough to support him to continuously release the Void Armor and use his fourth-level magics many times, at most, he would be able to release it about four times. However, going against an opponent like Katakuri, having just four releases, doesn’t ensure a victory.


The vice admiral who was in charge of picking up Ron was Yamakaji, who was familiar to Ron.

He looked at Ron with a cigar in his mouth, with mixed eyes.

At his beginning in the East Blue, he paid attention to Ron and wanted to recruit him to join the marine ranks. But he didn’t expect Ron to come to the headquarters by accident and become one of them.

After that, Ron’s strength has improved by leaps and bounds, he graduated successfully, and defeated a Shichibukai, he was one step of becoming one of the Admirals candidates…


As they say, sh*t happens.

Ron’s character was too tough, and he couldn’t tolerate the Shichibukai behaviors, that he even let go of his rank in the marine, to just get rid of Crocodile.

“Vice-admiral Yamakaji, thank you for the hard work.”

Ron boarded the warship, as if he was still a marine, smiled at Yamakaji, and then glanced at the officers beside him.

Maynard smiled back and said: “Huh… Contacting Shichibukai is always troublesome, but Ron, your words make people feel more at ease.”

Maynard couldn’t judge Ron’s decision.

[Was he just young and vigorous? Or that was his way of justice?]

“Haha…I’m the terrifying and fierce king, a Shichibukai, maybe not as reassuring as you think.”

Hearing the words of Ron, Yamakaji laughed, then Ron added: “…whenever have a chance, come visit. I recently brought a special tea from Kojima; I think you will like it. Also, I have some new kind of cigars.”

Yamakaji smiled, and said helplessly: “Huh the world government is keeping as busy as usual… I can’t get away from my duties. Ron, I thought that after you were promoted, you would take charge of some of my tasks…”

Seeing Yamakaji having a nice talk, laughing with Ron as they walked towards the cabin, the nervous marine officers on the warship gradually relaxed.

“That’s… vice-admiral Ron, no, The Shichibukai?”

“He is not as bad as Teacher Zephyr described.”

“I heard that vice-admiral Ron rebelled against the marine because he couldn’t tolerate the Shichibukai doings. Instead of turning a blind eye, he chose to rebel against the marine and destroy the Shichibukai… Afterward, in order to continue his journey in maintaining justice, he took over an empty seat in The Shichibukai.”

“It seems the case…”

Some of the officers nodded, as some of them showed a little respect.

Some of them are also very uncomfortable with the Shichibukai system, but they didn’t have enough power or courage to rebel like Ron. Still, most of them respected his resolve.

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