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P.A.S Chapter 176: Chess

A week later.

“Really… I lost again!”

Sitting in front of the chessboard, Yamakaji looked at the board all frustrated, scratched his hair in distress, and said: “Ah! But we just started…am I this bad.”

Ron sat on the opposite side of Yamakaji, put down the king chess piece, and smiled: “But you have made a lot of progress. The games are lasting longer as we kept playing.”

” …”

Yamakaji rolled his eyes.

[Listen to him, is he even human?!]

The thing was that Ron didn’t know how to play chess at the beginning, and Yamakaji was the one who taught it to him…But, as they played, Ron’s level rose at an incredible pace, and Yamakaji was suppressed at the beginning of their second game.

[Damn geniuses in this world!]

“Oh, we reached the red line!”

Yamakaji had enough, he lost the will to keep playing against this madman. He stood up, looked out the window, directed at Ron smiled, and said: “Let’s go outside.”

When the warship came to pick up the Shichibukai, they were already notified about the purpose of this compulsory meeting call. The fact that it was time to deal with one of the four emperors, the Big Mom pirates. But, the reason behind such a decision was concealed and no word was said about the ancient weapon Pluton.

Hearing about the Big Mom matter, the Shichibukai weren’t surprised.

It was kind of obvious. The world government won’t drag the Shichibukai to a compulsory convening, if it wasn’t a huge deal, a case that made the government’s hands tied, dealing with a terrifying force like the Four Emperors.

As for the meeting point, it is undoubtedly the same spot for any Shichibukai normal meeting, the Holy Land Mary Geoise, above the red line!

“Mary Geoise… I have never been there.”

Ron and Yamakaji came to the deck and looked up at the red line that was getting closer.

Arriving at the Holy Land Mary Geoise was also an achievement to complete, but when he was a marine, Ron never had the opportunity to visit the Holy Land. As an ordinary marine officer, he was not even qualified to enter the capital of the world government casually.

Yamakaji wanted to tell him that he would have the chance to enter the Holy Land sooner or later if he remained with the marines, but after giving it some thought, he kept the comment to himself. He just dangled his cigar and looked at the red line that was getting closer and closer.

Soon after, the warship arrived at the port below the red line continent.

After using some special kind of transportation, Ron and Yamakaji found themselves on the outside of the holy place of Mary Geoise, where they found a rear admiral waiting.

“Another Shichibukai.”

As soon as they heard the words of the rear admiral, many marine officers and holy land guards showed a little nervousness.

After all, the Shichibukai were extremely vicious, and even if they were at the capital of the world government, there was no guarantee that they would behave properly.

As soon as the figure accompanying Yamakaji got closer, some of the marine officers immediately recognized Ron’s identity and spoke in a deep voice.

“…It’s the magician.”

“Vice-admiral Ron…no, former vice admiral…”

Someone’s nervous expression gradually disappeared, and a trace of complexity appeared in their eyes.

As soon as Ron passed the castle gate, he heard a prompt sound declaring his completion of the achievement “Holy Land”, and that he got 1 achievement point.

Hearing the notification sound, Ron followed the marine officers towards Pangaea Castle quietly, calling out the interface of the achievement system.

After getting this 1 achievement point, his total achievement point reached 125 points, making his total spiritual attributes reaching 260 points, of which 125 points were derived from achievement points, 50 points from magic marks, 44 points from training, 30 points were derived from devil fruits, and finally 11 points from spiritual resonance.

After breaking through the 200-point bottleneck, his mental attributes grew rapidly.

Still, when he crossed the 250-point of spiritual attributes, he didn’t get a special improvement. It seems that after surpassing the 200 points barriers, it seems that the special improvement happens every 100 points, instead of 50.

But to have a major improvement, a large scale one, it seems he needed to exceed 500 points.

Well, that 1 point of the spiritual attribute was better than nothing for Ron. What he cares most about was the draw chance that he may get after 125 points.

When Ron switched to the career interface, he found what he was looking after, he was given a chance to draw.

Ron calmly continued to follow Yamakaji towards the castle and chose to draw.

There were not many magic types left on the extraction interface.

Among the elemental systems, only water magic was left, as for the special systems: thunder, light, and darkness, while the eternal system has only space and time…It seems that no matter which one was drawn, it has a certain effect.

The light quickly stopped, flickering on one of the abilities that Ron had always wanted.

Eternal rune.


“Space Magic…”

Seeing that, the blood in Ron’s veins has accelerated! He was so eager to discover the extends of the space magic!

The rune was different from the ones of Necromancy and Guardian.

It was a three-dimensional rune!

It was no longer a simple plane structure, but a three-dimensional magic rune!

Its complexity was surprisingly higher than the ones of the Necromancy and Guardian!

Ron silently looked at the three-dimensional rune but didn’t try it immediately, because he had already reached the bottom of Pangaea Castle.

However, since not all the Shichibukai has yet arrived, the meeting did not start immediately.

“Is this a restaurant?”

That was Ron’s impression when he entered the room that Yamakaji led him to. It seemed like a restaurant, but it was a small conference hall. There was a round table in the hall and a dozen seats around it.

Among the dozen or so seats, there were seven differently shaped ones. Seeing Ron walk in, the people sitting on these seats turned their eyes towards him.

Ron’s eyes faintly met everyone.

The first person on the left wore a black dress, he had a normal human figure, holding a goblet of wine in his hand, and a broad-bladed black sword without a sheath behind his chair.

The world’s strongest swordsman!

Dracule Mihawk!

The second person on the left, had a fat upper body, he was wearing gloves, holding a book, but he had no expression on his face, like a machine.

The Tyrant!

Bartholomew Kuma!

The third person on the left was rounder and fatter, with blue skin, fangs, and webbed fish-palm. He was eating a piece of meat at the moment.

The Knight of the Sea!


Counting Ron, four Shichibukai have already gathered in the hall!

“What a scene to witness.”

Ron was not nervous or timid, only a feeling of blood rushing, he was excited.

Although this was not the highest place he could reach in the sea, the figures, the people whom he was meeting with, could control the situation of the sea!

And he was standing there with them!

Moreover, the event of destroying the Big Mom pirates was orchestrated by him. He was the initiator of everything! He felt so powerful at that time!

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