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P.A.S Chapter 177: Two Remaining

“The magician…Ron.”

Mihawk stared at Ron, as he held the goblet in his hand. Without making any movement, he just recited Ron’s name silently.

It was his first-time meeting with Ron.

As the world’s strongest swordsman, he met countless people, but not many of them were remembered by him, but Ron undoubtedly had such qualifications.

And compared to the other Shichibukai, Ron was young, very young, far less than thirty years old. Unlike the losers like Moria and Crocodile, Ron has never experienced failure!

Maybe Ron won’t experience failure…There was a chance that he would reach the apex of the sea!

It was a simple evaluation, made in Hawkeye’s mind.

Sometimes someone’s eyes could tell everything, and Ron’s gaze was very calm, almost unaffected by him. That calm and cohesive will, even if it didn’t show strength or powerful presence, it was not something that an ordinary person, with a little strength, could have.


Kuma didn’t comment.

He just sat there silent, watching Ron passing by.

And at that moment, Jinbe spoke, and he was the first person in the hall to speak to Ron, saying: “Magician…Were you the one who dealt with Arlong of the East Blue?”

If they didn’t know Jinbe’s character, after hearing such a sentence, they would probably think that he was going after Ron, to take down the man who killed his fellow fish-man.

Ron looked back at Jinbe but did not respond.

After a few moments of silence, Jinbe continued: “Arlong’s doings was my fault. I didn’t know how to deal with him and It caused you a lot of trouble. Huh, such a pity!”

Jinbe could only sigh, If Arlong was not killed by Ron, he would probably apologize to him about Arlong mess, but since he was killed, Jinbe could only sigh about the matter.

“I thought you were going to blame me.”

Ron looked at Jinbe, smiled faintly, then stepped towards the fourth seat, and sat down beside Jinbe.

The fifth, sixth and seventh seats were all vacant.

Doflamingo, Boa Hancock, and a pirate named Silver B from the New World who replaced Moonlight Moria, the three did not arrive yet.

Opposite Ron’s chair, seats were belonging to the marines and the world government. One of the men seating there was wearing a mask, a white cloak, and a top hat.


Not sure if he was CP-0 captain or just one of the members.

To his right, there was a beautiful woman in a pink dress, wearing a marine cloak of justice, kept looking at Ron since he arrived.

Vice-Admiral of the marine Headquarters…candidate for the promotion to admiral, Gion!
Further to the right, the ‘’Great Staff Officer’’ Tsuru, with her silver hair and short stature, was drinking a cup of tea as an ordinary harmless old lady.

Furthermore, there was an official from within the government, who seemed to be a civilian.

Aside from the civilian, this lineup was undoubtedly a heavyweight. It was the perfect lineup!

The government chose them wisely, they made sure that the Shichibukai won’t be too nervous and feel threatened, and also, made sure to send a clear message that they weren’t allowed to act recklessly.

Ron guessed that when Doflamingo and the Empress arrive, most probably another admiral candidate, Tokikake, will join the meeting, or some known figure, Garp for instance.

“Little Ron, I heard about you. It was a bit too impulsive to do it. You were even more reckless than that mindless Garp, back when he was young.”

Gion watched Ron sit down. She finally couldn’t bear it anymore and started her mind.

In fact, she also hated The Shichibukai. After Ron did what he did, she even celebrated and cheered him in private, but it was a bit too shocking that he left the marines to be a Shichibukai.

“No way.”

Ron spread his hands and said helplessly: “The government and the fleet admiral forbid me from going against Crocodile, and I couldn’t accept such nonsense… Besides, I promised that the king and princess of Alabasta that I would take him down no matter what, to punish him for his deeds.”

Ron met Gion once when he was in the headquarters, but at that time, the gap in status between them was too big. He just passed by without saying a word.

Gion, too, did not pay much attention to Ron at the time, but she was slightly surprised when she heard about the conflict between Ron and Zephyr.

“But in this way, you became a pirate.”

Gion couldn’t hold back and added: “And you will never come back!”

Ron said softly, “Maybe sometimes, to pursue the true meaning of justice, does not necessarily imply to be a part of the marines.”

He thought of Kuzan who failed to compete with Akainu to become the new fleet admiral. Kuzan also did not stay in the marines and chose to pursue his own justice.

Gion looked at Ron with anger, but couldn’t refute it for a while.

“You are more mature than that monkey, Ron.”

Tsuru spoke, with a gentle expression, and said: “Still, you have chosen a very dangerous road.”

Ron smiled and said: “There is no absolute safety in the pursuit of justice. “

The simple exchanges between Gion, Tsuru, and Ron made the atmosphere a little weird, and even Hawkeye glanced at Ron more.

Hearing about justice from a Shichibukai?!

It was so weird!

It was as if he was a marine more than the ones sitting opposite to him, it would make more sense if he wore the justice cloak and set beside them. (hihihihi)

Even the guards at the door of the restaurant were slightly affected after heard Ron’s words, and the justice in their hearts became stronger.

“A Shichibukai, who was once a vice admiral, upholds justice…”

Jinbe silently pondered these few words in his heart, then took the wine glass in his hand, looked at Ron, and said: “Ron, you are different from others. Here, cheers!”

Jinbe thought that Ron was approachable and they could even become friends. (T/N: If only he was a Lolli hahaha)

Ron picked up the wine glass and said: “We are all different people.”

Everyone has their own different goals. Hawkeye stands at the peak of swordsmanship. He wants to find a worthy opponent. Ron wants to let magic dissolve the world of One Piece. Jinbe wants to protect his own people, to ensure the safety of the Fishman… Although everyone was considered as pirates, it was far from being a simple division between justice and evil.

Ron and Jinbe had a toast.

At this moment, a voice came.

“Fuffuffuffuffu, I was busy managing my country. I am a little bit late. Only Four arrived?! Oh, we meet again, Ron.”

A figure appeared, wearing a flamingo cloak and pink glasses, with a hint of evil in his tone. Naturally, there was no need to guess his identity.

Don Quixote, Doflamingo!

Five out of seven Shichibukai arrived…Only two remaining!

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