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P.A.S Chapter 178: Switch

Five Shichibukai!

Tsuru, Gion, and others could keep their demeanor indifferent, but the marine lieutenants standing at the door and the waiters who delivered the meals all showed tension and even fear.





These were all well-known names, figures with great influence on the sea. Even if there were at the holy land of Mary Geoise, no one could guarantee that nothing might happen.


Ron was holding the goblet and looking lightly at Doflamingo. There was no joy or anger in his eyes, nor did he speak.

Doflamingo didn’t stop, walked directly to a seat, looked at Hawkeye, and said: “Among all, I didn’t expect you to come.”

Hawkeye calmly said: “I was just a bit bored.”

“Fuffuffuffuffu…I just didn’t want to lose the status of Shichibukai, but as always it seems that you don’t care about such a thing.”

Doflamingo was very familiar with Hawkeye’s character, and he didn’t really care about it.

Although Hawkeye was very strong, he was just one person, well a one-man army strength, but still, he had no followers and especially has no particular interest in anything except swordsmanship, and his threat level was very low.

The only thing he really cared about at that time, which made him somehow alert and vigilant, was Ron sitting over there. After all, the Shichibukai were forcibly summoned to deal with Big Mom.

The Big Mom pirates possessed an ancient weapon!

Combined with certain intel, Doflamingo had some doubts that Ron had secretly planned the incident against the Big Mom pirates.

But after thinking about it, considering everything, he found it impossible. After all, it was an ancient weapon. It was a waste to use such a weapon to just guide the government to deal with the Big Mom pirates.

If he kept the ancient weapon, in no time, he would be able to obtain the power and status that rivals that of the Four Emperors. It would be foolish to throw it out just to make the government target the Big Mom pirates, and Ron didn’t seem the kind of people to make such decisions.

Maybe the Big Mom pirates really found Pluton.

Doflamingo also knew that CP9 has spent several years in pursuit of the whereabouts of Pluton’s blueprints. The information related to ancient weapons in this world was not limited to a single place.

In fact, Doflamingo’s thoughts weren’t wrong. In normal circumstances, figures like Ron would have kept the ancient weapon, but Doflamingo didn’t know two main factors about Ron. The first one, that he promised Vivi and Robin to make this world better, and that’s includes the use of ancient weapons. And the second one, that Ron considers magic materials more important than any other kind of weapon.

It was a simple and easy decision for Ron to use pluton’s core for magic items.

“I heard that Albares is developing very well recently?” Doflamingo held up a glass of red wine and looked at Ron, grinning.

“Not bad.”

Ron calmly said: “But it is years away from reaching Dressrosa’s economy. It has become a trading center and a favorite tourist destination, especially for the nobles.”

Ron and Doflamingo agreed to cooperate, but that was temporary. Ron accepted Dofi’s offer just because he wasn’t absolutely sure that he could kill him and his family before getting rid of the Big Mom pirates.

It was just like the relationship between Shichibukai and the world government.

Once the world government feels that a certain Shichibukai became extremely useless, it will immediately wipe him out, and replace him.

“Fuffuffuffuffu, yes, Dressrosa is getting better and better, which made me, as its king, getting more busier.”

Doflamingo glanced at the dining table and said: “The newcomer and the empress have not come yet. Fuffuffuffuffu, most probably they won’t. So, speak up, let us hear what you want to say.”

Doflamingo looked at the chief of staff, Tsuru.

Tsuru looked calm and said without rushing: “We still have a few days to spare. Don’t be impatient, Doflamingo…”

Among the two Shichibukai who have not yet arrived, the empress has never participated in any previous Shichibukai meeting. As a matter of fact, she has never been to the Holy Land Mary Geoise once.

Even if it was a compulsory call this time, the empress might not come, and no one of the present people would be surprised if it was the case.

As for the newcomer…

He just made a name to himself, and to receive a message of compulsory meeting out of nowhere, it was inevitable that he might feel that it was a conspiracy of the government to eliminate him in the Holy Land. Or maybe, he just didn’t have the guts to come to the Holy Land.


Hawkeye drank his wine, put his black sword on his back, and without saying a single word, he left the banquet directly. Soon after, Kuma followed his steps.

Ron didn’t want to stay in the same room with Doflamingo to avoid unnecessary contact. He wanted to quickly go back and study the newly acquired space magic, so he left soon.

In a guest room used by the world government every four years to receive the royal families of various countries participating in the World Conference.

Ron was sitting on the creamy white sofa, with his fingers crossed on his knees, staring at the cushion on the other sofa placed at the other corner of the room.


Suddenly, it seemed that some kind of power flickered.

Ron’s figure and the cushion were exchanged abruptly. He appeared on the other sofa, maintaining his previous posture.


That was the name of the first-level magic of the space department.

Obviously, this ability enables Ron to exchange position with an object, within the scope of his spiritual powers.

“It’s a bit like Law’s devil fruit, Ope Ope no Mi… The only difference is that I can only use it on objects, I can only use objects with no spirit and consciousness”

Ron sat there pondering.

The magic of the space system was different from the Necromancy and guardian system. Once the rune was mastered, the rune itself seemed to be directly integrated with the spiritual space.

In other words, there was no such thing as a release process for the space system, and even the process of runes’ inscription was gone. Ron could release the space magic at will, without constraints.

That was undoubtedly powerful.

If space magic had time constraints, it would affect its efficiency quite a lot.

However, the current level of space magic was somewhat limited. It was just a basic spell with a lot of lacking. On the one hand, it could only be used within the range of Ron’s mental perspective. Also, it could be used only on spiritless objects, and the target object cannot be too small compared to the exchanged body, otherwise, he would crush his body into the size of a small pie.

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