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P.A.S Chapter 179: Go Back

“Well, the range of my mental perspective is quite large. It can almost cover a small island…”

“I can only exchange places with spiritless objects, and I can only replace myself. This power is greatly limited compared to that of Law, but, after all, it is only the first-level magic of the space system.”

Ron groaned.

Even with many restrictions, this first-level space magic was a great asset for Ron, that will play a major role in his upcoming fights!

It has a great effect!

Generally, Ron’s strongest spells weren’t lacking in terms of range, however, he always had to restrict his enemies to ensure that they won’t get out of his range.

But that was no more needed.

He could directly release the fourth-level magic, cover all the area within his reach, and then use Switch at the moment when he is about to release his attack magic to transfer himself to a better place to strike his enemy from a blind spot.

This was an extremely powerful ability! That also could be used as a defensive ability to escape all kinds of attacks!

Coupled with the Void Armor, Ron was confident that he could retreat calmly even while facing one of the marine admirals.

Of course, as a magician, he wouldn’t settle for just this level! Ron wants more attack means, such as space cutting abilities.

With such ability, even beasts like Kaido may not be able to withstand such attacks!

But what bothered Ron the most was that the rune of the space system was completely different from the other runes, it was three-dimensional, and was directly integrated with the spiritual space.

This made his previous experience of exploring the other various runes seems meaningless. He even felt a bit overwhelmed, and didn’t know where he should start.


After all, Ron’s spirit attribute has exceeded 200 points, which was enough to consider him as a legendary mage. Even if he was troubled by the three-dimensional form of the space runes, he still found a way to start mastering this kind of runes after two days.

But unfortunately, he didn’t have enough time to explore further and try this method, because the government plan started.

The Pirate Empress finally came.

She finally arrived at the red line, but she refused to set foot on the holy land, which made the government, to save time, transfer the meeting to one of their warships.

“You seem to hate the Holy Land.”

On the warship, Hancock looked coldly at the Holy Land Mary Geoise. Her cold gaze was noticed by Doflamingo who was sitting above the cabin.

When Hancock heard what Doflamingo said, she immediately shifted her gaze towards him, and her expression became even colder, then said: “This has nothing to do with you.”

“Fuffuffuffuffu…I hate it too, it’s full of decay.”

Doflamingo didn’t know Hancock’s story and her history as a slave. He grinned and said: “It may be called a holy place, but it’s just a filthy place, full of bastards.”

Doflamingo’s words made some of the nearby marine officers sweat heavily, startled as they didn’t know what to do for a while. Some people even turned a blind eye and pretended that they didn’t hear a thing.

When Hancock heard Doflamingo’s words, a little different color appeared in her eyes.

Doflamingo had no fear saying such words about the Holy Land, and did not seem to be afraid of the existence of the Celestial Dragons who ruled the world.

“It is indeed a hideous place.”

Ron’s voice came from the other direction, and said faintly: “But if you had the chance to go back, you probably will without hesitation, Doflamingo.”


Ron’s words made Hancock’s expression startled, revealing a hint of uncertainty.

On the other hand, Doflamingo’s face changed slightly, maintaining a wicked smile, and said: “It may be the case before, but at the moment it is hard to say, but who wouldn’t like to be a god?”

At that time, Doflamingo controlled everything in the underground world, he was so powerful, but if he wasn’t that careful, he could get himself destroyed by Kaido or the government.

Compared to being one of the Tenryūbito (World Nobles), to have their privileges… it was something else!

“Go back?”

At that moment, Hancock spoke, staring at Doflamingo, vaguely thinking of something, having a bit of a scary look on her face.

Ron smiled faintly, and said: “Don Quixote family was one of the twenty kings who founded the world government 800 years ago.”


Hancock’s complexion changed drastically.

Don Quixote… Celestial Dragon?!

Doflamingo is a Tenryūbito?!


If they were Celestial Dragons, how could he become a Shichibukai… How to explain his attitude towards the Holy Land?!

Her gaze at Doflamingo changed several times.

At first, she thought that Doflamingo had no respect for the Holy Land, nor was he afraid of them, but she found out that it wasn’t the case.


Doflamingo looked at Ron, his eyes slightly narrowed under the flamingo glasses.

It was true that he once was a Tenryūbito, but that was secret from thirty years ago!

Over the past thirty years, the government was trying to maintain such fact hidden, and he himself was also erasing traces relating him to the Celestial Dragons.

Up to that moment, only a handful of people knew about such truth.

As for the Don Quixote name…

The first reaction of most people, knowing about this name, was that Doflamingo may be a certain force controlled by the Tenryūbito, which was also a great fit for Doflamingo’s profile.

But Ron’s statement was very clear! He knew Doflamingo’s former identity, he knew that he once was a noble, but he has lost the privilege!

[This guy!]

Doflamingo narrowed his eyes.

Ron’s knowledge was beyond his expectation. Ron’s simple intelligence network should not be able to dig out his background thirty years ago!

“I see.”

Hancock took a gentle breath, didn’t say a word, and walked into the cabin.

Her eyes trembled with hatred, but at the same time, there was also a trace of fear, fear of the past! The fear she witnessed when she was once a slave of the Celestial Dragons.

Even if she seemed arrogant, a powerful empress, despite she was the ruler of the Kuja tribe, her heelish childhood experience couldn’t be erased.

The arrogance on the surface often hides the fragility deep in the heart.

“The Empress…”

Ron watched Hancock disappear and shook his head slightly.

It goes without saying that Hancock’s charm is beautiful and indispensable. Even if she didn’t use her devil fruit power, her pure charm was enough to indulge ordinary people. Only people with strong spiritual would be able to resist.

Well, it wasn’t the right moment to be concerned about the Empress. Ron had plans for her in the future since there were some achievements related to her.

First, use the world government and the Shichibukai powers to get rid of Big Mom Pirates.

Next, single-handedly, take down Doflamingo, and take over his resources and powers.

Ron decided that once the Big Mom incident ends, without delay, Doflamingo will be wiped out!

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