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P.A.S Chapter 180: The Beginning of the War

The government was planning to launch a large scale attack.

However, to avoid the Big Mom pirates noticing and being alerted in advance, the government avoided originating the attack from the marine headquarters or the Holy Land, instead, all branches sent troops at the same time.

The marine G1, G5, and other branches, each had two to three large warships sailing to the new world, because the pirates’ intelligence system was so inferior to that in the marines in the first half of the grand line.

Such factor hid the fact that many branches had initiated an operation, and by the time all the troops were gathered at the same location, it would be too late to react to such large forces.

In this way, the forces of the marines entered the Totto Land.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The roaring on the islands continued, and the fighting on the periphery started.

“Mom… Cacao island, Chocolat Town, in the southwest region, was attacked by the Marines…”

“The Cutlery Island in the north was also attacked…”

A large number of reports were continuously delivered to the Whole cake island, the central island of the archipelago, making Big Mom’s facial expression getting more and more uglier. Her eyes were red with anger.

“How dare the marines break into my territory!”

Katakuri stood behind Big Mom, his face was also very gloomy, and what happened over the past month flashed in his mind, and he said solemnly: “Mom, there is a chance that we got played.”


Charlotte Linlin opened her red bloodshot eyes, and a terrifying aura was spread everywhere. Only Katakuri and other ministers remained unchanged on the court. As the ordinary cadres, were terrified to death, exuding cold sweat.

Katakuri took a deep breath and said solemnly: “Such a large-scale attack is obviously not based on an impulsive decision. It must be an action plan made by the marine headquarters and even the world government.”

“The marines wouldn’t decide to destroy one of the Four emperors without consulting the world government. We are being attacked in all directions! This isn’t just an attack to make a point or something. The marines went all out! This is the decisive Battle!’’

“We need to counter them with all we got!”

At that point, Katakuri said in a deep voice: ” The world government wouldn’t take the risk and launch such a large scale attack on us without a good reason. And the only thing I could think of is the damned ancient weapon.”

“I have always felt that the acquisition of that ancient weapon was too coincidental, and now it seems it was all orchestrated by someone. We have spies among us, who leaked the information to the marines and the world government! This was planned carefully a long time ago”

Charlotte Linlin wasn’t the smart type.

But it didn’t mean that she was mentally retarded. After hearing Katakuri’s statement, she already had something in mind. She slammed out the table, smashing it into pieces.

“How dare he!!… That bastard!”

“Is it Red hair10?!”

Charlotte Linlin’s eyes were full of anger.

For the world government to launch such a battle against her, it seemed to other emperors might have a hand in this, but Kaido was a brute beast and he wouldn’t come up with such plans. As for Whitebeard, he wouldn’t use such a sinister plan, he was the honest type and would come here himself if he wanted to fight.

Thinking about it this way, Red hair was the only remaining suspect.

Red hair and Big Mom have fought several times, back when he was still not one of the Yonko. With the wisdom of his First Mate, Benn Beckman, and the others, Shanks, in no time, eliminating the gap between him and the Emperors, at that time. Waging constant wars with them, he finally managed to take the position of the Emperor.

“Do not rule out the possibility of Red hair involvement…”

Katakuri said in a deep voice, he also felt that the Redhead was the most suspicious, but at the moment, it was not the time to investigate, he said with deep eyes: “Mom, we don’t have time for this. Since the marines launched such a large-scale attack, they must have a lot of troops, and made sure that they suppress our forces in no time.”

“Do you want me to escape from my territory?!”

Charlotte Linlin spoke angrily.

Being beaten by the marines, fleeing from her own territory, she will be the laughingstock of the other Emperors.

Getting played, Big Mom was furious, and all she was thinking about was crushing Red-hair skull to the ground.

“No, it’s not fleeing, just temporarily retread, to avoid the main forces of the marines.”

Katakuri said in a deep voice: “It is easy to retaliate against the marines, and I think that the mastermind behind this incident, the one who used the ancient weapon to lure us in this trap is the real enemy to be eliminated.”

Charlotte Linlin was uncertain as she heard Katakuri’s words.

She was so hesitant to leave her territory this way… Although she knew deep down that retreating was the best thing to do, considering the current situation.

However, being forced to leave her territory… She will undoubtedly be considered a shame to the name of the Emperor.

“Invading my territory like this, even if it is the marines, this is unforgivable!”

Charlotte Linlin spoke angrily.

Katakuri knew that the best choice was to concentrate their forces and powers to breakthrough. It could minimize the casualties, but Big Mom wouldn’t agree to just escape without putting a fight, not to mention that he, himself, was very upset, and was irritated

“Let Daifuku escort the ancient weapon and evacuate from the marines weakest side, and we will stay to hold their main forces… to teach them a severe lesson.”

Katakuri spoke in a deep voice.

Regardless of whether the ancient weapon was the bite or not, they couldn’t easily give it up, otherwise, they would leave empty-handed. They would have lost their territory for nothing. They would have no face to rule the new world with Kaido and the other Emperors.

Giving up the ancient weapon Pluton was out of the question. But trying to keep it, the marines will probably chase after it, so someone had to stay and hold their main forces.

Fighting the marines to death was the most stupid thing to do. However, running away directly without a fight was out of the question. After all, Big Mom, as an Emperor of the sea, had a reputation to keep! She will lose all her forces and the territories under her control if show any hint of weakness.

“Guard the ancient weapon with your Lives! It is time to show these sh*theads the terror of going against one of the emperors!”

There were coldness and terror in Charlotte Linlin’s eyes.

For the moment, the marines had to pay a price since they dared to offend her. AS for the manipulator, behind the scene, she swore to find his identity and make an example of him to everyone who dares to stand in her way!

Katakuri immediately picked up the Den Den Mushi and gave orders in a deep voice.

All parties acted immediately.

Daifuku rushed to the secret port of Cake Island, led some of his subordinates to imprison and suppress all the craftsmen captured from all over the world, and then escorted them and Pluton to break to leave the area asap.

As the other troops on the other islands did not engage with the marines head-on, evacuated, and rushed to the Cake Island to gather forces.


The first warship arrived, and in time, others followed its lead.

The sky was so dark, a suffocating and terrifying atmosphere, so slowly enveloped the entire island.

There was no laughter on the warships, and the many ordinary residents, the Homies were all nervous and shivering.

With the continuous build-up of forces, a black and heavy army has appeared on the periphery of Cake Island. All kinds of weird abilities stood there with cold faces. It was a terrifying scene to witness.

The whole place went silent. The sound of the drops of the soldiers’ cold sweat could be heard as they reached the ground.

Both sides were just building forces.

The sky was already covered with dark clouds! It was depressing to suffocation.

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