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P.A.S Chapter 181: the horror of the Emperors

On the open grass in front of the Whole Cake Island.

More and more people gathered.

On the other side, there were dozens of marine warships. The many ordinary pirates of the Big Mom Pirates, facing the gathering of more than 20 warships, have already revealed a nervous look.

Step, step, step.

In silence, a group of people came over.

The first person, wearing a scarf that covered the lower half of his face, was tall and burly. He walked slowly forward, and as he stopped in front of the crowds, the tension and depression seemed to disappear.

Charlotte, Katakuri!

The leader of the three sweet commanders, a pirate with a bounty of more than one billion Berries!

In the rear, the other officers’ eyes moved from the dozen warships to Katakuri.

“Brother Katakuri…”

Some people spoke quietly, with tension and anxiety in their tone.

Katakuri did not say a word about the possibility that they got played, nor did he reveal the plan concerning the ancient weapon Pluton. He just stood there, with his back to the crowds, facing the warships.

“Are you all scared?”

No other action was needed! That tall back figure and the calm voice were more than enough to make the nervous people feel inexplicably settled down.

At that moment, they were recalled that they were part of the pirate crew of one of the sea Emperors! They have no fear of the marines. They were just anxious previously because they were taken by surprise and the marines went all out without prior notice.

They had an Emperor with them!

There were the sweet commanders! Katakuri with them!

A war with the marines?! So, what?!

“No way, brother Katakuri!”

Someone responded to Katakuri’s words, with a sneer in his tone, and said: “They should be afraid! They have provoked the wrong people!”

“We will show them the horror of the Emperors!”

Another commander, Smoothie, also walked over, looked at the marines in the distance, and said: ” It’s a stupid decision for them to dare and invade our territory!”

Smoothie was aware of the Story behind this war. Stupidity?! She was referring to how stupid it is to oppose them; on the other hand, she also referred to the stupidity of the marines, which got played without them knowing.

But this had nothing to do with stupidity.

When it comes to ancient weapons, a power that could destroy the world, even if the five elders knew that there may be someone pulling the strings behind the scenes, it was impossible for them to sit idly, knowing that one of the Emperors was in possession of such terrifying weapon. They had no choice but to take the bait and send most of their troops.


“Since the marines are here as our guests, let’s entertain them well.”

Big Mom’s voice came from behind. She was wearing a bicorne hat, with flames burning on her left shoulder, and black clouds and thunder on her right shoulder crackling, walking towards the front of the crowd.

There was no fear or anger on her face, she just sneered, watching the marine warships gathering.

The other side.

“The leader of the sweet commanders has appeared! Katakuri appeared!”

“Also, sweet commander Smoothie is here… The forces of the Big Mom Pirates have been assembled.”

The officers on every warship were holding binoculars, looking at the situation on the whole cake island in the distance, constantly reporting information.

Seeing Katakuri, these officers remained calm, but when Big Mom appeared on the scene, many of them swallowed their saliva subconsciously.

“B…Big Mom appeared!”

An officer screamed trembling.

As a lieutenant commander of the marine headquarters, he had the authority to read some detailed information about the pirates, and he carefully read the information about the Four Emperors.

Big Mom was described as follows:

Invulnerable. Immense superhuman physical strength.

Possessing the Soru Soru no Mi, she can extract human souls.

She was not a human being; she just looks like one… She was a demon wearing human skin. There has never been a record of her injury in countless battles so far!

Even if Big Mom did not use her Haoshoku Haki, by just stepping out and exuding her aura, she already made many marines on the warship feel heavy pressure, almost suffocating.

At that moment, a warship approached.

The marine officers on that warship looked very nervous, but the cause was not the presence of Big Mom in the distance, but the six people standing on the ship’s deck.

” Fuffuffuffuffu…It’s about to start, hasn’t the admirals arrived yet?”

Doflamingo stood on the deck, looking at the battlefield on the shore from a distance, feeling the depressive atmosphere, he gradually felt excited.

Mihawk folded his arms on his chest, carrying his all-black blade sword, Yoru, on his back. He just watched from distance.

Tyrant Kuma was holding a book, staring at Big Mom with twinkling eyes, and said: “Charlotte Linlin, it is rumored that she was never injured.”

“What a powerful woman…”

The Pirate empress spoke indifferently. If she was a man, she wouldn’t bother to make an evaluation, but Big Mom was a woman. She stood there, glancing over Hawkeye and the others, observing their reactions.

Ron was standing on the far left, beside the empress. He stood with his hand crossed, looking at the coast from a distance, his expression was incomparably plain, somewhat similar to Mihawk’s attitude.

Among the people present, apart from Doflamingo who had vague speculation but self-denial, no one knew that this huge battle against the Big Mom Pirates, which affected the Shichibukai and the Admirals, was all caused by him. All orchestrated by him!

“the Shi… Shichibukai are here!”

On the warship in the distance, someone saw Ron and the others on the deck, spoke with a slight trembling tone. The ordinary marine officer was undoubtedly afraid of Mihawk, Doflamingo, and others.

However, the arrival of Ron and others also dissipated the oppressive feeling brought by Big Mom. Although the marine officers were still tense and unable to relax, they felt much better with the presence of the Shichibukai on their side.


Several more warships arrived one after another.

On the deck of one of the warships, a short man in brown clothes stood there, looked at the gathered warships, and said: “Kuzan hasn’t arrived yet, the Shichibukai has arrived first. That Silver B has some balls. It is been only a few months since he became a Shichibukai, still, he dared not to come! He will be expelled after this war.”

“Don’t be careless.”

Gion stood beside him, holding the sword hilt around her waist, and said: “Even with the CP0 and Shichibukai help, this war won’t be easy! The Shichibukai won’t go all out for the sake of the world government! And we are facing one of the Four Emperors… Even if we have more troops, we shouldn’t relax.”

“Of course, that woman Charlotte Linlin is still terrible.”

As Chaton (Tokikake) was talking, a trace of fear flashed in his eyes. He once went against Big Mom when he was young, but at that time he was not at his current level, just an ordinary captain. It was a horrible experience!

Destroying a whole city was a child play for Big Mom. The Marines couldn’t deal with her several times. Afterward, she joined the Rocks Pirates with Kaido. They ruled the seas before the rise of Gol D. Roger and his crew.

It took both Roger and Monkey D. Garp working together to finally defeat him, ending the era belonging to Rocks, and the Rocks Pirates fell apart.

Then came the era of Roger, White Beard, and Golden Lion.

“Kuzan is here.”

At this moment, Chaton turned his head and looked at the two warships gradually approaching in the distance.

At the forefront of the decks of the two warships, two figures appeared, wearing a Marine uniform, cloak of justice, and embroidered with golden admiral’s epaulets.

Kuzan! Akainu!

In order to eliminate the Big Mom pirates, the marines sent two admirals and two admiral candidates to lead the troops. As for the last admiral, Borsalino was on guard against the other Emperors and emergencies in the G5 branch. Only Sengoku and Garp were stationed in the headquarters.

Including a team sent by CP0 and a government ship, the Shichibukai…This was the full force of the government against the Big Mom Pirates!

Finally, they all arrived!

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