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P.A.S Chapter 182: admirals vs generals

“Here they come…”

Katakuri stood at the forefront of the crowds, staring at the distant coast. He saw other warships approaching.

Foreseeing the future, a light flashed in his eyes, and he said: “Do it!”

“Perorin…It’s not that easy to reach the whole Cake Island. Let’s sink all of them in the sea!”

As the voice of Katakuri fell, Big Mom’s eldest son Perospero made his move. With a wave of the pinky candy cane in his hand, a monstrous candy wave surged, rushing towards some of the warships in the distance, trying to swallow them.

“Candy Wave!”

Along with Perospero, there were other ministers, like Smoothie, who had a bounty of more than 500 million Berries.

Smoothie, holding her sword in both hands, stepped forward slowly and suddenly waved it with all her might. A purple flying slash ran across the sea, cutting the nearly thousand-meter sea surface in half!

“Biscuit Hei!”

Dozens of biscuit soldiers were formed. Holding long swords and spinning at a high speed towards the sea, vortex-like shaped attacks were released towards the marine warships.

The sweet commanders almost all started attacking at the same time, while the other officers reacted a little slower, but they all displayed their abilities at once.

Together with the artillery that was already prepared, they all fired in an instant!

They wanted to finish this war before it even started! Sink the enemy in the sea before they set foot on the island!

It was a horrifying scene at that moment! Hundreds of abilities were released all at once, along with countless artillery! In an instant, a force enough to destroy the fucking world was pouring down!

“They attacked!!”

On the other side, being prepared for such a turn of events, the marine cadres, without delay, one after the other gave orders to counter the enemy attacks.

In an instant, dozens of warships fired their canons!

In terms of the firepower, dozens of warships had enough power to annihilate the entire Cake Island, like what happened back then when the marine destroyed Ohara by a Buster Call. It was at another level compared to the artillery released by the Big Mom Pirates.

But the problem was that the Big Mom Pirates offense wasn’t just based on artillery, it was also mixed with the countless abilities released by the sweet generals and the others!


A huge blast occurred at the cost!

The seawater was boiling. The massive explosion sound erupted in an instant, making the eardrum buzzing constantly, almost cracking.

The artillery of dozens of warships shattered part of the Big Mom Pirates’ attack, but it wasn’t enough!

Smoothie’s flying slash was approaching towards the warship Ron was on at a high speed!

It was immense energy, that made the marine officers on the warship pale, stunned in horror and fear.

But Ron and others remained indifferent.


In the next moment, a deafening clash sound was heard.

The bright purple energy was blocked frontally by a burst of cyan energy, continuously bursting light, till they nullified each other.

The warship was unscathed!

Seeing this scene, the hearts of many marines on the warship were suddenly relieved, but when they looked at the figure of the man who blocked the attack, their eyes trembled a little.

“…The world’s No. 1 swordsman… Dracule Mihawk!”

“That kind of slash was easily blocked…”

Despite he was standing in front of the warship, no one could notice when Mihawk pulled out his sword! All they managed to see was him standing there, holding his black sword with steady arms, as if Smoothie’s attack was just a trivial matter.

Hawkeye didn’t strike back, looked at the coast coldly, and then put his sword back behind him.

“Fuffuffuffuffu, for a moment I thought you were going to strike back…”

Doflamingo stood aside and smiled evilly at Mihawk as he watched this scene.

Mihawk didn’t look back and said calmly: “Just wanted to test the slash’s power.”

Smoothie’s flying slash traversed miles through the sea, and its momentum was so great that it aroused some interest in him, but after blocking it, and roughly judging its strength, Mihawk lost interest in striking back.

Smoothie’s attack was blocked; however, other attacks were heading towards the warships from different directions.

The waves of candy were huge, mixed with countless weird abilities.

Seeing that countless attacks were about to fall on the warship, a figure flickered and appeared in front of dozens of warships and pressed forward.

Wearing a marine cloak of justice, half of his body was turned into ice.

Marine Admiral Kuzan!

“Ice Age!”

As Kuzan’s voice fell, the surface of the sea with a radius of several kilometers, with him as the center, was frozen with everything in an instant.

The candy wave was frozen, along with the countless weird abilities and remnants of cannonballs!

“He froze the water surrounding the warship…Huh!”

Chatton stood at the edge of the deck and started complaining as he looked at the sea below.

Gion walked forward holding her sword and said: “This is war. We must completely destroy the Big Mom pirates. We will not retreat, and It is better to have a foothold.”


When the voice fell, Gion jumped out, landed on the ice, and swung her sword.

The golden sword aura burst out, splitting the frozen candy waves in half in an instant, sweeping towards the camp of the Big Mom pirates.

The attack was directed towards Charlotte Linlin!


Looking at the sword energy directed towards her, Big Mom had a cold gaze. She clenched a fist, covered it in Haki, and bang, slammed the attack as if it was nothing.

The golden sword energy exploded without causing any harm.

Watching this scene, Gion’s eyes flashed, and Chaton next to her also muttered: “She is still the same monster as before, your sword energy was shredded with her bare hands…”

Although shells were fired from both sides constantly shooting, the roaring sound was constant, Big Mom deflecting Gion attack’s and the ice age of Kuzan was undoubtedly the core of this battlefield.

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on them.


At this moment, a figure flashed down and arrived not far from Kuzan.

Also wearing a marine justice cloak, one of his arms was faintly melting, exuding heart-pounding heat.

Admiral of the marine Headquarters, Akainu!

“The shelling troops continue to bombard the enemy! The assault troops disembark Now!”

Akainu stared at the numerous pirates on the coastline from a distance, and shouted in a deep voice, with a loud voice, and quickly swayed on the battlefield.

Following his orders, the many lieutenants on the warship jumped down and landed on the ice, roaring.

On the coast.

Katakuri, watching this scene from a distance, his eyes widened.

“That’s it…”

After a few seconds, Katakuri yelled in a low voice and said: “Now! Melt the ice! Sink them all!”

“I’ve been waiting.”

Oven, who was not far from the coast, responded immediately. He pressed his hands to the ice on the sea and activated his ability.

“Nekkai Jigoku!” (Hot Sea Hell)

“Filthy marines! Shinu!” (die)

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