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P.A.S Chapter 183: Zombies


The ability of the Netsu Netsu no Mi was activated and was spread in an instant.

The ice surface with a radius of thousands of meters made a gurgling sound in an instant. It was continuously melting, and soon boiling white steam started surging.

The many marine officers who rushed down from the ships, couldn’t maintain their balance, as the ice under their feet started melting.

“This is bad!”

“The ice is melting!”

The face of a rear admiral changed.

When Kuzan saw this, his complexion remained unchanged. His figure flickered and in an instant reappeared at the front line, stepping on the melting water surface, and activated his devil fruit, freezing the seawater again. Kuzan seemed indifferent, but Oven felt offended and saw it as if he was challenged.

“You bastard!”

Oven roared, and instantly aroused his devil fruit’s ability to the fullest and poured it all into the ice.

The violent confrontation between freezing and heat caused hundreds of meters of ice on the coastline to fluctuate continuously. Cracks appeared but were frozen again in no time, and the white mist continued to rise.

Oven’s Netsu Netsu no Mi was inferior to Akainu’s Magu Magu no Mi and Kuzan’s Hie Hie no Mi.

But because Kuzan had to maintain a wide range of ice and was restricted by the warships behind him, he couldn’t go all out. He just made sure to control the ice within a certain range to barely suppress Oven’s heat.

For a time, the two fell into a stalemate.

At this moment, Akainu snorted coldly, then jumped up. He transformed his fist into pure magma and then released a rocket-like attack, directed towards Oven, standing at the coast.

“Don’t even think about it…”

Katakuri, who had already foreseen this scene, came to the beach one step ahead of time. The coast under her feet turned into Mochi, condensed into a huge fist, and hit Akainu.

Without any hesitation, Katakuri directly used one of his awakened techniques, and launched an all-out attack towards Akainu!


The magma fist collided with the Mochi fist in the air, and a huge roar erupted.

Although he used his Devil Fruit Awakening, Katakuri’s ability was still slightly inferior to Akainu’s, and the Mochi fist continued to melt, but in the end, Akainu’s blow was stopped!


Akainu was naturally familiar with Katakuri. He coldly looked at him. With a faint flame burning in his eyes, his fists burst suddenly, turning into countless magma meteors, and shooting in all directions.

“Ryusei Kazan!” (Meteor Volcano)

Looking at Akainu’s large scale attack, Katakuri sighed, using his awakened powers, he transformed the ground around him into mochi, and soon numerous mochi fists surged, blasting into the air like a storm.

boom! boom! boom!

The magma meteors were continuously destroyed.

Taking advantage of Katakuri focusing on blocking the meteors, golden sword energy swept across and hit Katakuri’s body.


Smoothie appeared next to Katakuri out of nowhere and parried the blow by holding her sword vertically. She snorted, as it was a bit hard to counter the attack, but after struggling for a moment, she finally managed to nullify the golden energy.

“Charlotte Smoothie…”

Gion’s figure landed on the coast, holding her famous sword Konpira in her hand, her eyes were extremely sharp, like sword blades, staring at Smoothie.

Smoothie felt a kind of oppression as if she would be cut off in the next instant, but she broke free of the oppression brought by Gion in an instant, and rushed towards her, swinging her sword.


The two figures collided in the air.

“Damn the Shichibukai, they are still watching as if it was a sort of show…This woman is a swordsman, and that Hawkeyes didn’t even make a move.”

Chaton’s mouth twitched and rushed to the shore, to support Gion, but he was directly blocked by Cracker, who was controlling a biscuit army.

He shook his head helplessly.

Compared with him and Gion, Cracker and Smoothie were inferior in strength, but if they forcefully blocked them, they had to face them…

At the moment, Kuzan was pinned by Oven, and the Shichibukai were all watching from distance, which made the situation a bit uncomfortable…but Oven wouldn’t be able to contain Kuzan for long. Once the marine forces come ashore in large quantities, he wouldn’t have to worry about hurting his own people and burst out with all his strength.

Accompanied by Kuzan, Akainu, Gion, and Chaton joined the battle.

The war was already in full swing!

Fierce battles began in all directions, and soon the vice-admirals reached the land and started fighting with other cadres.

“Fuffuffuffuffu, Big Mom hasn’t done anything yet, and the marines are already struggling, aren’t you going to take action?”

Doflamingo opened his hand, shaking his fingers a few times, in an evil tone, looking at the battlefield that broke out completely, then said: “My hands are getting itchy.”

“Since I accepted the government’s compulsory call, this old man will have to contribute.”

Jinbe walked towards the front of the deck, jumped out, and landed on the ice below. With a wave of his hand, some of the water remaining after the melting of the ice was guided by him and turned into a turbulent ocean current, which was released towards the coast.

The current… hit dozens of Big Mom’s subordinates!

Kuma who joined the battlefield one step earlier than Jinbe, his figure flashed behind the Big Mom pirates out of thin air, activated his Nikyu Nikyu no Mi, repelling the air around him, he sent a devastating shockwave toward the surrounding enemies at a high speed.

The shock wave traveled directly through the Big Mom Pirates’ bodies and continue into the distance, leaving paw imprints, blasting them away, receiving serious damage.

“What happened!?”

“Beware! The Tyrant is behind!”

With Jinbe and Kuma’s intervention, the marine officers that were at a disadvantage started gaining momentum.

Seeing that both Jinbe and Kuma have joined the battlefield, Doflamingo looked at Ron next to him and said: “Oh look at them rolling, are you going to watch like Hawkeyes?”

He was still wary of Ron.

Ron dared to give up his status as a vice-admiral to kill Crocodile at all costs, and there was a chance that he would backstab him on this battlefield.

“…Let’s watch for a while.”

Ron smiled faintly, but he had already lifted his dragon wand in his hand, and with a light shake, a dark breath suddenly spread.

The dark mist centered on Ron intertwined quickly and condensed into a magic rune. After that, countless ghost soldiers came out of the rune. It seemed as if he opened the hell’s gate!

The second-level magic of the Necromancy system: Ghosts Rush!


Ron flicked the wand in his hand, and the hundreds of soldiers slew towards the battlefield on the shore.

On this battlefield, with more than a hundred thousand people participating, hundreds of ghost soldiers were naturally nothing in number. The ghost soldiers summoned by this second-level magic were each two or three meters tall, bathed in the dark breath of the undead, holding a variety of weapons.

However, as soon as they joined the battlefield, they wreaked havoc!

Many of the pirates of the Big Mom Pirates were very powerful. They suppressed the marine elite officers with well-equipped weapons, but they had troubles facing the hundreds of enhanced ghost soldiers summoned by Ron. They were hard to resist, huge and immortal, and started taking down the enemies one after the other!

“What is that? Zombies?”

“The magician…”

Although it was just casual interventions, the Shichibukai were still a high-level combat power that countless people have noticed on this battlefield. Ron immediately attracted a lot of attention when he released his undead army.

Even Akainu who was battling with Katakuri, Kuzan who was maintaining the ice, and the others all looked in the direction of Ron.

Hundreds of strengthened soldiers, not many in number, but were capable of butchering hundreds of pirates, who had the upper hand against elite marine officers, like pigs!

The number of Big Mom pirates was far less than the army led by the admirals. There had only 10,000 people, to begin with, and hundreds of them continued to retreat as the battle continued, which made the situation worse.

“What kind of ability is this? It is really strange…”

Doflamingo spoke thoughtfully.

Even Hawkeyes glanced sideways at Ron.

Ron let go of the dragon wand, letting it float up and down in front of him, staring at the battlefield faintly as if he was only intending to manipulate the secluded soldiers into the battle.

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