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P.A.S Chapter 184: Big Mom vs Kuzan

Of course, it was impossible unless he goes all out.

He gave up his status as vice-admiral to free himself from restraints, to be able to eliminate the existence of a Shichibukai. And he is currently fighting one of the Four Emperors! he must go all out, to take it down.

However, Ron decided to wait a bit longer. On the one hand, he only participated because to test the power of the enhanced version of ghost soldiers, and on the other hand…Big Mom didn’t make a move yet.

He and Big Mom had an antagonism, and there was no way that she forgot about it.

If Ron released fourth-level magic at that time, it would probably attract Big Mom’s attention, and most probably she will direct her anger towards him.

And Ron wanted to finish this without taking unnecessary trouble. Fighting one of the Emperors, on his own, was one of them.

With the current power of his magic, if he tried his best, Ron would threaten Doflamingo and even the Admirals, but Big Mom was a monster, standing at a higher level.

She wasn’t called an Emperor for nothing. She killed Jorul, the Giant Leader, with One Blow when she was just five years old!

The marines’ information about her was right.

Big Mom was not a human being, but a demon wearing human skin. It was a real monster, like Kaido, a beast!

At that moment, one of her subordinates got slashed by one of the ghost soldiers, retreated slowly, all covered in blood, and finally fell near the position of Big Mom.

“What is that?”

The Ghost Soldiers released by Ron finally attracted Big Mom’s attention.

Big Mom started at the ghost soldiers with red eyes.

With just a look, hundreds of the ghost soldiers froze for an instant, unable to move, facing such terrifying existence, even their bodies began to tremble.

At that moment, Big Mom seemed to be incarnated as the devil. The ability of the Soru Soru no Mi was released instantly.


With Big Mom as the center, a spiritual deterrence swayed in all directions, making the ghost soldiers collapsing one after the other, like dominos.

Hundreds of soldiers collapsed under the effect of Big Mom devils’ fruit an instant!

“This is the Four Emperors…”

In the distance, Ron’s eyes flickered and whispered slowly in his heart.

He has never seen one of the Four Emperors in action before, and the only admiral he has ever faced was Zephyr, a former admiral with a severed arm. He anticipated such strength, but still seeing it in person gave him goosebumps.

Although it was explicable that Big Mom could affect the ghost soldiers with her devil fruit ability, she was still undoubtedly so terrifying. With the blessing of the soul-soul fruit, her spirit was almost unmeasurable!

Far more than Ron!

This was just the mental gap between them, not to mention the difference in physical strength. Big Mom’s physical strength was outrageous, even if Doflamingo used his most powerful technique against her bare first, it would hardly have much effect.

This is the four emperors, standing at the top of the sea!

“You dared to invade my territory… It seems you marines forgot who I am!”

After breaking Ron’s soldier, Big Mom didn’t intend to continue watching the battle idly. She stepped forward and walked to the battlefield on the coast, holding Napoleon in her hand.

As she marched, Napoleon turned into a sword.

“In this case, let me refresh your memory.”


In the next moment, Big Mom swung her sword at the battlefield towards the coast.

The air seemed to be squeezed to the limit in an instant. Using Napoleon in combination with her monstrous strength, she unleashed powerful shockwaves!


A massive crack appeared in the ground. Many marine officers were caught… their bodies were shattered in an instant. Even those who tried to harden their bodies using Haki were blown away, all covered in blood.

“Ice Block!”

Seeing this scene, Kuzan, who was about to defeat Oven, ignored him and instantly flashed to the front line. The ice spread out instantly.


The ice block collided with the shockwave resulted from Big Mom’s sword wave, and in an instant, countless ice cubes scattered and splashed.

The figure of Kuzan backed away and landed on the ice, half of his body shattered, but it quickly regenerated in the next instant, unscathed.

“Kuzan…you insolent kid! You dare to get in my way!”

Big Mom stared at Kuzan, and the terrifying pressure spread. She grabbed the black cloud on her left shoulder with one hand and waved it in his direction.


The sky darkened in an instant, and thunder crashed down hitting Kuzan directly.

Kuzan’s body was torn apart, but immediately turned into ice cubes and reunited. His figure flickered and came to the top of Big Mom’s head, waving his hands downward.

“Ice Time!”

Click! Click!!

As Kuzan touched Big Mom, ice spread out in no time, instantly turning Big Mom into an ice statute.

However, Big Mom just shook her body and directly shattered the ice seal, grabbed Prometheus with one hand, turned into a monstrous fire, and waved it at Kuzan.

Having no time to dodge the attack, Kuzan immediately created an ice wall.

He could ignore the impact of the thunder and lightning attacks because non-Haki-based attacks shouldn’t harm him in his elemental body, but the flames were another case! As a natural counter to his ability, even without Haki, such attacks could finish him instantly!


The flame and ice intertwined and burst apart, and the figure of Kuzan retreated.

Compared with Big Mom, Kuzan was indeed just a kid. When Big Mom was rampant in the sea, he was just a small kid, following Garp everywhere, but as an admiral of the marines, even in the face of the Four Emperors, he wouldn’t dare to retreat!

Kuzan was at a slight disadvantage when confronted with Big Mom.

Akainu managed to suppress Katakuri, but soon he was assisted by the former Sweet commander, Charlotte Snack, and the situation was held in a stalemate again.

Gion and Chaton were about to finish their opponents, but they couldn’t do it in a short time.

The other side.

Kuma, who was attacking from the rear, was stopped by Perospero, the eldest son with a bounty of 700 million Berries. Perospero got his hands full and had no time to help the others.

Kuma did not go all out, but Perospero was getting anxious as the time passed.

Jinbe met Oven after Kuzan left him to face Big Mom. The two of them fought fiercely, regardless of victory or defeat. Although Jinbe had water close to him, Oven’s ability made him vaporized it easily, making Jinbe forced to rely on Haki to defend against the boiling sea.

Doflamingo also made a move, but he was blocked by Daifuku. So, he wanted to have fun with him.

With neither Hawkeyes nor the Pirate Empress taking action, and Ron who didn’t take full action, the marine side already had the upper hand, but the advantage was not that great.

At that time, if CP0 were to join the battlefield and at least one admiral-level combat power participates in the battle, it will immediately shift the balance drastically.

But CP0 were gone!

Their ship did not come to the whole cake island!

“CP0 are gone, they went after the ancient weapon Pluton…”

Ron looked around at the sea and couldn’t help narrowing his eyes.

The five elders cared only about the ancient weapon Pluton, the fight with one of the Four emperors was second in priority.

Considering the current situation, Ron couldn’t help but shook his head slightly. He planned to move his hands a little, get into the cake castle, to try to get the historical red Poneglyph stone.

Ron glanced at Hawkeyes and Hancock.

Both didn’t look as they have an interest in participating in the fight.

“…It seems that I have to it.”

Ron let out a sigh of relief. After all, things are going as planned so far. His first goal was to destroy the Big Mom Pirates. The second goal was to get the historical text. The third goal was to recover the ancient weapon Pluton.

Considering the situation, the second and third goals could be released later.

Ron stepped forward holding the dragon wand and murmured with a smug:

“Let’s break the Big Mom Pirates first!’’

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