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P.A.S Chapter 185: First Casualties

“Four Emperors…”

Hancock glanced across the battlefield.

She would occasionally release a few pink arrows to turn some pirates into stone statues, but she did not leave the warship. She just made a symbolic shot, just as Mihawk blocked Smoothie’s sword attack at first.

She was arrogant, but not stupid. On the contrary, she was smart and observing things clearly.

Such random shots served as proof of her respecting the agreement with the government, but without putting herself in harm’s way.

However, the strength of the Big Mom Pirates still moved her heart. The marine dispatched such a huge force, and even had the Shichibukai’s assistance, to slightly have the upper hand in this battle.

Observing the battle closely, it was clear that the Big Mom Pirates could easily withdraw from this fight if they felt like doing so. Unless, the marine officers bring down, at least the sweet commanders, it would be probably hard for them to end this fight or even to retain the Big Mom forces in case they fled away!

That was what Hancock thinking about.

And at that very moment.

Ron’s figure took a step forward, and the whole person floated up, flying from the deck of the warship in the direction of the battlefield.

Mihawk and Hancock stared at Ron at the same time, with different attitudes.

Mihawk wasn’t very interested in Ron, simply because he was not a swordsman, but as a Shichibukai-level powerhouse, it was impossible to say that he completely ignored him.

Seeing Ron flying to the battlefield and preparing to officially join the battle, Mihawk was a bit interested in his capability to shift this battle balance and also wanted to have a close observation of what Ron was capable of, as a “magician”.

The ghost soldiers Ron used before was obviously just a drop of water of what he was capable of, which made Hancock and Mihawk, a bit eager to see more of the mysterious magician’s tricks.

“……That guy.”

Hancock’s attitude was slightly different.

She was extremely disgusted with male creatures. However, she has seen Ron and Doflamingo fighting before and has witnessed Ron possessing the same Haoshoku Haki as hers. Her attitude has changed a bit.

Coupled with the dialogue and exchange between Ron and Doflamingo a few days ago, she started treating Ron like anyone would behave towards a passer-by, neither disgusted nor concerned, which was considered as an improvement, knowing the pirate Empress’ attitude towards man.

The last time, when she witnessed their fight, Ron was not Doflamingo’s opponent. He relied on some ability to sneak into the seabed to get rid of Doflamingo’s pursuit.

But Ron has become a Shichibukai, did he get stronger?

Hancock’s eyes were fixated on Ron, following his movements.

As a Shiachibukai, even though Ron’s figure was neither tall nor conspicuous, when he flew up, many eyes fell on him.

“Ah Lala, I was planning to do it now…”

Kuzan said, after glancing sideways at Ron.

“Huh, he finally felt like joining the party.”

Vice-admirals such as Yamakaji also paid attention.

Unlike other Shichibukai, he knew very well that once Ron takes action, he will definitely go all out. Moreover, he was aware of Ron’s strength and was hoping that Ron manages to break the balance and finally crush Big Mom Pirates.

“The magician…Opera, go and contain him!”

The Big Mom Pirates also noticed Ron’s approach to the battlefield. Oven’s eyes flickered, as he spoke to Opera, a cadre with a bounty of 400 million.

Opera responded, leaped towards Ron’s direction, using the moon step (Geppo), and drew his sword towards Ron.

“I will be your opponent!”

He spoke coldly, holding his sword with both hands, and his figure suddenly flashed in the air and reappeared behind Ron.


Opera was a little stunned. He managed to hit him easily, and the sword went through his body. This was completely beyond his expectation. He originally planned to contain Ron and to approach him with caution, to see if he had a chance against him. But he was about to land a clean hit! He was about to finish this with one strike?!

At this moment, Katakuri, who was resisting the attack of Akainu below, started acting weirdly and started shouting abruptly: “Smoothie! Beware!”


As Smoothie heard KataKuri’s word, a sense of crisis suddenly emerged. She covered her entire body in armament Haki, as she felt a malicious force from a hundred meters away.

But without giving her a chance to react, Six-rods of light emerged out of thin air, intertwined with her as the center, and nailed her to the ground!


Gion was slightly surprised, she naturally wouldn’t let this opportunity pass, and immediately swung her sword.

Smoothie was defenseless and couldn’t use her sword to resist! She was imprisoned in place and unable to move.

Slash! Slash!

Her shoulder was cut by the flying golden slash, released by Gion, and blood was splashed everywhere!

Click! Click!

The Six-rod of light prison collapsed as Smoothie was blown away. Smoothie was down, swimming in a pool of her own blood.

“Damn it!”


Seeing this scene, almost all the cadres of the Big Mom Pirates roared.

Although Smoothie was at a disadvantage against Gion, she was still able to resist, but Ron suddenly made a sneak attack, and her right arm was severely injured.

“How could you do that, Asshole!”

“Shine!” (die!)

Opera roared, as he swung his black sword full of vigor, towards Ron’s body!

But when the black sword aura fell and was about to hit Ron’s head, Ron’s figure clattered and disappeared again. A stone appeared on the spot, which was chopped by the sword aura.


Ron’s figure appeared not far from Chaton and the Cracker’s biscuit soldiers, holding the dragon core wand in his hand.

Another Six-rods of light prison was cast again!

Cracker was held in place for an instant!

Cracker was previously able to get away from such seal…However, that time it was different! That one second was more than enough for Chaton to make his move!

“Good job!”

Chaton grinned, his eyes showed danger. In a flash, he appeared in front of Cracker’s body.


Cracker tried his best to stop him, but it was in vain since he was sealed by the Six-rods of light. Chaton seized the opportunity and smashed his biscuit shield with one move.

The Seal was broken, and the whole body of Cracker flew out, spouting a mouthful of blood…he was heavily injured!

“Damn it!”

“Stop him!”

Seeing that Cracker was also taken down, Oven and the others’ eyes were full of anger. Several nearby officials came from all directions and besieged Ron.

But Ron’s figure flickered again and disappeared out of thin air.

The magic wand pointed.

Six-rods light prison!

Charlotte Snack was imprisoned!


Akainu didn’t say a word. With a punch from his left hand, he blew Katakuri away, and with a slap from his right hand, he slapped Snack at an extremely fast speed, and the magma was surging.

“Inugami Guren!” (Dog Biting Crimson Lotus!)


Snack’s armament Haki was pierced abruptly, even though he tried to avoid a crucial injury, his right arm was still completely wiped out by the Akainu’s wave of magma.

Katakuri was so angry about Smoothie and Cracker that he couldn’t maintain his Observation Haki to predict the future, and as a result, Snack was bombarded by Akainu’s magma.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Ron’s figure continued to flicker, and the wand continued to light up.

Six-rods light prison!

It was the turn of Oven, who was fighting Jinbe fiercely. He was hit by Jinbe’s punch, vomiting blood, and was sent flying backward.

Perospero, who was in a stalemate with the Tyrant, Kuma, was imprisoned in place and ate the bear’s paw forcibly. Blood spurted out of his mouth and plunged into the candy.

So far.

The Big Mom Pirates were completely defeated!

Less than ten seconds passed since Ron joined the battlefield!

Ten seconds! Ten seconds were enough for Ron to turn the world upside down!

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