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P.A.S Chapter 186: Celestial Star

How terrible is it to leave a magician unchecked?

No matter which world you are in, magicians who release long-range magic were undoubtedly the primary target of fire in a battle because once a magician releases his magic wildly, the situation is bound to collapse!

That was the case with Big Mom Pirates!

No one constrained Ron, and all went to fight against Akainu, Kuzan, and the others, letting him, a master of magic, run rampant, taking them one by one.

In just ten seconds, the Big Mom pirates, which were holding their grounds against the marine forces, completely collapsed. Even though Katakuri and the others were barely keeping up with Akainu, the situation became completely different after Ron’s intervention!

The fight could continue for hours or even days as it was.

However, Ron’s actions turned it into a situation of whether the Big Mom pirates could even withstand another half hour!

“What an ability…”

Chaton, with a cigar in his mouth, couldn’t help but glance at Ron’s direction and comment, as he defeated the injured Cracker.

Although Ron didn’t display any destructive powers, and he just used his six-rods light prison and Switch, he was so efficient, lethal, and deadly!

He couldn’t help wondering what would he had done, if he was imprisoned with such sealing technique…If Ron was the enemy…

He would be a major threat to the marines!

Except for Kuzan and Akainu who would break free from the prison of light instantly, the others, even if they were prepared, they would be at a great disadvantage.

Chaton, for instance, even if he was stronger than Cracker, after being imprisoned two times, he would definitely be heavily injured. Three times would be enough to finish him off!

What an ability!

Not only Chaton but at that moment, all the marine officers who defeated their opponents, such as Kuzan, Akainu, and Gion, had such an idea in their hearts.

If Ron had been a member of the Big Mom pirates, the marines might have been defeated that day!

“Dominating abilities…”

At that moment, even Mihawk, who was watching the war from far away, was staring at Ron with serious eyes.

He expected that Ron’s move might speed up the defeat of Big Mom pirates, but his actions’ effects were beyond his expectation! He was so fast, yet efficient!

Ten seconds were enough for Ron to make an enormous force, such as Big Mom pirates, on its knees!

Hancock was stunned, unable to breathe normally for a moment.

She didn’t expect such a turn in events!

Were those sweet commanders weaker than her? Of course, no! She would have to go all out to fight against the sweet generals!

But these same people were taken down easily after Ron’s intervention! It seemed like a child’s play for him…

That also meant… that the same goes for her!

If she was on that battlefield, on the side opposite to Ron, she wouldn’t be able to avoid her doom!

On the field.

In just ten seconds, Ron, who had rewritten the situation, held his dragon wand, and sighed in his heart.

“So, this is the power of a magician who has mastered the space magic…wow!”

Although it was just a low-level space magic ability, and it had great limitations, it boosted his strength exponentially, making him untouchable!

Without such ability, if Opera rushed over, and cooperated with a few people of the same level, they would indeed contain him! Stopping him from making any move against the other members.

But with ‘Switch’, no one could corner him!

Unless it was Kizaru, or Kuma, with their extreme speed and almost flashing ability, it was impossible to catch Ron after using his space magic.

The space magic was that terrifying ability!

“Damn magician!”


“I am going to kill that f*cker with my own hands!”

Countless pirates of the Big Mom pirates were furious. If Ron defeated the sweet commanders with some powerful ability, one vs one, they would only tremble in fear, but since Ron used these dirty sneak attacks to interfere with other people’s battles, they were all boiling with fury.

Many angry eyes fell on Ron.

Ron looked down slightly.

He understood the feelings of the pirates. For sure, it wasn’t the best display of his abilities! It was as if he stole others’ efforts.

But understanding how they felt, didn’t mean he would ignore such despiteful behaviors. These pirates were acting a little too arrogant.

‘Switch’ and Six-rods light prison were just low-level abilities.

As the Supreme Dharma God, like an expert magician who mastered countless spells, different systems such as element, frost, space, and necromancy, his power was more than just tricky attacks and flash abilities.

“As you wish…”

Ron spoke lightly and flew towards the sky, gently lifting the wand in his hand.

It was also at that time that countless abilities and artillery shells were fired by Opera and others to take him down.

But Ron did not evade.

boom! boom! boom!!!

all kinds of messy abilities exploded as it reached Ron’s location. The surface of Ron’s body fluctuated like water ripples, but he wasn’t affected at all!

Void armor!

Long before he took part in the battle, Ron had already used the Void Armor of the guardian system!

It was difficult to break the defenses of the void armor, even with an all-out attack of Katakuri. Only monstrous attack power, that of the Four Emperors’ level would break it with one blow. The attacks of Opera and others obviously weren’t enough!

“No effect…”

“How is this possible!”

“Is that armament Haki? what kind of ability was that?!”

Seeing everyone’s attacks being repelled as if it was nothing, Opera and many other pirates revealed shocked expressions.

At that moment, it seemed that Katakuri, who had recovered his calm, used his ability to predict the future. His face changed drastically.

“What did you see?”

Akainu noticed KataKuri’s expression, and with a blow, he interrupted katakuri’s movement and forced him to fight with all his strength.

Katakuri’s face was gloomy, showing how anxious he was. After he blocked the blow of Akainu and was about to shout something, he found that a dark vortex had appeared at the top of Ron’s wand, flying towards the sky.

Oh, no!

It was too late!

Katakuri’s heart sank seeing that scene.

The pitch-black vortex, like a black hole, flew to the sky under the gaze of countless people, and a palpable breath filled the entire battlefield in an instant.

It was the fourth-level earth magic.

It was Gravity distortion!

But Ron likes to call it…Celestial Star!

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