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P.A.S Chapter 187: Team Work

“what is that……”

“This definitely doesn’t look good! What did he do?!”

Many people were looking at the pitch-black vortex released towards the sky. Although they didn’t have Katakuri’s foreseeing powers, they knew something bad was about to happen! They felt heart palpitations!

At that moment, they noticed that their feet suddenly became lighter.

They felt as if they were stepping on cotton, standing there at ease, effortlessly.

Their bodies were constantly getting lighter, and when that sensation was raised to the maximum, they started floating! As if the concept of gravity was reversed, they were no longer pulled toward the earth, but toward the sky!


Countless bodies were suspended, unable to hold their sword anymore, they all flew into the air, pulled towards the black vortex.

Immediately afterward, the ground began to shatter, with a deafening roar.

Click! Click!!

A large area of the ground shattered and began to fly towards the sky. The gravity within a kilometer radius was completely reversed and increased several times!

“Bad… this is bad!”

“What’s going on……”

Countless pirates showed a look of horror, watching their bodies being sucked into the sky, helplessly, unable to do a thing about it.

Some people even tried their best by sticking their swords in the ground, in an attempt to resist the tremendous force pulling them, but soon they were blown away, hit by the countless shattered pieces of earth, sent towards the black vortex at a high speed.

“Quick! Get out of here!”

“Use Moon Step, leave that area!”

The faces of the marine admirals changed drastically and shouted.

Ron released the Celestial Star where the largest number of pirates were standing, but still, there were few marine officers. Following the admirals’ orders, without hesitation, they immediately stepped on the broken ground to escape from the scope of gravity distortion.

Compared to the marines, the pirates were not that lucky, only a handful of them was capable of using the moon steps

Click! Click!

Countless swords fell into the vortex, twisted and folded, and squeezed into iron balls by the terrible gravity. The pirates began to fall into the vortex one after the other! Unable even to scream, they were crushed, squeezed into a ball.

The number of people sucked into the sky began to increase, and the fragmented ground also began to smash into the center of the vortex, constantly colliding. The noise was loud and deafening.

Many pirates struggled hard, but it was in vain. They were goners, like those being sucked by giant whirlpools, unable to fight the water current.

In an area of more than a kilometer, it seemed as if the world was upside down as if the earth and the sky changed roles!

Heaven and earth reversed!

Even those who were outside of the attack range, such as Cracker, and others, had a shocked expression, showing a little horror.

For a time.

The battlefield seemed to stagnate.

People from all directions almost all looked at that area.

The ground was constantly shattering and being sucked up into the sky. The black vortex was no longer visible, entirely covered by soil, and was gradually compressing and shrinking.

“Ah, Lala… what a terrifying attack…”

Kuzan took a breath, as he looked at Big Mom in front of him, staring at that area, furiously. The light in his eyes flashed, and his figure flashed forward.

Big Mom turned her head to look at Kuzan whereabouts, but that moment of distraction was enough for Kuzan to land a powerful ice attack, sending her towards the gravity-distorted area.

“Insolent brat!!!”

Big Mom shouted angrily. She was not injured, but she could not contain her body in the air and fell into the gravity distortion area.

Immediately afterward, she felt that the earth under their feet had no attraction, and the sky was pulling her up!

Big Mom, the giant beast, was floating, in midair…heading towards the vortex!


Big Mom could neither use moon steps nor fly, shrouded by twisted gravity, her frightened expression suddenly changed. She stretched out her hand, trying to reach out something, to grab something…but it was in vain… and could not stop her figure.


Seeing this, Zeus and Prometheus flew over desperately, pulling Big Mom away from the gravity-distorted area.

The two homies were very powerful. They almost managed to drag Big Mom away from the gravity-distorted area.

But Kuzan was still here!

“Go further…”

Kuzan spoke with a cold face, waved his hands forward, and the ice burst out instantly, dispersing Zeus and Prometheus.

“Ah…Kuzan!! You bastard!!”

“Screw you!!”

Big Mom screamed angrily, as she no longer was able to get rid of the gravity force, sucked into the sky, and slammed into the Humans’ ball that was constantly squeezed.


Almost all the sweet commanders, such as Katakuri, had terrified complexions, but no one could rescue her…They were already fighting for their lives, doing their best to resist the attacks of Akainu and others.

Click! Click!!

The ground continued to shatter, and countless pieces of fragmented soil flew into the sky and hit the ball. It shattered a radius of 1,000 meters of ground already, but the condensed earth ball was still only tens of meters in diameter.

Its interior has been squeezed to an unknown extent!

Big Mom was also squeezed in and continued to compress and collapse.

But when Ron watched this scene, he couldn’t help twitching the corner of his mouth for a while… He looked at Kuzan as if he was complaining about him hitting Big Mom toward the vortex.

The Celestial star was truly a strong ability, but it was a joke to kill Big Mom using such an attack!

Ron was a little bit relentless, but at that time, he could only watch the completion of the magic, hoping that Big Mom wouldn’t struggle in it and destroy the spell that has not yet been fully formed.


The ability was not yet fully formed.

Under Ron’s gaze, the inside of the squeezing sphere began to bulge, as if some monster was struggling in it, trying to breaking free.


The sphere was shattered, and a hand was stretched out. It was Big Mom’s hand!

The magic was about to be destroyed by Big Mom, but her actions were still a little late! The spell finally reached its final phase!


The sphere with a diameter of several tens of meters flew into the sky, expanded, concealing Big Mom’s outstretched hand.

The entire sphere solidified for a moment, then shook suddenly, squeezed and contracted inward again, and instantly became only a dozen meters in diameter.


Cracks appeared on its smooth surface, and bright light overflowed from the cracks.


A thunderous sound.

Like a star floating in the sky a hundred meters, the ball exploded, like a starburst, burst out of light, covering the sky, like a huge firework.

Ron, who was not far away, put down the dragon wand in his hand and flew back indifferently.

Dead silence.

The whole battlefield was stagnant.

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