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P.A.S Chapter 188: Rampage

“…Screw that!!”

When everyone was lost in the scene of Ron’s ability, an angry roar was heard from the center of the burst of bright light.

There was a terrifying aura exploding in all directions, that shook the earth, plunging the sky into the night, making people faint one after the other.

In an instant.

Both the marine officers and the pirates fell in pieces like wheat.

Haoshoku Haki!


Ron’s eyes flickered slightly, but he didn’t move a muscle, and just condensed his mental power outside his body. He easily took the impact of Big Mom’s Haoshoku Haki, but he did not fight back.

The fourth-level magic, the gravity distortion was strong and powerful, and it could severely damage the sweet generals, but it was impossible to finish the Big Mom. Her defensive power, coupled with her armament Haki, made her skin like impenetrable steel.

But Ron didn’t care.

He already accomplished what he was after.

After all, killing Big Mom was not his job, but the admirals’.

Her Conqueror’s Haki shook the world. The expressions of Kuzan and Akainu changed slightly, they seemed a bit aggressive, as they all withstood Big Mom’s Haki.


Big Mom’s figure emerged from the light, unable to stay in the air, she fell to the ground with a bang, knocking everything around here.

She had a disheveled head, like a demon, crawling out of the pit, her eyes faintly glowing with a scarlet light, as if she was carrying a palpitating madness.

“… a$$hole…”

She gritted her teeth, and then her whole figure leaped suddenly. The ground below here shattered by her force as she stepped, like a spider web, and she rushed into the air towards Ron in a flash.

She wasn’t carrying any weapon in her hand, rushed over with her bare fists, covered in armament Haki, and swung a punch at Ron, faintly distorting the air! It was visible by the naked eye!


However, Ron’s expression was extremely calm, even if he consumed a lot of mental power and without the wizard tower, he did not panic. In a flash, he disappeared and a stone appeared in his place out of thin air.


Big Mom smashed the stone with her fist.

Big Mom violently attacked Ron, and the latter calmly flickered and avoided. At that moment, everyone on the battlefield finally regained their senses, as if they were in a nightmare.


Kuzan shot once again. He created a huge Ice ball in the sky, and released it towards Big Mom, pressing her down with a bang.

Big Mom effortlessly smashed the ice ball, and her bloody eyes fell on Kuzan, then she roared and rushed towards him, and the war broke out again.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Ron calmly shuttled through the battlefield and landed on the top of the cabin of a warship. With a wave of his magic wand in his hand, he smashed a flying boulder.

Without the magic tower, he already consumed more than one-third of his mental power. Although the consumption wasn’t that large, he still had to conserve his energy as much as possible and not let his mental power drop to one-third.

Ron slowly regained his mental strength.

Ron already had a major impact on the outcome of this battle, and the Big Mom pirates began to lose ground.

“It won’t work like this…”

Katakuri resisted the onslaught of Akainu with difficulty, looking at the situation on the battlefield, his face was very ugly, his eyes flickered constantly, judging the outcome of the battle.

It has been almost an hour since the battle began.

It wasn’t enough for Daifuku, who escorted the ancient weapon and the Poneglyph, to evacuate from this sea area. He wasn’t completely out of danger.

Damn it.

Katakuri couldn’t help gritting his teeth.

If it hadn’t been for Ron’s intervention, they would be able to fight for another two or three hours calmly, hold the marines for two or three hours, and then retreat. By then, Daifuku had already escorted the ancient weapon to a safe place.

If they retreated at that time, it was possible to be caught up!

But considering the situation, if they continued to fight hard, it was a matter of being able to hold their grounds for an extra half an hour. The marine admirals were unscathed, however, the Big Mom pirates suffered casualties, and in case they continued fighting, not just the ordinary cadres, but even the sweet commanders, may not be able to retreat!

But fortunately.

Big Mom went on a rampage, the Soul-Soul Fruit and the Conqueror’s Haki were fully exerted, which made Kuzan struggling, forced to retreat, again and again, unable to do much.

Chasing after Kuzan, the marines suffered a lot of casualties, which forced Gion to retreat and to lend a hand to Kuzan to fight against the beast to avoid further losses.

The pressure on the field was alleviated a lot.

Although Cracker and Smoothie were severely injured, when they joined forces, they still parried Chaton’s offensive and even had a little time to control the biscuit soldiers to interfere in other fights.

The Emperor’s violent rush, little by little saved the situation, and the nearly collapsed forces from the Big Mom pirates’ side regained some spirit and were back in-game.

Looking at Big Mom running wild, Ron couldn’t help but sigh.

That was one of the Four Emperors!

The top fighting force that stood at the top of the world!

The power of one person, of the Emperor, was enough to match the power of her subordinates altogether! That one person’s rampage was enough to pull the situation from the brink of collapse in an instant!

Ron’s attack did not have any effect on Big Mom at all, and even Kuzan, who was fighting her for a while, didn’t manage to wound or even scratch her.

Although Kuzan himself was not injured, it was clear that he was struggling just to contain Big Mom’s damage and avoid any unnecessary casualties.

It was so hard to stop Big Mom in that state.

Fortunately, Big Mom couldn’t fly, and she wasn’t fast enough, which made it possible for Kuzan and Gion to face her.

If they were facing Kaido instead, he would have used his dragon form and went on a rampage using his tremendous power and speed. His strength and recovery ability were horrendous, and once he goes on a rampage, it was possible that even the two admirals wouldn’t be able to stop him!

Just like the old Whitebeard.

In the Paramount War, Battle of Marineford, the admirals could wound Whitebeard with their abilities, but no one could stop him from destroying the Marineford, destroying the marine headquarters!

Even with the three marine admirals in the front, if Whitebeard felt like destroying it, the island of Marineford will be as fragile as an eggshell, and will be fragmented instantly!

In his youth, Shiki the Golden Lion slaughtered dozens of Marines at Marineford single-handedly. Although he was finally defeated and captured by Sengoku and Garp, he also destroyed half of Marineford!

Once a strong man of this level goes on a rampage, he cannot be stopped!

Compared to Whitebeard and Kaido, Big Mom should be regarded as the easiest one to deal with.

“When I master the 5th level magic…no one will stop me.”

Ron muttered in his heart.


It should be said that after mastering the fifth-level magic, one move will be enough to destroy the fucking world! The three admirals will be powerless!!

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