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P.A.S Chapter 189: the battle continues

Big Mom’s rampage made her the center of attention on the battlefield.

Countless eyes were focused on her.

With each punch and each blow, the earth was shaken, the ice on the sea started getting fragmented and the island were all shattered.

“That guy reached this level…”

Doflamingo withdrew his gaze from Big Mom, and while toying with one of the cadres, he swept away in the direction where Ron was.

He didn’t go all out. On the one hand, he was too lazy to do so. On the other hand, he knew that Ron would definitely make a move if he did, since Ron had to get enough results, otherwise, he wouldn’t achieve what he was after.

On this battlefield, he dares to say that no one knew Ron better than him

Others thought that Ron was a man of absolute justice, who had no tolerance for pirates and would rather give up his marine status to kill The Shichibukai… But he knew that it was just an illusion!

Ron, who had Conqueror’s Haki, was definitely not after safeguarding justice. Even if it was really the case, he would aim the maintain justice in the whole world!

And how to achieve such a thing?!

Conquer the world!

Justice?! The non-tolerance of pirates’ existence, was just Ron’s disguise! A robe to hid his ultimate objective; To destroy the world ruled by the Celestial Dragons.

But because of this disguise, unless Ron wants to expose himself, he had to stand out and make enough achievements in this battle.

Doflamingo thought Ron would do his best to kill one of the three sweet generals.

But Ron’s actions were beyond his expectations! he didn’t expect that Ron would rewrite the entire battle outcome in a short span of time with his weird sealing ability, nearly sending the Big Mom Pirates to their doom!

If Big Mom didn’t go on a rampage and forced Gion to support Kuzan, the Big Mom Pirates wouldn’t be able to hold their grounds for another half an hour!

“I have endured that kind of ability before, it’s really dangerous…”

Doflamingo had a wicked smile on his face, but there was a trace of jealousy, fear in his heart.

He felt that if he exchanged positions with one of the assaulted Big Mom commanders, was suddenly imprisoned by Ron’s ability in battle, he would not be able to free himself unscathed!

In the one-to-one situation, Ron’s ability shouldn’t be so problematic, Dofi thought. However, in the case of facing more than one skilled opponent, taking advantage of that second to get rid of the sealing, receiving a direct hit could be fatal!

“In the future, when it times to cross swords with him. I need to take his weird abilities into consideration.”

Doflamingo thought to himself.

The battle continued.

With Doflamingo holding back, and Big Mom’s rampage, the situation was pulled back a bit, but that was all.

The combat effectiveness of the marine side was still superior to that of the Big Mom Pirates.

As things stand, in less than an hour, the Big Mom Pirates would definitely be defeated.

Ron could speed up the process, still, he remained calm for a while, restoring his mental strength while thinking.

CP0 must have gone after the ancient weapon.

For Ron, he would rather let the Big Mom Pirates get the ancient weapon than the world government.

Because it was almost impossible for the Big Mom Pirates to repair pluton, however, the world government, not to mention that CP9 was pursuing Pluto’s blueprints, had the best scientist, Dr. Vegapunk.

But then again.

Vegapunk originally was formerly Vinsmoke Judge’s research partner and co-leader of the outlaw research team which discovered the Lineage Factor. Later, because the world government felt that such research was too dangerous, it arrested Vegapunk and forced him to develop new technologies for its benefit.

On the surface, Vegapunk was the leading scientist in the employment of the marines, but Ron felt that he wasn’t giving it his all. After all, he was forced to serve the world government!

“If CP0 really grabs the shell of the ancient weapon Pluton, then I have to destroy the original blueprints…”

Ron groaned.

Although Franky succeeded in destroying the blueprint in the original storyline, Ron has rewritten too much of the plot, and there may be deviations. So, nothing was sure.

As for taking back the ancient weapon, it was very difficult. First, he can’t reveal that he planned the war by himself, after all the world government made sure that no one hears about Pluton till the last moment, and secondly, he can’t just leave the battle here.

“Well then, let’s end this war first.”

After thinking for a moment, and after regaining his mental powers, Ron sighed and looked at the battlefield again.

At this stage, Ron felt that he needed time to further develop his powers.

Even if he no longer gets any achievement points or a chance to draw new magic runes, it was not a big problem. What he needed most, was mental power! massive spiritual power!

As long as he could seize the power of the Don Quixote family, use it to collect Devil Fruits around the world, and with only thirty or forty pieces, he would be able to make his spiritual attributes exceed the 500 points!

Once the fifth-level magic is mastered, no one in this world would be able to stop him!


Ron strikes again.

The previous wave was only to interfere with the battle and tilt the overall situation of the war, but this time, he was carrying killing intent!

Target?!… Sweet generals!


With a brief flash, Ron appeared behind Cracker.

Cracker’s felt uneasy before Ron’s appearance, and wanted to change position! However, it was in vain. Before he could move a muscle, he was caught up in Ron’s six-rods light prison and was instantly set in place.


Chaton, without hesitation, struck.

Seeing this, Smoothie, who joined forces with Cracker to hold Chaton, her face changed, roared suddenly, swinging her sword with all her strength, and forcibly stopped Chaton’s attack.


The sword aura exploded.

Smoothie’s body regressed after that attack.

Seeing that Cracker had broken free from his shackles, it was too late to rush over, Gion, who was watching from distance, eyes flickered, and swung her sword.

The golden sword energy was released towards Cracker.

But the latter manipulated the biscuit soldiers to resist the golden slash of Gion.


Biscuit crumbs splashed all over the place.

Instead of retreating, Cracker’s figure twinkled, and instantly he dashed towards Ron, swinging his sword.

Ron could easily dodge the attack, still, he chose to calmly watch the sword cut closing by, stopping abruptly in front of the edge of his nose.

Void armor!

After taking a hard blow from Cracker, Ron did not attack back, but with a wave of his wand, he confined Smoothie, standing in the distance.

Smoothie didn’t expect Ron to face Cracker’s attack, and to go after here right after! Her face changed drastically.

Gion was right in front of her!


Smoothie’s right arm flew out.



Cracker screamed in anger, and without hesitation, he rushed towards Smoothie, trying to support her.

But just when he was about to reach her, a six-rods light prison fixed him on the spot again.


Gion ignored Cracker and attacked Smoothie again.

Smoothie, who was heavily injured, was no longer able to withstand Chaton’s attacks. In no time, her armament Haki was penetrated, and bloodstains appeared between her chest and abdomen.


Smoothie stopped, slowly lowered her head, looked at her wounds, her eyes were full of disbelief.

The blood gushed out, she fell towards the ground and started losing vitality gradually.



Ten seconds since Ron made his second move, and the result was: Smoothie laying on the ground. Before the other Big Mom Pirates could react, everything was already over.

Everyone was shocked, and their eyes were even more horrified.

The sweet commander of the Big Mom Pirates.

Charlotte Smoothie…dead in action!

Even if Gion joined hands with Chaton, it was impossible to defeat Cracker and Smoothie so quickly and kill Smoothie in the process…

It was all the doing of Ron, Ron his weird abilities and uncanny means.


Ron the magician!

Although Ron had killed two Shichibukai in the past, he was still not that famous in the new world, since he never stepped foot into the second half of the grand line.

But after that battle… the name of the “magician Ron” was destined to shake the entire grand line!

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