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P.A.S Chapter 190: Retreat

“The magician…it’s that guy again…”

Big Mom stopped abruptly and looked in Ron’s direction with bloodshot eyes. Although she was extremely angry at that time, she could not ignore the death of a sweet commander.

The disappearance of Smoothie’s vitality made her faintly awake from her rage.

“Mom! We can’t continue fighting!”

Katakuri received the attack from Akainu in embarrassment and yelled in the direction of Big Mom. No one of them could contain Ron at that time. Moreover, the death of one of the sweet commanders shifted the balance of power in this battle, and if the Big Mom pirates continue to fight, they will suffer more casualties.

As things stand, the entire Big Mom pirate group will be destroyed!

The outcome of this battle so far was completely unexpected!

The combat power sent by the marines was certainly strong enough, but it wasn’t something the Big Mom pirates wouldn’t be able to withstand. Without the backup of the Shichibukai, Kuma, and Jinbe, there was a huge chance that the marines would even be able to hold their ground!

But even with these too participating in the war, the Big Mom Pirates were doing fine, until the magician interfered! Ron ’the magician’ was the unexpected force that turned this fight upside down!

His weird ability couldn’t be avoided nor dodged. His imprisonment ability simply had more effect on the outcome of that war more than that of a marine admiral!


With her red bloodshot eyes, Big Mom looked in the direction where Smoothie fell to the ground, then moved her gaze to Ron, and a horrible breath of terror filled the area.

“Damn you…magician…”


Ron looked at Big Mom calmly, without showing any fear.

He created that situation with his own hands, to completely destroy the Big Mom pirates. Under such a situation, the deterrence of an Emperor had no effect.

“…Retreat, Katakuri.”

After Big Mom and Kuzan fought for a few moments, she finally made a decision.

Although she was very angry and wished to kill all the marines and take Ron’s entire lifespan, she did not lose control.

She knew that it was meaningless to continue fighting, that as things stand, her subordinates would suffer heavy losses, and there was a chance that her entire fleet would be destroyed!


Katakuri nodded as he heard the voice of Big Mom, and finally heaved a sigh of relief. He looked at the ruins around him and immediately yelled: “Everyone should evacuate! Head towards the port!”


Oven and the others were wounded. Hearing Katakuri’s orders, they couldn’t help clenching their fists and gnashing their teeth. As members of one of the Four Emperors Pirate Group, they had never been in such a miserable situation!

But even if they were angry and unwilling to turn tail and ran away, they knew that they had to leave immediately before things become worse.

“Annihilate all the pirates! Don’t let any of them go!”

Seeing that Katakuri and the others retreating, Akainu shouted at the marine officers, as he chased them.

The Big Mom pirates retreated quickly, and the marines kept pursuing them in the rear.

However, Katakuri and the others, who were scattered in the battle, finally gathered together which made it harder to catch them.

” Nagare Mochi!” (Flowing Mochi)

“Candy Wave!”

“Cream Monster!”

Katakuri, Perospero, and others, as soon as they gathered, immediately began to release a wide range of attacks, along with Big Mom.

The large-scale attack released was enough to destroy an island! And under such an unbridled outbreak, the marines were forced to stop.

“Ice Age!”

“Meteor Volcano!”

Facing such a large-scale attack, Akainu and Kuzan jumped in the air simultaneously and released their own large-scale abilities to protect their subordinates in the rear.


Ice and magma surged and erupted from two directions, colliding with the candy, mochi, and cream waves making a deafening sound.

It was almost instantaneous.

The entire island began to break and crack.

The Big Mom pirates finally managed to stop the marine admirals from advancing! Even if they were the marine elite officers, it takes time to counter such a level of power. They could only wait and watch from a distance.

“Fuffuffuffuffu…I am afraid I can’t allow you to retreat… Fuffuffuffuffu…. I can’t help it.”

Doflamingo looked at the large-scale attack, grinned, then shook his right hand abruptly. Numerous silk threads intertwined into a thumb-thick whip and were released abruptly.


Under Doflamingo’s blow, the frozen candy waves were torn apart in an instant, leaving a ravine with a length of hundreds of meters!

“Bear Impact…”

Kuma gathered air with his palms and compresses it, creating a ball of air cannon, throwing it at the area where the magma and the mochi intertwined and collided.


There was another thunderous roar, and magma and mochi splashed everywhere.

Gion waved her sword, and golden sword energy tore the ground, destroyed the frozen area, and slashed towards the escaping pirates.

Three sword slashes flew out, intertwined with the golden energy. A large explosion erupted, as both attacks nullified each other.

“I’ll join in the fun too.”

Ron flew in the air not far away, holding his dragon wand in his hand.

The Big Mom Pirates continued to release their ultimate attacks to cover the evacuation. Still, it wouldn’t be easy to flee, because of the presence of Kuzan, who would freeze the sea as soon as they get in their ships!

The marines wouldn’t stop until the Big Mom pirates are completely destroyed!

“Meteor fire rain!”

With a wave of Ron’s wand, fourth-level magic was released.

Dozens of crimson light spots appeared in the dark clouded sky, got bigger and bigger, and finally turned into countless meteorites, engulfed in flames, painting the sky crimson red. The Meteorites directly fell in the direction of the Big Mom pirates.


“Is this one of that magician’s abilities?!”

Seeing the meteorites falling down from the sky, many of the Big Mom pirates showed a look of disbelief.

[What abilities does this Ron have!]

He could exchange positions with stones, cast an unavoidable seal, change the gravity, and finally release these meteorites…

[What kind of devil fruit is this, capable of releasing so many abilities?!]

Boom! Boom! Boom!!

As the commanders had their hands full against the admirals, Kuma, and the others, no one could spare a hand to counter Ron’s attack and Bang! It smashed directly into the crowd.

Although most of the Big Mom pirates dispersed and successfully avoided the falling meteorites, many of them were caught by the aftershock, by the raging flames.

Instant casualties!

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