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P.A.S Chapter 191: Despair

Boom! Boom! Boom!

With the falling of the meteor fire rain released by Ron, the two admirals, Akainu and Kuzan, jumped to the forefront and released a wave of attacks, ice, and fire, blooming left and right.

Mixed with the attacks of Gion and Chaton, Katakuri and others of the Big Mom Pirates tried their best to resist, but no one could spare a hand to block the meteor shower falling from the sky.

Despite the massive impact made by the fourth-level fire magic and the blazing fire here and there, the Big Mom Pirates were forced to fight in the area against the thrusting marine officers.

Looking at the situation, Ron pondered for a second then with a backhand wave fourth-level wind magic was released! Wind of silence!


The flame that has not yet been extinguished, carried by the wind, swept through the crowd.

A mighty rushing wind, coupled with fire, made the island a living hell. Even the pirates with a bounty of more than 100 million berries were torn to pieces in an instant! Burnt instantly!


With his current level, Ron would easily go against one of the admiral candidates like Chaton, having the best odds of winning.

In terms of pure attack power, he was comparable to the admirals!

No one can completely resist such an attack except monsters like Big Mom.

Two fourth-level magics fell, and the Big Mom Pirates were completely defeated!

Even Katakuri was greatly affected. Katakuri and the other commanders were barely resisting the front assault of the two admirals, and were caught from behind by the magic released by Ron!

Except for Big Mom, who didn’t even have a scratch after resisting everything with her armament Haki, the Big Mom pirates, Katakuri, and the others began to suffer more and more serious injuries.

The situation was so dire and the running pace declined…

At that moment, the entire island was full of ice and fire that ordinary marines could no longer pursue the pirates. Only Akainu, Kuzan, Ron, and the others were left.

Even the vice-admirals of the headquarters could only look for opportunities to release ranged attacks from the flanks.


The Big Mom Pirates retreated to the vicinity of the port.

Dozens of ships were docked near the port, and many pirates who retreated earlier got on the ship quickly pulled up the anchor, and opened the sail.

“Ah Lala, it won’t be that easy…”

Kuzan watched this scene from a distance, exhaled a cold breath, and instantly flashed to the shore, ready to freeze the sea.

But before he could move a muscle, a figure tackled him from sideways and forcibly stopped him.

“Don’t think about it.”

Katakuri stared at Kuzan with a sullen face. It seemed that he already foresaw the future, Kuzan freezing sea surface.

Looking at Katakuri standing in front of him, Kuzan’s face was covered with a layer of ice: “Excuse me…You are making this harder”


Katakuri did say a word and tried his best to resist Kuzan.

Although they suffered a bitter defeat, Big Mom Pirates wouldn’t be easily destroyed. As long as they manage to block Kuzan, Akainu, and the others here and give time to the dozens of ships to sail away, the evacuation can be completed!

With Perospero’s candy and Big Mom’s soul abilities, they could easily cross the sea, without the need of a boat, unafraid of Kuzan’s ability to freeze the sea.

As long as the ordinary pirates were sent away, they could evacuate at any time.

“You bastards! I won’t let you escape!”

Akainu sneered coldly and slammed his fist at the sea. Countless magma surged towards the dozens of ships, breaking and destroying three or four of them in an instant.

However, he didn’t have enough range, and most of the ships were out of reach. In addition, after releasing his ability, he was immediately attacked by Big Mom, forced to switch to defensive mode.

Katakuri, using his awakened powers, transformed all the land on the coast into mochi, which made the people unable to stand on their feet and sink continuously.

Cracker also endured the pain, used his biscuit fruit and armament Haki to the limit, and produced dozens of biscuit soldiers to resist the others.

They were so desperate! They went all out, using all their remaining strength to buy time for the ships!

As long as they manage to stop their opponents here, despite the fact that they suffered a heavy loss that day, for an army like the Four Emperors Pirates, it was not that fatal!

Watching the dozens of ships gaining distance, Kuzan frowned. He tried his best to shoot, but facing the desperate Katakuri and his ability to predict the future, made it so difficult.

“Kuzan was blocked…”

“As long as we go to sea, we are safe.”

The pirates who had already boarded the pirate ships, gradually sailing away from the port, seeing how Kuzan was blocked by Katakuri, the tension in their hearts eased slightly.

“What about brother Katakuri?”

“Don’t worry, Mom and big brother Perospero are with him! They can evacuate easily without us.”

Several cadres looked towards the shore and spoke.

Someone gritted his teeth and clenched his fists, saying, “Damn…we lost so much…”

When they heard about the marine’s attack, they didn’t worry too much. After all, they were the Big Mom Pirates, one of the Emperors who ruled the new world.

Unexpectedly, this battle turned out to be a disastrous defeat!

Not only they were forced to flee the Whole Cake Island and completely lose their territory, one of the sweet commanders was killed in battle, and Katakuri and the others were all heavily injured.

Very tragic!

“I didn’t expect the marines to dispatch two admirals…the two vice-admirals Gion and Chaton, and especially use the Shichibukai…”

Someone shook his head and said with a low face: “And there is that f$ckin Mage, Ron…He was the most troublesome opponent…cost us so much…”

“He had weird abilities…who was that guy?!”

The person next to him said coldly: “He used to be a marine, but now he became a Shichibukai. When things settle down, the first person who will pay for all of this is that guy! We will completely destroy him and his allies!”

As the pirate finished talking, a voice came.

“It’s a pity, you won’t have a chance to get your revenge…”

Hearing the voice, the many pirates turned their heads in horror. Ron’s figure appeared in front of their ship out of nowhere!

Katakuri managed to stop Kuzan, Big Mom took care of Akainu, but no one could stop Ron who had space magic under his sleeve.

“It took Katakuri so much effort to block Kuzan, but unfortunately…Ice will be your doom.”

Ron floated in the air, looking at the pirates in the warship, and waved the wand in his hand lightly.

The target was not the pirate’s ship, but the sea below.

Click! Click!

Almost at the moment when the wand fell, a wave of cold suddenly fell between the heavens and earth, covering the entire sea in an instant.

The bottom of the ships made a creaking sound!

The sea near the coast suddenly turned all white!

Dozens of ships were frozen instantly!

“Face the despair.”

Ron said faintly as he slowly rose into the sky, flying to a higher altitude. He was looking at the pirates below him with an indifferent face. A face that made the countless pirates fell in despair!

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