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P.A.S Chapter 192: One Left

“The sea was frozen…”

“Damn! Wasn’t kuzan blocked? Ah…Don’t tell me it was that Shichibukai! He also has the ability to freeze the sea!?”

“This is bad.”

The ones who tried their best to contain Kuzan and Akainu, seeing the dozens of ships were frozen, all of their faces changed drastically.

Cracker couldn’t help but look in the direction of Katakuri. His face was extremely pale! It seemed that he had foreseen this scene a long time ago, but he was unable to do a thing about it.

“Although his character makes a bit irritable…he is at least diligent…”

Akainu commented in his heart as he saw the frozen sea.

He didn’t care much about Ron’s attitude back when he was with the marines, because Ron was affiliated with Kuzan. However, later, when he heard that Ron disobeyed the order to withdraw from Alabasta and went after the Shichibukai Crocodile, he was a bit irradiated.

For Akainu, any officer who disobeys direct orders is not suitable to be a marine! Let alone have the rank of vice-admiral! And that Ron was foolish to quit the marines to follow his “non-sense” sense of justice.

But this battle has changed his impression a lot.

Compared with other Shichibukia who were fighting casually, Ron was undoubtedly doing his best to get rid of all the pirates, as if he was still a member of the marines. He even assisted Gion to kill one of the sweet commanders, and at this time, he was the one who stopped the retreat of the Big Mom Pirates.

Although there was no discipline, Ron’s attitude towards the pirates was very similar to that of Akainu. They both were so eager to wipe out these pirates!

Kuzan and others thought highly of Ron.

Compared to other Shichibukai, Ron’s performance was too dazzling, whether it was the strength level he showed or the achievements he has accomplished in this battle! He even stole the show from the marine admirals! Stole their thunder!

” Fuffuffuffuffu… It seems that you will keep that mask of yours, even if it pushes you to offend enemies like the Big Mom Pirates.”

Doflamingo stood on the shore, casually participating in the battle, looking at the direction of the sea, with an evil look on his face.

He didn’t try his best to fight, and even deliberately let some of his opponents escape, to avoid any unnecessary conflicts with the Big Mom pirates. After all, it wouldn’t be that simple to destroy an Emperor‘s fleets. Even as things stand, there was a chance that the marines wouldn’t be able to completely get rid of the sweet commanders.

Dofi didn’t make much effort, so in case the Big Mom and the sweet commanders managed to escape, he wouldn’t find himself in trouble afterward.

But Ron was different.

He was the cause of the death of one of the sweet commanders, and later cut off the retreat of their fleets. If Big Mom and her subordinates weren’t all killed at this war, Ron will definitely be the first person to take revenge on!

“It is not easy to maintain that justice facade. He always has to pay a price, in order to get what he wants…” Doflamingo giggled strangely.

Although Doflamingo had a bad reputation, he made sure to show that he respects the Shichibukai treaty with the world government, while not offending one of the Four Emperors, to maintain his neutrality.

As for Ron, he was completely leaning towards the marine’s side and showed an absolute hostility towards the Four Emperors camp.

If one day, Ron breaks his ties with the government, he will find himself in a dire situation; a vast sea ahead, with no ally, no way to escape or retreat!

And just under the gaze of the two admirals and Doflamingo, Ron struck again.

In one blow, five ships were destroyed!

“Damn it!”

“That bastard!!”

Perospero and the others roared in anger, but they couldn’t leave their positions, doing their best to block the marine elite officers.


Ron struck again, another magic fell, and seven ships were destroyed!

Even if one of the commanders could intervene, it would be difficult for him to stop Ron under a one-on-one situation, not to mention that among the pirates on the ship, none had a bounty above 500 million berries.

Bounties don’t represent absolute strength.

But it could be used as an approximative criterion.

No one on these ships could resist Ron.

In less than two minutes, dozens of ships were destroyed on the frozen sea, leaving only countless fragments and corpses on the ice.

Katakuri and the others burst out frantically, trying to rush over, but Akainu and Kuzan did not give them the slightest chance to counter.

What a joke!

It was already a shame to be blocked by the pirates, let alone letting them escape and head after Ron. If the admirals allowed the filthy pirates to interfere with Ron’s attacks, the marines will lose face!

The admirals shot with all their strength, beckoning, and breaking out.

With all their strength, not only the coast but also the entire whole cake island was constantly breaking and falling!

Two marine admirals, one Yonko, plus two admiral candidates, the fighting power gathered there was so terrifying, the weakest one among them could easily destroy a whole country!

Witnessing such a fierce battle, even the vice-admirals of the headquarters become disillusioned.

Almost all of them retreated far away, unable to intervene at all.

Even the Shichibukai had a solemn expression at the moment. In this kind of top-level battle, even they could lose their lives at any time!

Doflamingo didn’t make any move at that moment. Hawkeye had a stern look on his face, sitting on top of one of the roofs watching the battle carefully. Jinbe retreated to the edge to watch the battle. Boa Hancock was also watching the battle from a distance, with a cold face. As for Tyrant Kuma was still participating in the battle, wiping out the small fries who didn’t manage to get on the ships

And at that time, Ron, who already wiped out dozens of ships, rushed into the battlefield, releasing fourth-level magic, from behind, directed towards Katakuri and the others.

Boom! Boom! Boom!!

At that time, there was only top combat power such as Kuzan and Akainu, there was no need to worry about the other marine officers. Ron fought unscrupulously, and fourth-level magic broke out one after another.

Each 4th level magic was nearly as powerful as any attack of the two admirals. It was a pincer attack, with Katakuri and the others as targets.

Like a missile washing the ground, the entire coast was continuously blown to pieces, then frozen, and then blown to pieces again. Destructive waves of air swayed one after another, and the entire island was shattered.


Ron stopped when his mental power was halfway used.

Kuzan and the others also slowed down almost at the same time, and the bursts of air and dust gradually dispersed.

Everyone couldn’t help but look at the center of the battlefield.

Only Big Mom was left! She stretched out a hand from the cracked ground and crawled out forcefully, but there was no sign of Katakuri and the others! They have all disappeared!

Apart from Big Mom, there were no longer any signs of life and or even breathing.

All the sweet commanders were destroyed!!

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