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P.A.S Chapter 193: A Hidden Mirror


Big Mom crawled out of the shattered ground, her eyes were blood red, she didn’t say a word, but emitted a terrifying aura, spreading in all directions.

Even the marine admirals, seeing Big Mom at that moment, had goosebumps, as if they witnessed the revival of some demon.

Different from other pirate groups.

Most of the cadres of the Big Mom Pirates were Big Mom actual children.

Although giving birth to a baby was as simple as buying a piglet to her, and she didn’t even care about the death of one or two of them, at that time, almost all her children were wiped out.

Except for Daifuku and some others who escorted the ancient weapon away from the beginning, there were only a few people left on the island.

“Ah Lala, the beast finally awakened…”

Kuzan looked at the Big Mom, exhaled a mouthful of white mist, and slowly spoke. There was no fear in his tone.

Facing one of the Four Emperors?

As an admiral of the marines, as their highest combat power, he needs to execute his duty, confront a demon if necessary…

It’s just that Big Mom’s strength was indeed a bit terrifying. Up to that moment, despite all Kuzan’s and Gion’s efforts, despite being caught in Ron’s attack, they couldn’t injure her, there was no sign of even a scratch on her body!

Her defense was terrifying!

Even if only Big Mom was left, it wouldn’t be an easy task to take her down… It will take a while.

But they had the numbers here.

If two admirals, two admiral candidates, Ron and others join forces, even if Big Mom’s defensive power was tremendous, no matter how strong she was, no matter how domineering she was, she wouldn’t be able to withstand the consecutive attacks, going all out.

There were so many people, if they take turns, fight day and night until they completely exhaust her, they should be able to take her down!

Finally, ending this war!

Only the finishing touch was missing, jointly suppressing Big Mom.


Big Mom’s red eyes swept across everyone.

Horror permeated.

Not only the ability of Soul-Soul Fruit but also, she kept emitting waves of Haki, shockwaves that shocked everyone at that moment, causing the foreheads of the marine officers in the distance to overflow with cold sweat.

The Gig Mom Haoshoku Haki and her soul-soul fruit ability superimposed, affected everyone on the island, even those who have the experience, who fought countless string pirates, were greatly affected!

Even Kuzan and Akainu frowned slightly.

They also couldn’t avoid the impact.

There was a difference in strength between the Four emperors and the admirals. Although it was not that large, it was undeniable that if they faced each other one-on-one, the admirals would have a low chance of winning against the Four emperors.

One of the reasons lies in the Haoshoku Haki that the Emperors possesses!

In contrast, the admirals didn’t have such an ability. No one can deny the effect of such spiritual oppression, affecting the combat effectiveness of people like the admirals, even if it was a little.

Secondly, the Four emperors were literally monsters.

In other words, each of the Four Emperors had some special characteristic, but the admirals did not.

If their combat powers were represented by the hexagonal data structure, then the admirals would almost have a balanced graph, except that Kizaru’s physical power was slightly lacking, but he depended on his devil fruit ability to make up.

The Four emperors were different.

The power of each of the Four emperors cannot be represented by a standard hexagon. Each of them had an ability that was beyond the ordinary limits, such as the defense of Big Mom, the defense and recovery of Kaido, Red-haired Shanks massive Haki, and the attacking power of the Whitebeard.

These were at a level superior to that of the admirals!

Big Mom was considered the weakest among the Four emperors because she couldn’t fly, was a bit clumsy, and had a slightly slower speed than the others.

“The Haoshoku Haki of the Four Emperors…”

Ron also had his dignified gaze, affected to a certain extent, his thinking became slow.

Fortunately, even if Big Mom had the soul-soul devil fruit and the Haoshoku Haki, she couldn’t fully exert the strength of her huge mental power, and the influence on Ron was still within the acceptable range.

Otherwise, Ron felt that with that level of mental power, she should be able to suppress him, to the point of incapacitating him with her spirit alone.

There was that much gap between them.

Ron’s eyes were solemn, and even Doflamingo stopped laughing. Everyone’s eyes were fixed on the Big Mom in the field, revealing a look of extreme fear.

Big Mom at that moment surpassed even the definition of a beast!

Doflamingo had no doubt about the fact that he would be instantly torn to pieces by Big Mom, if he was in front of her!

“Slightly scary…”

He stared at Big Mom solemnly. It seemed that even if the marines somehow managed to kill Big Mom, at least one of the admirals will be seriously injured.

Anyway, he won’t participate in such risky play.

Doflamingo glanced at Ron not far away.

At that moment, Big Mom was extremely dangerous even for the admirals, then she was even more dangerous for Ron, not to mention that she already had her eyes on him for his previous deeds.

Thinking of this, Doflamingo couldn’t help but gloat.

Ron was also staring at Big Mom.

Big Mom was considerably slow, of course, compared to the admirals. For ordinary people, her speed was still incredible.

With his thinking speed and spirit being affected, he must also remain vigilant in the face of Big Mom. In such conditions, it would be almost impossible even for his soul to escape in case his body was completely destroyed! It would be swallowed by Big Mom devil fruit’s ability! It was extremely dangerous!

This fight’s level was a bit out of his league.

Kuzan, Akainu, and the other marine officers were aware of such fact. They knew that the outcome of this fight solely depends on their performance. They were concentrating on Big Mom, ready to respond to her next attack.


Almost when everyone was staring at Big Mom, a strange thing appeared, flying above her head.

The thing flew over the top of Big Mom’s head with difficulty, swayed, and then it fell, it was unable to withstand the pressure emitted by big Mom.

It seems to be a strange bird.

Because everyone’s attention was on Big Mom, no one noticed the falling bird until it was like 10 meters away from Big Mom.


Kuzan and others all frowned.

“Not under my watch!”

At that moment, Ron suddenly yelled, and the fastest wind blade was released, hitting the strange bird that had fallen down.

The admirals watched Ron without a reaction.

The Wind blade was directed towards the strange Bird, But…


It was slapped to pieces by Big Mom as if it was some kind of mosquito.

The falling bird reached the ground at a high speed, and suddenly its belly cracked, revealing a mirror.

A hand reached out from the mirror and started pulling Big Mom.

The entire mirror wriggled like water ripples, swallowing Big Mom’s body.

[This is bad!!]

Seeing this scene, the two admirals screamed at once and they shot together without hesitation, but it was too late.

When the attack fell, Big Mom’s figure has already disappeared in the mirror. The ice and magma smashed the mirror to pieces.


Chaton stood there dumbfounded.

Ron watched this scene, sighed, and retracted the dragon wand.

He knew that one of the Big Mom Pirates possessed the ability of the Mirror-Mirror Fruit, and in fact, he was always on guard to counter any surprise attack. Until just the last moment, since the Big Mom started emitting her Haoshoku Haki and souls-soul devil fruit ability simultaneously, his thinking speed became sluggish, which forced him to fully concentrate on Big Mom to keep up with her future attacks.

When he noticed that there was a mirror in the belly of the strange bird, it was too late, and the wind blade that was released instantly was also shattered by Big Mom.

Ron turned his head to look at Kuzan and the others.

Two admirals, two admiral candidates, even with such a lineup, Big Mom managed to run away, what a joke!

Both Kuzan and Akainu had pale faces.

Especially when Ron stared at them with a sigh, the two of them could only grit their teeth, unable to respond for a while.

They were so careless!


Big Mom at that time was going crazy, so it was explicable that they proceed with caution! But staring at Big Mom being pulled unable to move a muscle?! Only Ron foresaw the unexpected event and moved! They were ashamed!

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