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P.A.S Chapter 194: Giving a Hint

The year 1519.

The 21st year of the Great Age of Pirates.

Many major events took place this year, such as Silver B joining the Shichibukai ranks and his subsequent delisting for not participating in the mandatory convening of the world government.

But the biggest event was undoubtedly the ‘Battle of Nations’ that took place in the new world.

It was the most violent battle between the marines and the pirates since the beginning of the great age of pirates. It was a war between one of the strongest pirates groups in the world and the best marine’s combat power.

In that battle.

One of the Four emperor fleets was completely destroyed! The Big Mom Pirates were annihilated!

The three sweet commanders were shot dead on whole Cake Island, countless cadres were shot dead or arrested, and there was no trace of the Yonko, Big Mom!

The Emperor, Big Mom, which once ruled the waters of all nations, disappeared in the tide of the great era of pirates.

After the battle, the government released news about the war.

Of course, the news concealed all the facts about the ancient weapon and put justice at the forefront. It stated that the government, in order to deter this chaotic era, would not hesitate to take up arms against the top pirate forces such as the Four Emperors.

The news was especially glorifying the heroic deeds of the two admirals, Kuzan and Akainu, as long other known officers such as Gion and Chaton. As for Shichibukai, there were only a few strikes. The only Shichbukai’s efforts that were highlighted were that of the ‘magician’ Ron.

Although the description of Ron was very simple, the news clearly stated that he assisted the marines officers and the admirals, killing the three sweet generals, and destroying the entire Big Mom pirates.

The demise of one of the Four Emperors was undoubtedly a major event that stirred up the entire world. In such major events, even a few mentions by the government newspapers were enough to make anyone famous all over the world. Countless people will recognize the names.

Compared with ordinary people, the major forces, the people who ruled the world have obtained more concrete information through their own channels.

And in this intel, Ron’s name was undoubtedly ten times dazzling as described in the government newspapers!

The deaths of the three sweet commanders were all linked to Ron’s actions!

The downfall of the Big Mom Pirates was also the work of Ron, preventing their last escape!

If it wasn’t for the marine’s carelessness and Brulee Mirror-Mirror fruit ability, even Big Mom would have met her end at that battle!

“Shichibukai…Magician Ron…”

At that time, the leaders of countless forces memorized Ron’s name and title.

Ron had never been to the New World before, and the leaders of the major forces in the New World didn’t consider him as a threat.

But after that battle, the attitudes towards Ron changed! He became a feared character!

[This Shichibukai was by no means an ordinary person!]

Perhaps his existence could be compared to that of the world’s number one swordsman, Mihawk!

Hawk eyes’ achievements were impressive. Since he started his journey, he swept all the swordsmen on his way, until he killed the previous generation No. 1 swordsman in a duel, making his reputation reach the pinnacle!

It is said that the only swordsman that could hold his grounds against him was no one but the Yonko, Shanks! Almost every swordsman regarded Hawk eyes as the strongest swordsman in the world!

Although Mihawk did not have the power of the Four Emperors, he was a one-man army, that could stand on the pinnacle of the sea!

And it seemed that a new monster appeared! Ron, the Shichibukai, who was twenty-five years old, started showing the same signs, sweeping the sea. (T/N: finally, we found out his actual age :p)

Throughout the history of Ron, there has not been a single failure. All the encountered enemies were successfully defeated, rising all the way, becoming one of the most recognized power among the Shichibukai.

One step further to be compared to the world’s strongest swordsman Hawk eyes!

On the warship.

Somewhere in a spacious cabin, Doflamingo was sitting on the sofa with his legs folded, holding a newspaper in his hand, and grinning:

” Fuffuffuffuffu, government reports are silly as always, covering up the facts…”

“It’s not a cover-up.”

Ron sat opposite Doflamingo and said lightly: “Without the admirals, we wouldn’t be able to kill the sweet commanders. It was the marine forces that really determined the outcome of this war.”

“Yeah, this is not good.”

Doflamingo sighed, put down the newspaper, and said: “Currently, what is the strongest force in this sea? Is it the Shichibukai? The Four Emperors? No, neither, the marines are the master of the sea.”

Having said that, he paused, looked at Ron, and smiled: “Speaking of which, Big Mom managed to escape. No matter how the newspaper reports the marine’s achievements, the person she hates the most, well, besides the man who orchestrated all this, is probably you.”


Ron chuckled and said: “I never thought that killing Big Mom would be easy. Don’t forget that Kaido was caught by the marines more than once, but they were helpless, unable to find a way to execute him. It was indeed a bit nerve-wracking to let Big Mom escape though.”

Doflamingo grinned: ” Fuffuffuffuffu, prepare yourself for the worst. Although the Big Mom Pirates became history, as long as Big Mom is still there and staring at your forces, you will be in huge troubles.”

“Justice is not so easy to maintain, and the methods you use on the battlefield are indeed the most hated methods, Fuffuffuffuffu…”

Doflamingo let out an evil laugh.

Ron did not respond. He calmly picked up the crystal goblet on the table, took a sip of the juice, and put the glass back on the table, as if he didn’t really care about the threat of Big Mom.

But Doflamingo knew that he was just pretending.

If Big Mom was killed by the marines, it would be impossible for Dofi and Ron to sit face to face in peace. Dofi would be so cautious, alerted, trying to figure out a way to guard himself against Ron.

But as things stood, there was no use. Because Ron was still concerned about Big Mom, and he wouldn’t make a move before he makes sure that this great threat was gone.

“That guy Silver Bill didn’t respond to the government’s mandatory call and was removed from the Shichibukai. The government asked us to kill him, what do you think?”

Doflamingo knocked on the table and asked Ron.

Ron turned his head and said: “Will you?”

“Of course not.”

Doflamingo snorted and said: “Let the marines do this kind of thing. It is not a mandatory task. At most, providing them with a little intelligence is considered a response. What’s more, this Bill guy doesn’t seem worth the trouble.”

By accepting to be part of the Shichibukai Treaty, you should always be prepared to face the possibility of the world government turning against you. Let alone refusing to cooperate in time of need, the world government wouldn’t let such behavior slip, and obviously, as a pirate, most probably it would be the end of your journey!

Doflamingo knew Bill well. Bill and his crew were indebted to Tesoro, and since then, he worked for him, supplying him with silver as a tribute to pay his debt. In the past, Dofi thought that Bill had some abilities, but since his humiliating defeat against Tresoro, he lost interest in him.

“Anyway, Ron… Big Mom is a great threat to your power, but I have forces scattered all over the world. With my power, you can easily disperse your forces, without being afraid of the threat of Big Mom.”

Doflamingo looked at Ron, his eyes under the flamingo glasses seemed to flicker, and said: “After all, she is on her own now, she lost her influence. We can take advantage of that. “

“Are you suggesting to merge our forces?”

Ron said lightly.

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