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P.A.S Chapter 195: What Next?

“No, of course not…”

Doflamingo smiled and said: “Only troubles will befall my family if we do so. Although there are only a few scattered characters left from the Big Mom Pirates, they still can cause a lot of trouble.”

“Still, we can deepen our cooperation.”

“The previous cooperation was based on the exchange of intelligence and mutual non-interference. This kind of cooperation is actually not very beneficial to both of us, but we can make changes…”

Doflamingo titled his head a bit and said: “For example, the forces that are inconvenient for me to deal with, will be handled by you and vice versa… and that also includes all the needed information to finish the job. In addition, the territory under the influence of the Don Quixote family will be accessible for those working under your command.”

Ron looked at Doflamingo and said: “As the marines and CP0?”


Doflamingo smiled and said: “I need to maintain my trades affairs without troubles, and you need to maintain justice. Isn’t this a perfect fit?”

“The most important thing is…I can provide hiding and shelter for your people.”

When Doflamingo said this, he looked at Ron with deep eyes and said: “Once you and I have this level of cooperation, we will be able to untie a lot of shackles instantly. It may not last long, but in the meantime, we will be able to fight against anyone, even if it’s one of the four emperors.”

Ron looked at Doflamingo deeply.

After staring at Doflamingo for a few seconds, Ron said: “I heard that your subordinates are divided into four teams, representing the four suits of cards: Heart, Club, Diamond, and Spade. That makes you the ‘Joker’?”

“Fuffuffuffuffu…what?! doesn’t this title fit me?”

Ron shook his head and said: “No, it fits well, but in a deck of cards, in addition to the four suits and the joker card, there is also a trump card.”

Doflamingo laughed.

His laughter echoed in the room.

” Fuffuffuffuffu, Fuffuffuffuffu… I wouldn’t expect less from you, Ron! Your ambition is definitely not a simple Shichibukai seat. Then, cheers to our cooperation!”


Ron glanced at Doflamingo, stood up, and left the room.

When Ron’s figure disappeared, the smile on Doflamingo’s face gradually disappeared.

The clown and the king?

The king is bigger than the clown? of course.

And Ron is going to be king!

But the question is, which one is the real clown? Who is the real king?

Ron returned to his room.

He came to the window, stood with his hands crossed, looking at the rippling sea from a distance, his eyes flickered, and slowly said: “It’s started…”

Big Mom’s ability to escape the marine’s encirclement and suppression was not completely out of his expectations, so his plan and next steps would not be disturbed.

The deeper cooperation with Doflamingo was just the beginning.

Ron didn’t want just want to defeat Doflamingo, it was not that difficult task with his current level. But what he really wanted was to take everything from Doflamingo, seize this huge force.

In contrast, Doflamingo’s purpose was to use Ron, to handle inconvenient matters on his behalf.

Everything was within his expectations.

As for the threat from Big Mom…

Ron was picturing the scene where hundreds of wizard towers were built in Dressrosa, all engraved with third-level or even fourth-level magic. How it would be like?

Continuous magic!

Infinite bombing!

Maybe it wouldn’t be enough to break the defense of Big Mom,

But it should be enough to blast her out of the island, or even block her outside, preventing her from setting foot on the island.

To build hundreds of magic towers, the number of required sea-stones is beyond imagination, but the Don Quixote family has such strength. The factory built with sea-stones alone should be enough to build dozens of wizard towers.

And by that time.

He will gain a foothold in the new world!

Even the Four Emperors would no longer be able to shake his position. He will officially join the ranks of the top powers in the sea…At that time, he may still have the rank of a Shichibukai, but people will definitely start calling him, The fifth ’emperor’!

Of course.

Relying on the wizard towers would be enough to reach the level of the ‘four emperors’. Ron must have sufficient power to stand beside the sea beasts. He must rely on his own power to be considered as equal to these monsters standing at the pinnacle of the sea.

So, improving his own strength is still the most critical point.

At that time, his total achievement points have reached 137 points!

In the previous battle, he accomplished a total of four achievements, and all of them were high-level achievements, namely, “God of war”, “Invincible”, “Approaching the Peak” and “Behind the Scenes”.

The condition to accomplish the first achievement was to kill thousands of people in a battle. And in the last battle, especially in the last phase, when Ron stopped the Big Mom Pirates from escaping, he managed to bombard more than ten thousand pirates!

As for the “Invincible”, “Approaching the Peak”, the conditions were to kill pirates with a reward of more than 500 million and 800 million, and it was completed the moment he killed Cracker.

Under the “Approaching the Peak” achievement, there was another achievement named “Overlooking the Sea”. The condition was to kill a pirate with a bounty of more than one billion Berries.

This achievement could have been achieved, but unfortunately, in the final decisive battle, Katakuri died in the flanking attack of Kuzan and Akainu, hence, Ron failed to capture his head.

For the final achievement of “Behind the Scenes”, the condition for achieving it was to be the mastermind behind the annihilation of one of the leading powers in the sea…and the Four Emperors’ power was undoubtedly eligible.

The four achievements brought a total of 12 achievement points.

Ron’s current total mental attributes have reached 274 points, of which 137 points were derived from achievement points, 50 points from magic marks, 42 points from training, 30 points from devil fruits, and 15 points from Resonance.

The number of points brought from the spiritual resonance began to gradually increase, which meant that Nami and the others were doing their best in practice and reached new levels. The increase in the number of magicians under his command allowed Ron to gain more and more benefits.

“It is still early to tackle Fifth-level magic. I need to focus on the two eternal magics of Necromancy and Space…”

Ron pondered.

The second-level magic of the Necromancy system was neither strong nor weak, but based on the result achieved in the last battle, its third-level magic must be extremely strong, and the effect must be very abnormal.

The Void Armor of the Guardian System was already outrageously strong, it could even resist a full-power strike from one of the sweet commanders, Cracker.

Ron felt that with the Void Armor, even a blow from one of the Four Emperors would smash the Void Armor at best, and it would be impossible to kill him instantly.

Not to mention the space magic.

‘Switch’, despite all its limitations, helped Ron a lot and improved his strengths drastically, let alone the future second or even the third level.

The only problem was that Ron was a bit confused by the space magic three-dimensional runes, which made his previous experience somewhat useless.

“The space magic…coordinate replacement is enough for the time being. It’s better to explore the third-level Necromancy magic first. It may bring unexpected surprises too.”

Ron pondered and made his mind about the next path of practice.

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