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P.A.S Chapter 18: A boost of Strength

After improving his proficiency in Fireball, Ron returned to the practice of runes fusion. He continued to try to fuse the two basic runes of wind magic.

After ten attempts, Ron was almost certain that the two basic runes of wind could indeed be fused.

Now that he found a way to move further with his studies, Ron was no more in a hurry to delve into derived runes. After all, it was too complicated to deal with this type of runes.

If three identical runes of the basic wind runes were to be successfully fused into a second-level of wind magic, it would be a great asset for Ron.

Because in that case, he would be able to postpone the research on the derivation of runes for a long time, until his spiritual attributes become higher, his thinking speed becomes faster, his mental strength gets boosted, and his recovery speed becomes quicker.

For the next few days, Ron kept practicing runes fusion.

After many failures, he finally managed to combine the two basic runes perfectly in the afternoon of the third day!


The perfectly combined two runes did not explode or disintegrate, but instantly extracted a mental power amount that could draw about two blades.

Immediately thereafter, three blue wind blades appeared in the air in front of Ron, each one of them was approximately the same length and size as an ordinary Wind Blade.


Three wind blades fell into the sea and instantly made three holes.

“Yoshh! Success!”

Ron looked at that scene, the joy he felt instantly dispelled the tiredness caused by the exhaustion of his mental energy and the excessive training.

Two runes combine to release three wind blades at a time!

Although it was not second-level magic, it was just an enhanced version of first-level magic, but it was undoubtedly much stronger than ordinary wind blades. The three wind blades could be released in a triangle shape, enough to limit his opponent’s dodging chances.

And this enhanced version of multiple wind blades, without a doubt, could also be combined with Fireballs. Multiple fire blades could be released simultaneously!

If it hits its target, such ability was absolutely tremendous!

For instance, while facing Captain Crewe before, one attack using this new ability was more than enough for an instant kill, it was impossible to resist. It could even kill Crewe and the pirates under his command at the same time!

From wind blades to fire blades, to multiple wind blades and multiple fire blades, the power was almost doubled. Ron even thought that using such ability against Arlong, would pose a great threat to that fish-man!

With this move, although it wouldn’t be that easy to conquer the entire East Blue, but in this part of the sea, it was the first time that Ron had the minimum required strength and abilities to act recklessly.

“Let’s Dig up the treasure on the map first! Then let the hunt begin! We can go after those pirates who have bounties of millions…”

Ron clenched his fist, felt his soul surging, eager to fight, eager to release multiple fire blades, wipe the battlefield in an instant, and show the great power of mightiest magician in the world!

Was this cockiness?

No! It was the tremor of his soul! It was his excitement after reaching such a power level!

A magician is all about nobleness and elegance. A magician doesn’t have the beast-like desire for battle like a Berserker. However, our magician was absolutely not planning to be ordinary.

To be respected everywhere, to be awed everywhere, to be a great and supreme being, this was the intention of our magician!

This world should tremble for magic!

It took a long time for Ron to gradually heal from his spiritual disturbance. After recovering, he felt that his spirit seemed to have improved slightly, and its intensity was increased by about 1 point.

“The enhanced first-level magic already has two or three times the power of the ordinary first-level magic. It seems that the second-level magic will be stronger than I thought.”

Ron dwelled in his thoughts. Thinking about the power of the multiple wind blades he had just released, Ron couldn’t help but yearning for the real second-level magic.

He originally thought that second-level magic was at least three times as powerful as ordinary first-level magic, but after releasing the enhanced first-level, Ron was sure that it would be far more than three times, and maybe even more than five times!

The following few days, Ron gave the second-level magic a try.

However, the difficulty of second-level magic was greater than he imagined. The fusion of the three basic runes seemed to be untenable. Even if he managed to build a very complete combination of runes, it still collapsed and disappeared, without forming or releasing the second-level magic.

While Ron was constantly practicing the second-level magic of wind, they finally reached the marked place on the treasure map.

“That’s it.”

Nami looked at the treasure map for a while, nodded, and looked at the deserted island ahead.

It was an uninhabited island. In fact, it was difficult to count it as an island. It was merely a few hundred meters area, with only one sandy beach and dry Tumbleweed rolling all over it.

“Let’s go.”

Seeing Nami in no doubt, Ron jumped off the boat and landed on the beach.

Struggling with the process of releasing the second-level magic, Ron had to shift his plans slightly. First of all, he needed to increase his mental strength, and then he would explore the derivative runes and second-level magic, respectively.

Compared to the boring meditation practice, completing the various tasks given by the achievement system was undoubtedly the fastest way to improve his attributes. As long as he didn’t run out of luck, he would be able to get a 1 point of achievement, in case the treasure wasn’t empty.

“According to the directions on the map, it should be in this… way.”

Nami looked at the map and walked forward. She accidentally stumbled over a piece of wood, seemed from a broken boat board, and leaned forward.

Although Ron was walking next to her densely, his mental response was extraordinary! He reacted in an instant and held Nami, who almost fell on her face.

Ron hoped that this act of chivalry would accomplish some achievement, but unfortunately, there was no system alert sound in his ear, which made him a bit disappointed, but it was Nami’s safety what mattered anyway.

Nami didn’t blush and felt shy like an ordinary girl would do, but instead, she kept looking at the treasure map, and quickly pinpointed the treasure position.

“Right here.”

Heading somewhere, Nami pointed to the ground and threw a shovel that was prepared long ago for Ron.

The two of them started to dig up the soil quickly. It was all loose sand, so it was very easy to dig. Shortly, a half-meter-depth pit was dug up.


Trying to dig again, Ron hit something metal with his shovel.

Both thrilled, dropped the shovel, reached into the pit. After a few sweeps, a rusty black iron box was exposed.

Ron and Nami stayed stunned for a second, then quickly cleared the edges of the iron box, held each end of the iron box, and lifted it hard.


The rusty iron box covered with wet sea sand was carried up by the two excited adventurers.

The box was heavy, but it felt a bit empty. It seemed as if it was just the weight of the iron box itself that they were carrying. There was no much in it…

Feeling the weight wasn’t great, Ron and Nami’s excited expression slightly dulled. After looking at each other, Ron waved the shovel and broke the rusty rotten lock.


The iron box was opened, revealing its contents.

The box was not empty! A smaller wooden box wrapped in a thick rag was revealed.

[Tip: you completed an achievement, ‘’treasure digger’’, and got 1 achievement point]