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P.A.S Chapter 19: Treasure Chest and Pirates

Ron’s stood there, unfazed. He called up the achievement interface, added 1 achievement point to his spirit, and then turned his focus to the small wooden box wrapped in rags.

‘What could we find inside?’

Judging from the weight and the size of the box, it didn’t seem to be something like gold or silver coins. Could it be… a Devil Fruit?

Ron thought about that for a while but shook his head. There was no way it could be a Devil Fruit … It shouldn’t be that easy, not to mention that they were in East blue, and it was not a great spot to find these kinds of things.

Nami quickly ripped off the covering rags and put the small wooden box on the beach.

It was considered as a small box. However, it was actually triple the size of the iron box collected from Captain Crewe and his crew. It was big enough to put Nami inside it with no problem.


The wooden box was unlocked, and Nami opened it easily.

Looking at the cracked box, a thick rag appeared again. Fetching what was inside it, a sword was found. Its handle and scabbard were silver-white. It looked very classy.

There were also some scattered jewels under the sword. It was not that many, but each one looked very delicate, with high value.

“A sword?”

Ron took out the silver-white sword from the box, he felt that the sword was very heavy considering its size. Pulling it out from its scabbard, the sword’s blade was still sharp without any rust.

He didn’t know much about swords in this world. He barely knew some famous ones, such as
Dracule Mihawk’s Yoru and Trafalgar Law’s sword, Kikoku. He didn’t recognize the one between his hands.

But as the first impression, it shouldn’t be one of the Supreme Grade swords.

Although Ron didn’t know the sword, but with his spiritual attributes far superior to ordinary people, he could estimate the sword power based on its aura.

As for whether it was one of the 50 Skillful Grade Swords or the 21 Great Grade Swords, Ron preferred the former, of course. After all, there were in East Blue. He would be truly lucky to find one of the Great Grade Swords.

Of course.

It was not necessarily true. Who knows, maybe some powerful known pirate hid it here years ago.

However, it did not mean much to Ron, whatever the class of the sword was. Why would a magician use a sword!? He wasn’t a swordsman. In addition, for the task “Famous Swords collector” on the achievement interface, Ron was only required to collect ten famous swords. It didn’t matter from which class, all of them would be counted.


Ron put the sword back in his scabbard, looked at Nami, and said, “It doesn’t look like a lot. How much can we get from this?”

Nami here was very excited about sorting out the jewels in the box one by one. After taking out the last one, she put the jewels back in the box and said, “These can be worth at least five million Berries, maybe even ten million Berries.”

“That’s fine, it wasn’t a waste of our time and efforts.”

Ron smiled, then thought about throwing the sword back into the box too, but he was sure that Nami would sell it if he didn’t use it. So, he kept it in his hand instead.

Nami closed the wooden box and hummed happily. Ron picked up the wooden box and followed Nami lead going in the direction of the boat.

But after a few steps, she suddenly stopped.

Ron stopped while wondering what’s wrong, looking at the sea not far away, suddenly a shadow of a huge ship appeared over there, not far from where they were standing.

Looking at the course of that ship, it shouldn’t be coming this way. It’s just passing through this area. However, it seemed that the ship crew noticed Ron and Nami, a few seconds later, the ship started to deviate from its original course.


Ron frowned.

Nami also looked at the shadow of the ship not far away, turned to Ron standing behind her, and mumbled: “Would you like to cooperate again?”

“No problem… if it happens to be pirates.”

Ron rubbed his wrists and kept staring at the ship.

After mastering the enhanced wind blades and fireballs, having a spiritual attribute close to 30 points, in a head-to-head confrontation, except for the case of Arlong, Ron was ready to beat the crap out of any pirate in East Blue.

If the ship coming in was indeed a pirate’s ship, and they saw Ron and Nami digging for treasure earlier, they would definitely not settle for just a long-range attack using the ship canons, they would rush down from the ship.

“Then get ready.”

Nami narrowed her eyes to reveal a cute yet creepy smile.

As they both thought, it was indeed a pirate ship.

It was the East blue Iron hammer pirate group, Captain Hammer Ruff was a monster, he had the strength of a hundred ordinary people combined. He once smashed and destroyed all the buildings in a small town with just his huge hammer. Even a few days ago, he did the same to a huge warship!

“Captain, no chasers…it looks that the marines are afraid to chase us again, hea hea hea hea!”

“Of course, after seeing Captain Ruff’s hammer, those coward marines might have been scared to death. Those who survived will definitely flee back to the base and say, ‘The Iron Hammer Pirates are demons, especially their captain.’! “

On the deck of the Hammer Pirates, shirtless pirates with long beards were laughing.

A man standing next to Captain Hammer Ruff looked at him and smiled, “Captain, this time, after sinking a warship, I’m afraid your bounty will be increased again, it will for sure exceed 10 million Berries!”

Ruff holding his huge hammer snorted, “If those idiots don’t raise my bounty above 10 million, I will smash them down along with their marine base next time.”

Many pirates laughed wildly at the words of their Captain.

At that time, on the observation platform at the top of the sail, a pirate in charge of observing the surroundings suddenly rushed down and said, “Captain Ruff, there seems to be a boat ahead.”


Ruff turned around and looked where the observer pointed, he narrowed his eyes and kept staring at the near area, but he did not see a thing.

The pirate next to him quickly took a telescope and gave it to him.

Ruff took the telescope, and immediately inspected the area, frowned slightly, stared for about half a minute, then put down the telescope.

“It seems they were digging something.”

A pirate next to him asked with a little confusion: “Are there any treasures in this area?”

Ruff stood on the deck with his hammer, blew his beard, and said, “Well…Let ’s go and have a look. Whether they were digging or hiding something, I’ll take it if it’s valuable! Fa Fa Fa Fa!”


The pirates shouted all together, and the ship’s course has already been adjusted.

The gathered pirates kept looking at their destination, with a kind of exuberant look, with an eager expression. With nothing left to discuss, these nasty pirates were looking forward to putting their hands on the hoped to be a treasure.

Their Captain obtained a treasure map before, and they were able to dog out a large box of gold and silver coins worth nearly 10 million Berries. Everyone got a share, they kept screwing around and having fun with drinks and women for a week before they returned to the sea.

If they could put their hands on valuable possessions, they could go to the biggest nearby island and have fun as last time before going back to the sea.