Pirate’s Achievements System Pirate’s Achievements System
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P.A.S Chapter 20: Ron’s Strength

On the deserted island.

“That flag should be … the Iron Hammer Pirates.”

Nami looked at the approaching pirate ship, noticed the pirate flag that became clearer, and spoke to Ron.

This pirate flag was easy to recognize because of the two crossed hammers placed next to the skull.

“Do you know them?!”

Ron asked Nami while looking at the direction of the ship.

Nami put a finger on her chin, revealing a thoughtful look, and then said, “If my memory serves me right, I saw this flag once in the newspaper, and as I recall, their Captain’s bounty was around 8 million Berries. So, if I am guessing right. It should be the reason why they never came near Arlong territory. They were afraid of him for sure.”

“I see.”

Ron nodded while hearing Nami’s words.

Although bounties were never an absolute measure of pirate’s real strength, but with a bounty of 8 million berries and being afraid of Arlong, Ron was kind of sure that the Captain of the Hammers’ was no match for pirates like Kuro of the Black Cat Pirates, from the original plot.

If Ron was fighting against the top pirates of the East Blue, such as Kuro from Syrup Village, he could find some troubles, endanger his life…However, there should be no problem facing weak pirates of 8 million berries bounty.

Ron felt a bit disappointed hearing that the pirate’s captain bounty didn’t reach 10 million Berries.

In the achievement system, there was a task with the condition of defeating a 10 million worth pirate. Knowing that his new opponent didn’t match the condition of his desired accomplishment, Ron couldn’t help but aiming to complete another task, the task of killing more than 10 enemies in battle.

“Almost there.”

Judging how far the pirate ship was, Nami gave Ron a stern look. The two quickly lifted the box, pretending to be just digging out the treasure box. They ran quickly towards the boat and put the wooden box on board.

The ship of the Hammer Pirates was a medium-sized ship, which could hold no more than a hundred people. This number was nothing for Ron, but he needed a suitable battlefield.

Far away.

On the ship of the Hammer Pirates, many pirates saw Ron and Nami fleeing. Someone immediately called out: “Captain, they are about to escape!”

“Isn’t it a bit late to escape? Heh heh heh heh.”

Hammer Ruff sneered while holding his hammer: “Go ahead, don’t fire, just smash their boat.”

Nami’s boat was merely described as an ordinary boat, as for the pirate’s ship. It was a specially modified medium-sized ship, which was faster than a marine warship. Following the Captain’s order, the ship was headed towards Ron and Nami at full speed.

At that moment, the wind was not strong, which made it impossible for the boat to avoid the destined collision.

The entire ship advanced at full speed and ran directly into Ron’s and Nami’s boat. In the sound of mocking whistles, the ship smashed Ron and Nami’s boat into pieces.


All the pirates felt the shock of the collision and laughed.

Ruff also grinned and said, “Okay, stop the ship, go down and see if anyone is still alive. In case you find someone, bring him aboard.”

“Hai hai, captain!”

The crew shouted, smirked, and headed towards the side of the ship.

But at that moment, a pirate, who kept frowning and didn’t laugh like the others, suddenly whispered: “Captain Ruff, when we just smashed the boat, I saw that there was no one on it.”


Ruff raised a brow and said, “No one? Where did they go? Did they dive to the bottom of the sea?”

When Ruff was a little confused and disbelieving, his ship gradually stopped, and when some pirates were about to jump into the sea, a clear and tender voice like a silver bell came from the stern.

“Hey captain, are you looking for me?”

Many pirates turned around and saw Nami, sitting on the top of the cabin with crossed hands, smiling at the pirates below.

Seeing Nami’s appearance, all the pirates were stunned for a moment. They first wondered how she got on the boat, but then they were all relaxed after seeing her.

“What, it is just a child.”

“She’s pretty cute. Captain, if we sell her to one of the richest families in the area as a slave, we may be able to gain a lot of money.”

A pirate said to Ruff with a venomous smile.

The other pirates also had a creepy smile, looking at each other. One of them looked at Nami and asked, “Young girl, where is your companion?”

“He …”

Nami sat on the top of the cabin, shaking her snow-white feet, she deliberately thickened her tone, and said, “Isn’t he over there?”

After hearing Nami’s words, many pirates subconsciously looked in the direction indicated by Nami.

“Huh, man…It’s very tiring to climb up.”

They saw Ron showing up from the side of the ship, boarded the ship all wet, complaining about Nami’s plan.

He and Nami jumped into the sea from an invisible angle to the pirates a long time ago, swam a long distance away to the side, waited for the pirate ship to come over. After the pirate ship collided and stopped slowly, they jumped over.

Nami got on the boat with a flexible rope. Ron had no experience like Nami here. Fortunately, he was not that weak physically. He barely made it by climbing on the rope. As for Nami, she deliberately showed up and gained some time for Ron.

“So … it’s time to start.”

After Ron uttered these words, he re-looked at the many pirates in front of him, and started complaining about their number.

When the pirates heard Ron’s words, they were stunned first. After a few seconds, few of them couldn’t help but chuckle and laughed, looking at Ron as an idiot.

‘Time to start?’

“Don’t you know the Captain of this ship?!”

“I don’t know whose boat this is. Forget about selling the silly girl, probably you won’t gain that much from her. Just throw her into the sea to feed the fish.”

Some pirates opened their mouths in laughter as if they had heard a joke, picked up swords in their hands, and walked towards Ron. The other pirates sneered and looked at him idly.

Seeing this scene, Ron also smiled slightly.

With both hands raised in a chopped shape, he waved forward, and the two wind runes were instantly intertwined in the spiritual world.


Three blue wind blades suddenly appeared, like three sword Qi. In a flash, they were released. The first pirate didn’t even respond, he was instantly slashed by the wind blade.

The other pirates’ eyes widened instantly. They felt that their lives were at stake. They were desperately trying to use their weapons to resist, but it was too late.

Three wind blades swept across the deck, and then disappeared behind the standing pirates in a flash, living three huge rifts in the plates of the ship’s side.


The pirates, who were pierced by the wind blade, were staring at each other. With a terrified face, they looked down hard, trying to figure out where they were cut.

At that moment, the blood sprayed like raindrops, soaking the entire deck. The bodies were falling down like domino pieces.

The whole place went silent.

The remaining pirates were petrified, stiff in place. With a look of astonishment and disbelief in their eyes, they saw Ron standing there calmly as if it was a trivial thing to do.