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P.A.S Chapter 21: The slaughter!

It wasn’t just the ordinary crew members.

Even the captain of the Hammer Pirates, Hammer Ruff, looking at the bloody scene on the ship, stood there frozen with a terrified face.

“What was that just now? kisama… what did you do?!”

“That was a multiple wind blades attack, a kind of wind magic, you know.”

Ron saw that everyone was scared and stiff, and said casually: “It seems that news about me has not yet spread, but after this, the name of the Pirate Hunter ‘Ron the Mage’ will be known everywhere for sure.”

[Hint: you completed the achievement ’10 kills in a Flash’ and you got 1 achievement point]

When Ron was talking, the system prompt sounded in his ears. The attack he just released apparently killed more than ten pirates instantly, achieving this achievement.

“Magic … wind …”

Hammer Ruff’s eyes still had an unbelievable look, but after hearing Ron’s second sentence, he instantly gritted his teeth and said, “Pirate Hunter? Are you a Pirate Hunter?!”

At that moment, there was no time to think about the existence of magic in this world. Ron presented himself as a pirate hunter, and that was obviously made up!

“Yes, yes.”

Ron responded to Hammer Ruff, waved his hand, and a new wind blade flew out, splitting the pirate standing not far away, holding a gun trying to shoot him, in two halves.

Having strong spiritual attributes, wasn’t only about magic and spiritual power, but also the capability to react faster than ordinary people and to have a pinpoint observation.

Ron’s agility was not that high. However, the release of magic had nothing to do with his body agility. He wasn’t in need of relying on the speed of his nerve reaction. He merely needed to stand there, steady to control the whole situation.

That was the power of magicians!

It was basically impossible to do any sudden movement without them noticing! The magician’s thinking speed was far superior to any ordinary human.

After seeing Ron chop a pirate, Hammer Ruff gritted his teeth, and after a few laps of thinking whether to escape or fight, the captain finally lost it! He roared like a beast and raised his huge hammer towards Ron.

“Osoi!!” (T/N: too slow)

Ron said casually.

In fact, Ruff was considerately way faster than ordinary humans, even faster than Captain Crewe. But because there was a distance of more than ten meters between him and Ruff, plus Ruff’s hesitation, made it impossible for Ruff to reach him.


The blazing fireballs condensed and blasted towards Hammer Ruff.

The pirates’ Captain thought it would be the kind of wind blade attack Ron used before, he was ready to blow it away with his hammer, but he did not expect a huge fireball to fly over. He couldn’t help but stay stunned, but he could only try to smash it with his hammer.


The huge hammer released a strong wind, which seemed to have great power. It smashed down and went through the fireball.

But after all, it was Fire! Even if it was blasted by the hammer, it would keep flowing around from all directions. Ruff’s body was obviously unable to resist the burning flames, his hair was instantly burned, and he staggered backward in panic.


When he stumbled back, three wind blades flew over from behind the flames that did not completely disappear, the nearly extinguished flame was quickly refueled, and twined on the blades after the sudden surge.

Seeing this scene, Ruff’s eyes had already shown a frightened look. The wind blades speed was extremely fast that Captain Ruff couldn’t notice their existence, well only when they reached his face. For merely a second, Ruff was able to see the three wind spears covered with flames and then in front of him.

“Ah ah ah ah ah ahhhhhhhh!”

Ruff yelled and slammed the hammer in his hand, smashed it forward like a whirlwind. He was trying his best to block the wind blades.

During his struggle, the three wind blades exploded. With the flames disintegrating in all directions, Ruff fell down and kept desperately rolling, trying to put out the fires…

“Cap… Captain Ruff!”

Some of the remaining pirates who saw this scene couldn’t help trembling, their eyes were already full of fear. Nobody dared to get closer, to attack Ron.

Nami, sitting at the top of the cabin, was astonished by the power display. At that moment, looking at the miserable deck and the pirate’s captain that was engulfed by the fire and the blast of the wind, she couldn’t help but look at Ron speechless.

Very strong.

Better than she thought.

This captain should be a lot stronger than Captain Crewe, but he was easily beaten by Ron, with almost no resistance.

With her small hand on her chin and shaking her feet, Nami was a little depressed. She wanted to learn magic from Ron again, but she didn’t have what needed…

Time seemed frozen for a few seconds.

While everyone was in shock, blood suddenly burst out from Ruff’s body and extinguished the remaining flames.

When the flames went out, Ruff’s appearance was revealed. It made all the remaining pirates turn pale.

The iron hammer in his hand was broken into countless fragments, and there were several cuts on Ruff’s huge head. There was no intact place in his whole body, and countless wounds.

Although Ruff barely shattered the wind blade, it was at the cost of breaking the hammer handle. Even if the wind blade was broken, he was dispersed into smaller blades spreading in all directions. Ruff’s body obviously couldn’t resist them.


Facing multiple fire blades released by Ron, Ruff was eventually killed by a single blow, and his body fell to the side.

At the same time, as he fell, Ron heard a familiar system sound in his ears.

[Tip: you completed the achievement ‘Little Reputation’ and you got 1 achievement point]


Hearing the prompts in his ears, Ron was a little surprised.

If he remembered correctly, the condition for this achievement of “little Reputation” should be to kill a pirate with a bounty of more than 10 million Berries. Wasn’t Captain Ruff’s bounty around 8 million?

Could it be that Ruff did something lately that his bounty was raised and Nami didn’t hear about that?

Ron showed a thoughtful look then waved his right hand, releasing a wind blade towards the shivering pirate standing not far away.


The wind blade split the railing in half along with the pirate.

Ron turned his head and looked at the rest of the ship. There were about ten or so pirates. He walked slowly.

Ron Released two multiple wind blades in addition to one Fireball. He almost consumed two-thirds of his mental power. Facing the remaining pirates, he was at ease, after all, he could kill a bunch of them with just an enhanced attack.

And with his mental strength at this level, there was no way that someone could sneak upon him. Ron was domineering, his senses and sensitivity to danger were far stronger than that of ordinary people.


Some of the pirates broke down completely. They lost it finally, dumped their weapons, and fled into the sea.

Others looked at each other in hesitation, well, they were immediately split in half by Ron’s blade.

Seeing that, the other pirates shivered, all jumping towards the sea without a second thought. It didn’t matter whether they had a chance to swim back to the nearby island or not, they would surely die if they stayed on the ship. It’s obvious that Ron had no intention to spare anyone’s life.

As Ron wiped out the last pirate who didn’t have time to jump into the sea, the Iron Hammer Pirates were completely annihilated!