Pirate’s Achievements System Pirate’s Achievements System
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P.A.S Chapter 22: Changes in Spiritual Attributes

“It’s over.”

After beheading the last pirate, Ron went to the side of the ship and glanced at the pirates who fled into the sea. Seeing that most of them dived into the deep water to escape, he shook his head.

If these pirates weren’t gathered in the same place, and Ron had to attack them one by one, it would be very difficult for him to destroy a ship full of pirates on his own.

Unfortunately, his image was too deceptive.

But having said that, it made Ron a little upset.

Did he look like a chicken?

A few seconds later, Nami jumped off the top of the cabin, looked at the messy board, and said, “that’s cruel. It’s troublesome to clean up like this”

Although she made complaints, Nami didn’t care. She was a member of the Arlong pirate group. She saw far worse cases, where no life was spared, and everyone was murdered cruelly.

Compared to Nami, it was the first time for Ron being in the middle of such kind of scene. However, his spiritual attributes were far stronger than ordinary people that he could adapt quickly to such reality.

For Ron, having a strong spirit wasn’t just about fast thinking and monstrous reaction speed, but also was about how to control his own emotions and thoughts easily. Besides, the last time he killed Captain Crewe, the scene was quite bloody.

“no way.”

Ron helplessly spread out his hand and said, “If we use fire magic, we might burn the ship. So…our only option is to use wind magic accordingly.”

“Well, it’s true. I’ll leave it to you here. I’ll go and fetch all of their treasures.” Nami said with a huge smile on her face, stretched out her little hand, waved to Ron, and then opened the cabin and slipped in.

[You are just lazy, right?]

Ron glanced at Nami tiredly, leaned against a clean railing, and sat down. Instead of rushing to clean the deck, he called out the achievement system first.

The 1 achievement point obtained when Captain Hammer Ruff was just killed surprised him. Unexpectedly, Ruff’s bounty was more than 10 million, but even without this 1 achievement point, he could improve his spiritual attributes and raise it to more than 30 points.

Because getting this ship could also complete another achievement.

Just when Ron thought about it, the sound of the system prompt rang in his ears.

[Tip: you completed the achievement ‘Captain II’ and got 1 achievement point]

The condition for achieving this achievement was to obtain a medium-sized ship. In addition, there was another achievement ‘Captain I’ with the condition of acquisition small sailing boat.

The achievement of the small sailing boat was never achieved. Ron initially thought that Nami’s ship was not judged as his too. Later, he realized that the boat was too small to even consider it as a small sailing boat…

“The conditions are not met all at once. It seems that a small sailing boat is still needed after all. Well, it won’t be a problem, it will be an easy one to get.”

Ron touched his chin and thought for a while, and then switched to the attribute interface and added the 3 achievement points just obtained to his spiritual attributes as usual.

Originally, his mental attributes were almost 28 points. After adding another 3 points, he finally passed the threshold of 30 points.


It was like the sound of a forger hammer slamming steel at first, then turned into a crisp and pleasing sound for the soul, making the soul ripple like a water surface.

At that moment, Ron clearly felt that the world in front of him seemed to be clearer, and his speed of thinking increased a bit, beyond his physical limit.

It’s like ordinary people are manipulating an old-fashioned machine shell. Thoughts were rushing at an ultimate speed that made a huge time gap between decision making and body reaction.

“It feels strange.”

Ron held his palm up, held it in front of his eyes, and put it down again.

This process was very short, but his thinking was far ahead from this part of the action,
The speed difference between the two was a few seconds, and it felt like a network lag.

In fact, Ron had this feeling before. When he was fully focused, his speed of thinking exceeded his body response, but it was so obvious at that time as he felt now.

“I feel bounded…”

Ron slightly frowned, this for sure brought him more advantages than disadvantages.

Because he did not rely on his physical body to fight, and magic and the release of magic had nothing to do with his body. In other words, his thinking speed in the spiritual realm was basically the same as the speed he could react in battle.

The only drawback was that it felt strange, just like his soul was separated from his body, and the strength of the soul exceeds that of the body too much.

Should he enhance his physical strength?



This was not the case. The reason for such a feeling should be a result of a lack of control over the sudden increase in his mental strength.

After a few laps of thinking, Ron soon found the key to his problem.

For instance, if an ordinary computer was used to run hundreds of programs at the same time, it would, for sure, end up crashing. Also, a supercomputer could be used to simply calculate one plus one equals two, although it’s trivial for the supercomputer, it could be done with no problems!

In other words, ordinary people cannot rise to the realm of Gods, but Gods can fall into the realm of mortals to communicate with them, which is very easy to do.

Compared with the soul and spirit, the body was just a tool. How to use the tool!? It depended completely on soul and spirit.

Ron also should have the capability to choose whether his spirit should fit his body or not.

After thinking about this, Ron closed his eyes. After about ten minutes, he reopened them again. The feeling of discomfort had completely disappeared.

“Oh, it’s easy.”

Ron breathed a sigh of relief. No wonder that he never felt such a strong discomfort before. His spirit was adapting to his body before. But this time, his spirit suddenly improved to a higher level, that he failed to complete fit immediately.

Finally, Ron got rid of his physical discomfort, and he returned to his main problem with the rune’s combination.

After crossing the 30-point level, although Ron’s mental strength did not increase explosively, it only increased 3 mental attributes, but his thought operation speed was nearly twice faster than before!

What’s happening?!!

Before, Ron almost reached the point where he could read a novel page with a few hundred words, and then write down every word in an instant. Now, he could almost scan the whole hundred-page novel and write it down!

His memory and speed of thinking were all greatly improved. It was indeed as Ron expected. His spiritual attribute should reach 30 points or above so that he would be truly qualified to master the second-level magic.

Only with such memory and thinking speed, he would be able to delve into the complicated runes combination with the countless possibilities.