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P.A.S Chapter 23: What’s Missing?

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An increase in the speed of thoughts also meant an increase in the speed of magic release.

Ron tried it briefly and found that the release speed of his Wind blade was easily within 0.5 seconds, which was not much different from an instant for ordinary people.

It mattered only in the eyes of strong men who were far more agile than common people, this 0.5 second release time could be regarded as a flaw caused by the delay of synchronism.

The release speed of his wind blade was less than half a second, as for the enhanced one, the multiple wind blades, it was within one second, a bit less than one second, around 0.78 seconds.

Well, ordinary people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

In addition, Ron’s normal mental recovery speed, as he expected, was also increased by almost three times. Hence, the amount of mental strength drained by the wind blades could be recovered in less than two minutes. He became able to release two more blades in a 10 min battle.

Even though Ron’s mental power only enhanced the release speed of his wind blade a bit, its strength was greatly improved compared to its previous state. At his current state, Ron could easily deal with pirates who could be far stronger than Captain Hummer Ruff!

If the reward of the hammer Ruff was around 10 million Berries, then Ron could be regarded as a first-rate pirate in the East Blue.

Overriding him were only the Fishman Arlong, Commodore Don Krieg, and Captain Kuro… Among them, Ron believed that Arlong was stronger than the other two.

In fact, Krieg’s personal strength was actually not as equal as that of Kuro. However, he got a bounty higher than Kuro. The reason behind that was not something related to personal power, but Krieg was known as Pirate Fleet Admiral who had domination over a fleet of 50 pirate ships, a fleet of 5,000 pirates under his command.

The number of five thousand people was a bit scary. To fight such a number of pirates, if he was to fight them all at alone, Ron would need to drain his mental energy more than ten times.

Of course.

It was four years before Luffy went out to sea, and currently, Krieg wouldn’t have such a huge fleet.

Thinking about the question of quantity, Ron always felt that he was missing something crucial to have decent battles. Despite having a 30-point on the spiritual attribute, which was a huge improvement, he still felt that he was short of something.

Ron always felt that a real magician should not think like this, and should not have any trouble with the concept of “quantity.”

What’s missing?

Many ideas emerged in Ron’s mind, but none of them was a good fit for the achievement system goals. He finally shook his head.

“If we deal with Krieg, a lot of achievements could be accomplished, such as a large sailing boat, killing a thousand enemies in a battle… which could be a bit troublesome.”

Ron wanted Admiral Krieg to be his next target, but as his opponent had a fleet of thousands, it would be a little tricky to deal with.

It didn’t mean a lot to kill Krieg, because he already completed the achievement of killing a pirate with a bounty above 10 million Berries. What was beneficial in targeting Krieg was the capability of achieving two goals: First, to kill more than 1000 enemies in a battle, and secondly, capture a large ship.

“After all, my total achievement points are already 17 points.”

Ron snorted. Last time, when the total achievement point reached 10, he got a wind rune. He was wondering if there would be any kind of reward after reaching a total of 20 achievement points.

However, he didn’t even study the fire runes enough. Also, he didn’t start studying the true second-level magic. Even if he was given another magic, it wouldn’t be considered a great improvement.

But Ron had an inexplicable hunch that reaching a total of 20 achievement points reached might not be about runes, but other things.

While Ron was lost in his thoughts, Nami stepped out of the cabin, and looked at the unchanged deck:

“Why hasn’t it changed at all? You are too lazy…Can’t your magic summons a few servants to clean this up?”

“Look who is talking…”

Ron spoke lazily and walked towards Nami. Under Nami’s puzzled eyes, Ron stretched out his hand, and waved with his fingers, then patted her head gently, saying, “Okay, the summoning is over. Now go and clean the boat board!”

Nami lost her mind for a moment, and then she immediately reacted. She gnashed her teeth and looked at Ron, trying to smash his head with her fist, but Ron laughed and dodged.

“What about the harvest? How much did you collect?”

After avoiding Nami’s attack with a mocking laugh, Ron asked Nami.

Nami stopped and said: “About seven or eight million Berries … no, it should be about ten million Berries.”

Ron snorted: “How much!”

“Is it necessary to conceal the harvest from me? It shouldn’t be like that”

Nami said in grief: “Only 15 million Berries …”

Ron didn’t bother to care about Nami, and he didn’t believe her statement. He picked up a cleaning tool from the corner and threw a mop to Nami.

“Let’s do it together. Harry up.”

After seeing Ron turning a blind eye to her grievance, throwing the mop to her, Nami hummed: “Hey, it’s too much. Are you going to make a little girl do such rough work?”

Ron: “Yes!”

Nami: “…”

Although the deck was a mess, blood and corpses were everywhere, Ron and Nami cleaned up everything, and they got rid of the corpses. However, the smell of blood was still lingering.

Captain Ruff’s head was preserved so that he could get a bounty from the marines. Even if his bounty exceeded 10 million, all the money would not add up to a total of 50 million, it would be a maximum of 40 million Berries.

Ron was a bit disappointed knowing that the total collected was not enough to achieve the next money related achievement, but it was a different story for Nami. Although she might look unsatisfied at all on the surface, but actually, this time harvest already exceeded her expectation. She never thought to obtain such amount when she first left in this journey with Ron.

Forty million Berries!

If they manage to sell the ship too, they could actually reach more than 50 million Berries, reaching half of her ultimate goal to save the village…100 million Berries!

If Ron wasn’t so mean letting her clean such a mess, she wouldn’t be able to hold herself from jumping and hugging him.

After clearing the board, Ron said to Nami: “Go directly to the nearest island with a marine branch. You should know the sailing route, right?”

“Of course.”

Nami stood by the rudder of the ship, looked at the chart and compass, and said, “the nearest one is in that direction, less than two days away “

“Okay, let’s go as soon as possible.”

Ron nodded and walked into the cabin. He had to take a good bath and rest. He had fallen into the sea for dozens of times lately. Although he had no blood stains, it was inevitable to smell bad after all that cleaning.

After taking a shower, although his body was a bit tired, he was alright mentally. In fact, he was abnormally energetic that his desire to explore magic overwhelmed his physical fatigue, which made Ron gave up his plan to sleep directly.

Practice time!

Let’s Dive into magic!

Then, Ron devoted all his energy to practice magic.

The basic rune of the fire was the same as that of the wind rune. After the fusion of two runes, an enhanced version of the first-level magic was formed, multiple fireballs. Three fireballs were released at a time.

As for the fusion of three fire runes, it was the same as the wind system, which obviously was a failed attempt. It was hard to perfectly fuse three runes, which made the second-level magic unachievable for now.

Fire magic could be merged with the wind magic to result in powerful abilities, Ron made a decision to focus on the wind magic for now, and to temporarily use the fire system as supplementary magic.


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